Saavi Ki Savaari 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonam hurts Raksham to stop Saavi-Nityam’s meet


Saavi Ki Savaari 1st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raksham coming to room and finds many kurta in the room, and calls Sonam. He tells her that Maa has kept many kurtas for him and tells that he is her spoilt son. Sonam says if I know that you will agree so soon then I would have brought 40 kurtas for you. she says whatever you wear, you will be alcoholic and loser. Raksham tells that he didn’t drink since 2 days, and shows the wine bottle. She says she will believe him if he don’t drink for 2 months. Raksham says he has troubled everyone specially Sonam and thinks to take Saavi’s opinion. He takes the kurtas photo. Saavi feels bad and tells Nutan that she did wrong with Manav. Nutan tells her that Manav is understanding and don’t think her wrong. Saavi says she don’t deserve Manav and tells that she can’t forget her past and can’t come out of it. Nutan asks her to go and meet Nityam, and vent out whatever is in her heart. She asks her to go and talk to him, else she will be worried and can’t move on with Manav. Raksham sends her photos. Saavi tells Nutan that she is very lucky with her mothers. Nutan says yes. Saavi gets Raksham’s messages in which she sees photos and a video. She tries to download it, but couldn’t download it. she puts the phone on charger and goes.

Nityam talks to Kiran and says he is ready to go to Delhi. He asks him to make sure that he shall meet the techworld recruiter immediately. Saavi sits in her Chattriprasad and thinks she shall find out, why he has called her to Priya farms. Manav comes to Nutan and asks her to take Saavi to parlour for sometime. Nutan says Saavi went to meet Nityam. Manav gets upset. Nutan says Saavi couldn’t come out of her marriage and tells that until she ends it, she can’t accept you and that’s why I sent her to meet Nityam. Manav asks if divorce is not closure. Nutan says not for her, and asks him to let her meet Nityam and return as Manav’s bhawri. Manav says ok and gets worried.

Saavi gets stuck in traffic and rain starts too. She asks God to make her reach Mr. Dalmia fast. Nityam is in his room and gets kiran’s call. He says well done and tells that he will go to Delhi with a first flight. Saavi comes to Dalmia house and asks Sonam about Nityam. Sonam says he is not at home. Saavi says today is Sunday. Sonam recalls getting Manav’s call who tells her that Saavi went to meet Nityam. Sonam calls him loser and says it was better if Saavi marries Nityam. Manav says yes, I shall back off. Sonam tells that she will do something and breaks wine bottle. Raksham comes there and steps on the broken glass piece. Sonam shouts calling Nityam. Nityam panics and takes him to hospital. Fb ends. Sonam tells Saavi that Raksham meet with an accident and that’s why Nityam took him there. Saavi says I will go there. Sonam says today is her haldi. Saavi says I will not go until I meet Mr. Dalmia and Raksham bhaiyya. Sonam says ok and thinks to send her home somehow. She asks her to wait and goes to Vedika.

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Vedika tells Sonam that she is giving silver idols to Saavi, praying for her good life. Sonam tells Vedika that Saavi has come here and insisting to meet Raksham. She says Manav called and said that Saavi’s one leg is in her old sasural. She says today is her haldi and she is here. Vedika comes out and asks Saavi to come to hanuman gali. They leave from Dalmia house. Nityam and Raksham come home. Raksham tells Sonam if she had helped him then he would have come too. Sonam says you have stitches on her foot and needs rest. She says something good is happening with Saavi now. She says I shall be there, and if you come with me then my concentration will be just on you. Raksham says I shall be there too, and says he will call Saavi and will inform her. Sonam checks his phone and finds the video in which Nityam is expressing his love. She makes excuse and goes out to delete the video for everyone. Saavi and Vedika reach hanuman gali. Vedika gets Nityam’s call and he tells that Raksham is fine. Saavi asks when Mr. Dalmia is coming. Vedika asks nityam and tells Saavi that he is not coming. She ends the call. Saavi says she needs him here. Vedika asks why, you will be getting married to Manav.

Precap: Saavi and Manav are dancing. Saavi sees Nityam coming there and goes off stage towards him. Sonam says I will not let Nityam express his love for Saavi.