Saavi Ki Savaari 19th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonam to create misunderstanding between Saiyam


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The Episode starts with Nityam telling Sonam that he wants to talk to her. He says he has talked to Saavi and asked her to fill the nomination form, and she was very happy. Sonam says it is good. Nityam says seeing her enthusiasm, we shall tell her about e rickshaw project. He says once this project starts, there will be no election or union. He says we shall tell her. Sonam asks why you are boring husband. Nityam says I didn’t want to hide anything from her. Sonam says purpose of this project is auto rickshaw’s betterment. She says once this project starts, the autodrivers will achieve in 7-8 months, what they could achieve in 5 years. She says if I was on your place, then I wouldn’t have tell my partner, and would have kept this as surprise. Nityam is about to call saavi. Sonam gets tensed. Nityam says you are right and keeps the phone on the table. Sonam says she will come to the conference room and asks him to go there. Raksham comes to the Police Inspector’s house who is retired now and asks him to tell who had left him. His daughter tells that Papa ji forgets yesterday’s incident, so he don’t remember 27 years ago incident. She asks him to come tomorrow and says they will take Papa ji to PS for his help.

Razzak and the auto drivers clean the locality. The auto driver tells Razzak and others that they have only hope Saavi, who left turning her face from them. Razzak says don’t say anything about Saavi and tells that even she has some helplessness. The auto driver asks why did she give hope to us. Saavi comes there in Chattriprasad and brings food for them, but they don’t take the food. Saavi asks Razzak’s daughter what his father tells about her. Fatima and others praise Saavi to be courageous, supports truth, only auto driver of Ujjain etc. Razzak says you can feed us today, but what about always.Saavi gives food to everyone and assures them that everything will be fine, Bholenath’s blessings will be on them as the right thing will happen. They all dance.

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Sonam comes to the conference room and wishes Nityam all the best. Nityam asks where is Raksham Bhaiyya. Raksham comes there. Nityam asks where did he go? Raksham says for some important work. Kiran switches on the TV. Everyone sees the award function announcement. The host tells that business award goes to Ms. Indulekha singh. Nityam claps and asks others to clap. He walks out.

Kalpesh’s goons bring him to the locality. Kalpesh asks why union committee has kept the elections, and tells that he has won without the competitor. He asks his goons to distribute sweets to everyone, and give double sweets in Razzak’s house. He says why Saavi’s poster is still here and says he will tear it. Razzak comes there and stops Kalpesh.

Everyone tells Nityam that something had happened and tells that the award must have bought by that person. Nityam says if I got the award for 4 years, then if it means that I was buying it. He tells them that they have to accept that they have lacked behind due to some incidents. He tells that he needs their ideas to get back again. Kiran, Raksham and Himesh give their ideas to Nityam. Sonam tells that theys hall

Precap: Himesh tells that the auto driver is possessive about their autos, and tells that Saavi is the example. Raksham asks why they will exchange their old autos with new ones. Saavi tells Kalpesh that she is the candidate who is contesting for the election.