Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam and Saavi miss each other

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Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Saavi coming to her room. She recalls Hrishikesh telling that Saavi has set new rules. She opens the cupboard and finds the clothes inside. Ananya says we didn’t think that you will return and that’s why kept stuff in it. Nutan comes there and tells that this house is hers and she can get space in the cupboard. Ananya says I didn’t mean that. Saavi says I didn’t feel bad about your talks. She says let my stuff be in the bags. Ananya asks so that you can go back to Jiju. Saavi says she will never return. Nityam is in his office, he recalls Saavi making him have food and clicking his pic. Kiran asks are you fine Sir? Nityam says yes, what happened to me. Kiran says Saavi left, I thought you are missing her. Nityam gets up and tells that the pen holder was here for three, someone moved it and I got irritated, but that doesn’t mean that I was missing it. Kiran says you are comparing pen holder with Saavi Madam. Nityam says I am giving an example and tells that we get habitual to the things near us. He says Saavi was a gold digger and she proves this at the end, and says you know this. Kiran says what shall I say, you are saying so must be right. Nityam says you don’t agree with me. Kiran says Saavi’s avatar which you are talking about, I don’t know, I just know her side which cares for you, thinks for you. He says I can’t answer you. Nityam says Saavi knows well how to betray people and be good. He says what is the truth between the two people, only those two know. Kiran says right and goes. Nityam sits to have food. He calls Renuka and asks him ask him before renewing Kiran Tiwari’s contract and says sometimes he says what he shouldn’t say.

Raksham thinks of Saavi calling him Majnu bhaiyya. Vedika comes there and gives her Palak pakoda with pudina chutney. She asks what he is doing with her old sarees. He asks her to wear old sarees. He convinces her to wear it, as it is bright in colors. They both miss Saavi. Raksham says shall I talk to Bittu. Vedika says no. She says he is your brother and is very stubborn, he will not mend his ways. Nityam takes out the ghatbandhan cloth frame and hangs a painting on its place. He says perfect and rests on the bed to sleep, but couldn’t sleep. Saavi is also restless and couldn’t sleep. He takes out the painting and tries to sleep, but he couldn’t sleep. He says it is horrible and hangs the ghatbandhan cloth frame again. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays….Nityam sees his hand towards Saavi’s bed side and takes back his hand. Saavi thinks of him and couldn’t sleep. Nityam sleeps.

Ratna comes to Brijesh and says Saavi didn’t tell how much money, she will get from Nityam, and tells that hrishikesh welcomed her well. Brijesh says her home is broken and you are happy for money. He says her heart is broken. Ratna says her heart is broken by them and those rich people will be punished. She says she will make the curd. Brijesh says jiju has set the curd and asks her to sleep. Ratna shows her hand and says she has applied costly cream on it. She says she will keep Servants for washing clothes and other work.

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Vedika calls Saavi. Saavi picks the call and says hello bestie. Vedika says you might be sleeping. Saavi says you can’t taunt like saas or can’t be upset like best friend. Vedika says you might be sleeping after taking our sleep. Saavi says if I was sleeping then wouldn’t have picked the call. She asks if you are sitting in the temple and asks her to place the carpet else she will get cold. Vedika places it and says she is already sitting on the carpet. Saavi says you have just kept it. Vedika asks her to return home. She says I can’t stay without you. Saavi says I am in Ujjain, near you. Vedika says you are very much away from you. She says I want to feed you, I want to make you have roti roll, wants to talk to you a lot. Saavi says we can talk even now, I have much time, and says you might be feeling good with Raksham Bhaiyya. Vedika says nobody can take your place. She says you might be sleeping hugging Nutan, but you couldn’t sleep. Saavi says even my Maa can’t take your place. She asks her to tell Navratri. Vedika tells her. Saavi says she has to get the tap repaired. They talk all night. Vedika says she is thinking to go and meet UD at her brother’s house. Saavi asks her to take green bottle as she has kept medicine in it. It is 4 am, they both sleep while talking to each other.

In the morning, Nityam searches for his watch and thinks I know she has done this, will not leave irritating me. He calls Saavi. Saavi picks the call. He asks how can you sleep, wasting my day. Saavi asks what did I do? He asks where is my smart watch, I keep it daily at the same place. Saavi says you are blaming me for stealing your watch. Nityam says I know you will not do this cheap thing after getting 6000 crores, you did this to irritate me. Saavi says it is in second drawer. Nityam says I checked it there many times. He finds it, but says it is not there. Saavi says I didn’t hide or take your stuff. Nityam says I will ask Giridhar. He asks her to end the call. Saavi says even you can cut the call. He ends the call. Saavi folds the bedsheet and thinks he started like tsunami and calm down with a storm. She thinks she might have found his watch and asks herself to stop thinking about his problems.

Precap: Hrishikesh asks Saavi to give divorce papers. He gets it and says after 6 months, they will get divorced legally and then 6000 crores will be in my account. Sonam and Saavi are shocked to see his greed. Himesh calls Saavi and tells her that the blast in Raghuvanshi factory was conspiracy of Dimpy Dalmia, and tells that her aim is to destroy Nityam Dalmia. Saavi is shocked.