Saavi Ki Savaari 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam decides to launch his APP

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Saavi Ki Savaari 20th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Himesh and Raksham ask why they will give their old auto and will buy new auto from us. Nityam says they have to agree and have to register on our APP, as we will give them technology and permanent income which they will not refuse. Kiran asks did you think about the App name. Nityam says Chattriprasad express. Saavi wears auto rickshaw apron and tells that she is their nominee to fight in the election. She signs the nomination form. Nityam tells that all auto rickshaw will work for us, Dalmia industries will win. He says I will not let anyone become the hurdle of the way. Saavi says nobody will force you to do anything, and you will be free to do anything. She says I will become the stone on the way who brings the hurdles. Razzak does Saavi’s aarti and they throw flower petals on her. Kiran says it is good. Himesh says it is good and asks him to say. Nityam says they will launch this App on Savan Mahautsav. Himesh asks how we will do it in 2 days. Nityam gives responsibility to them and tells that everyone shall know that Nityam Dalmia is back, and big automobile project shall be ours. They leave from his cabin.

Ratna is making pakodas and gets scared when the oil spills. She tries to lift the kadai. Nutan comes and takes the kadai. Ratna asks her to leave it and says even I can make tasty food for my husband. She serves food to Brijesh. Brijesh couldn’t eat it and asks Ratna to taste. Ratna doesn’t like it and spit it. Brijesh tells that she has made everything bitter with Nutan since damad ji offered them the bungalow. Nutan tells Brijesh that she will make food for them. Brijesh says you will not make anything until Ratna apologizes to you. He reminds Ratna of her words and tells that the truth is jiji has handled the house, made food and clean the house since she came here with her daughters, and that’s why you can go out for outing. Ratna says I also do the work. Brijesh asks if she knows what exam Ananya had today? Ratna says biology. Brijesh says it was last week and jiji was awake all night with her. He says Saavi has taken care of all their expenses. He says you have accused her, but the son in law of jiji only. Ratna apologizes to her and tells that she didn’t feel good while doing this, as she regards her as her sister and hugs her. Nutan says I know that you love me and my daughters very much. She asks Brijesh not to say anything to her. She says I will make something. Brijesh asks her to make dal and teach Ratna also. Nutan says ok. Ratna thinks she has to tie the bell in cat’s neck, cat is Nityam ji Dalmia.

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Saavi asks Nityam to have food. Nityam says I have so much work and has to work on e rickshaw project which will launch in 2 days. Saavi asks about it. He says it will benefit autorickshaw drivers. He tells that he didn’t get the trophy this year and tells that he is feeling empty as if competitors are laughing on him. He asks her to ask auto rickshaw drivers to come to the event. Saavi says ok and asks him to brief her about the project. Nityam says he will tell her later. Sonam thinks she shall get the award of good conspirator.

Precap: Saavi invites the autorickshaw drivers to come to Dalmia Industries event. Sonam bribes Kalpesh to do something and humiliate Nityam and Saavi’s relation.