Saavi Ki Savaari 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam gets hurt with Saavi’s move

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The Episode starts with Saavi thinking something and is worried. Nityam comes there and hugs her from behind. Saavi says she needs to talk to him. Nityam asks what she is wearing for tomorrow’s breakfast in office. Saavi says she will wear anything. Nityam says you shall think, we shall wear matching color clothes. Saavi says ok, we will wear, but I need to talk to you. She says I need to take your permission. He gets a call and goes. He tells Kiran that Saavi’s cabin shall be ready and asks him not to tell that interior designer will not come. He asks him not to tell that caterer didn’t come and goes talking to him. Sonam thinks she has halted Nityam’s surprise, he will take all night to solve it and Saavi will not get a chance to talk to him. Vedika comes there and sees her smiling. She asks what you are doing? Sonam says I wanted to talk to Nityam, but he is busy on call. She says Raksham haven’t come till now, so I thought to ask him. Vedika says she was also thinking. Sonam says Raksham became workaholic like Nityam. Vedika asks her to and sleep, and says Raksham will come.

Raksham comes to the orphanage and tells that he want some documents for his passport. He says I want to know who has left me here. The guy tells him that Mrs. Chauhan can give you info, and asks him to come in the morning. He asks him to take the form and get the sign of the person who had adopted it, as they want his/her consent. Raksham thinks if I can find out about my parents.

Nityam comes to the room and says sorry to Saavi, says he was getting calls after the calls. He says I am just yours now. He finds her sleeping and holds her. He says I want to see your little nose getting red seeing my surprise, and when you come to know that your husband made you as relationship manager and played a master stroke so that you will be with me always and Dalmia Industries will benefit also. He makes her sleep and says you shall wear special clothes on special day. He takes out their clothes and twins it. He hugs their clothes and keep rose on it with a message written on it.

Next morning, Saavi wakes up and calls Mr. Dalmia. She finds Nityam’s note with a red rose and the saree kept by him. She smiles and thinks where did he go early morning. She is about to go, when Vedika comes there and asks her to get ready fast, as they have to go to office for breakfast. She asks her to get ready fast. Saavi says I need 10 mins. She thinks to talk to Mr. Dalmia about election. Nityam sets Saavi’s cabin. Kiran brings the name plate. Nityam happily reads, Mrs. Saavi Nityam Dalmia, Relationship manager. He keeps it on the table, and asks if everyone left from home. Kiran says yes, everyone has left, even Saavi Maam must be reaching and will be very happy. Nityam says obviously, and tells that he is excited to see her face’s reaction. Kiran says yes. Nityam asks him to go, and keeps red cloth on her name plate, and stands holding the door waiting for her. He then acts as if he is making her sit on the bench and acts as how Saavi will react. He then acts to hug her. Nazdeekiyan song plays……

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Razzak gets the poster and appreciates the guy who printed it. He asks the auto driver to paste the poster in every lane. Nityam’s employee comes to have tea on the tea stall and laugh seeing Saavi’s poster. Nityam tells all the employees that Saavi Dalmia will hold the relationship manager post. Everyone claps. Nityam says she must be coming at anytime and asks if everyone knows how to welcome her. Sonam says yes. The guy who has seen the poster laugh, and tells Nityam that she wants to become rickshaw union leader. Nityam grabs his collar. The guy/employee asks him to see the posters everywhere, and shows him the poster which he got it. He says a big banner is kept outside our office. Nityam looks at her big banner on the building. He gets shocked and hurt. Vedika and Saavi come there. Saavi asks if everything is fine. Vedika asks why everyone is silent. Nityam says no. He shows the poster. Vedika asks what is it? She reads it.

He says it is everywhere. Saavi is shocked. Nityam tells that his wife is not aware of this and tells that whoever thinks that his wife is the candidate for this auto union election, then let me clear it, it is not truth. He says like I don’t know anything about this, even Saavi doesn’t know about this. He tells Saavi that they think that you are their best friend and wants to use your status. He says I should have understood this before. Sonam says even I feel the same, and I don’t think that Saavi will not fight in elections, she must have met lower class auto drivers though. She says our upbringing is not such that we do like this. Nityam asks the guy about his dept. The guy says quality check. Nityam says you are fired. He tells everyone that if anyone tries to defame his wife or make fun of her, then that person is not needed here in this office.

Saavi asks Nityam to stop. Nityam says he has done mistake. Saavi says whatever he said, it is not lie fully. She says I had gone there to meet them and then Razzak Bhai requested me to fight in this election. She says I tried to talk to you in the night. Nityam says stop it, it is enough. He feels hurt. Peon brings Saavi’s name plate. Nityam says I wanted to give you this. Saavi looks at it. Sonam looks on. Nityam says I wanted you to handle this post. He says you have ruined my dream fully. He breaks the name plate and walks out of the office.

Episode ends.