Saavi Ki Savaari 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi confronts Sonam


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The Episode starts with Saavi coming to Sonam and says you might have felt bad about Maa’s words, but she didn’t know that. Sonam says I know what she means, and says I am happy that you will become Maa and I will become Maasi, and says I am elder sister and shall become mother first, but it seems God has not written this in my destiny and that’s why my lap is empty. She says whenever I see the small kids, I feel that my baby will be like this, but Raksham. Saavi asks if he don’t want kids now. Sonam says Raksham doesn’t love me like me, and I myself have kept him far from here. She says I tried to snatch Nityam and your happiness, so Mahadev snatched my happiness from me. Saavi thinks she has to end the distance between them, and tells Sonam that everything will be fine. Sonam smiles.

Raksham comes home. Saavi tells him that she wants to show her sonography report, and tells that Nityam started crying when he saw it first. She tells that she didn’t expect this from him. They see Nityam, Vedika, Himesh and the designer coming there arguing for whatever was needed in the room. Saavi tells Raksham that she never saw Nityam so happy. She says Nityam used to hate me and had hurt me so much, and if I had sat with it and wouldn’t have forgiven him then I wouldn’t be happy now. She says everyone needs a second chance and so is Sonam. Sonam comes there and brings the stick, asking him to beat him. Raksham breaks the stick. Sonam asks if you have forgiven me. Raksham smiles. Sonam hugs him. Saavi gets Razzak’s call and goes.

Sonam is in her room and imagines Raksham bringing flowers for her. She smiles. Raksham calls her and asks which flowers she wants. She says anything of his choice. She thinks she will defeat Saavi.

Saavi meets Razzak outside Dalmia house. Razzak tells her that the mobile which they had found in the garage, was of a goon whom Sonam had called multiple times. He tells her that he has enquired about the goon and came to know that Sonam has planned attack on Nityam. Saavi is shocked. Razzak says he wanted to go to Police, stopping thinking to tell her first. Saavi says Maa will not bear it and asks him not to tell anyone. Razzak asks her not to take tension. Saavi calls Sonam from the goon’s number. Sonam says why is he calling me, I gave him all the money, if he called to blackmailed me. Saavi asks why you are not picking the call. Sonam says someone is calling her again and again. She confronts her for hiring goon to plan attack on Nityam and tells that what Maa and Bestie will think that the one daughter tried to kill another’s daughter’s husband. Sonam says she had plan attack on the auto and not on Nityam, for the funding. Saavi says I would have been happy if you had get funding with your hardwork. She asks if you ever regarded me as your sister. She says I will not tell Police, but dog’s tail can’t be right. She says when you can try to kill Nityam once, then you can do it again and tells that she will never trust her and will keep her baby and Nityam safe from her. Raksham hears and gets shocked. Saavi goes from there. Raksham comes inside and tells Sonam that he can’t think that she is so cheap, and says you wanted to kill Nityam. Sonam says she did this for the funding, but didn’t plan attack on Nityam. Raksham says I have done wrong on your provocation, but regretting now. He says I have done wrong, but can’t think of this. He asks how she can try to kill her sister’s husband? He says Saavi came to me and asked me to give a chance to our relationship, but she didn’t know that her sister has so much hatred in her heart for her.

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Sonam asks him to believe her and says she didn’t try to kill Nityam. Raksham curses the day when he loved and married her. Sonam asks him not to say this. Raksham says the house heir will not be born from your womb. Sonam gets angry on Saavi and says she has done this, Raksham has done this.

Precap: Everyone celebrates and takes care of Saavi. Vedika tells Nutan that they shall do Saavi’s godh bharayi. Nutan says even she wants to say this. Sonam calls goon to get Saavi murdered.