Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi starts driving Chattriprasad to earn money


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The Episode starts with Nutan asking Saavi if anything happened? Saavi nods no. Nutan says something had happened and asks her to talk to her, and asks if Damad ji said something, and asks if you had any fight or argument with him. Saavi asks if it is right to hide something from someone for the latter’s self respect. Nutan says yes, and tells Saavi that she has always fought the war with self respect. She says if something is wrong then you might be thinking to make it right, and says you can’t think wrong, and says I am always with you, in this fight. Saavi comes out of the house and removes the cover from Chattriprasad. Nutan and Brijesh come out behind her. Saavi says only this friend helped me whenever I was in trouble. She asks them to make sure that Nityam and Mami don’t know about this. Brijesh assures her. Saavi asks Chattriprasad to start journey again. She leaves. Nutan prays to God to be with her and make her successful in this test. She tells Brijesh that Bholenath’s blessings is on her always. Ratna asks where is Saavi? Brijesh says she has gone to Razzak. Nutan says to teach Fatima. Ratna says they think that I don’t know the difference between Phoolgobi and Patta gobi. Saavi takes the passenger and goes. Ratna calls Sonam and tells that Saavi is missing from home since morning. Sonam asks her to give info where is Saavi. Ratna asks her to give some money. Sonam says she will give if she wins money in the kitty party.

Saavi meets Razzak. Razzak says sorry on Salma’s behalf. He asks her to go home and says she will be tired. Saavi says she has to work till 7 pm, and has to go home. Razzak asks her to go home before jiju comes. Saavi gets a call. Nutan asks where you are? She asks her to reach home before Nityam comes and says you know how is Ratna. She asks her to come before any problem comes. A lady asks the auto drivers to take them to Gol bazaar. She then comes to Saavi and asks her to take her to gol bazaar. Saavi apologizes and tells that she has to go back to hanuman gali. The lady goes to her pregnant bahu and says we will get some auto. Saavi is leaving and sees the pregnant lady. She takes them in Chattriprasad. Nutan calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. Saavi’s auto gets stuck in traffic jam. She stops some transgenders and women for their help, and says she needs to go to hospital. They see pregnant lady in labor and cover Chattriprasad with the cloths. Nityam sees a boy doing shoe polish. He comes to the boy. The boy tells that he will do it for 10 Rs. Nityam asks him not to do it. The boy says he works hard, but don’t go to office like him. Nityam thinks he has to go before Saavi doubts him. The transgenders do the lady’s delivery and dance happily as the baby is born.

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Sonam plays cards with her friends in the kitty party at her house. She praises herself and says I don’t learn to lose and is about to take all the money, but the lady shows her cards and says I win. She tosses the chip and it falls near Vedika. The lady asks her to give the chip to her, and asks Sonam to give 20000 Rs. Sonam gives money. Vedika tells Sonam that you would have valued the money if you had earned it yourself and says this is all my Bittu’s money. She says Nityam and Saavi are worried and don’t have any money, and you are wasting their money here. She goes from there. Sonam gets angry and tells her friends that Maa is having old thoughts and she just give lectures. The friends leave. Sonam gets angry.

Nutan calls Saavi and asks where is she? Saavi says yes Maa. Nutan says Nityam called and said that your call is not connecting. Saavi says Nityam…Nutan says he called to tell you that he will be late, and asks her to come home fast. Saavi thinks until when I will hide this from Nityam. She buys two kachoris. Ananya is with her friend and thanks her for the movie treat. Her friend Pihu says she has to give her treat next time, when Mummy arranges the money. Saavi hears them. Her friend tells that they shall go in this auto. Ananya says no. Saavi comes infront of her.

Precap: Ratna informs Sonam that the prey (Nityam) went out from the house. Sonam says hunter is ready. She calls him for interview, changing her voice and asks him to come to Gol bazaar for interview. She then sits in Chattriprasad wearing burqa asking Saavi to take her to Gol bazaar. Nutan confronts Ratna. Brijesh tells Ratna and Ananya that he will throw them out if anything wrong happens between Saavi and Nityam. Saavi reaches Gol Bazaar and sees Nityam standing.