Saavi Ki Savaari 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Raksham and Sonam take Nityam’s sign on property papers


Saavi Ki Savaari 11th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Barjatya asking Raksham to take Nityam’s signs on the papers and says Nityam is selling you Dalmia Industries at the price of Rs 1. He laughs. Raksham says once Nityam signs, then I will be the owner of the company. He calls Sonam and says he is coming to take Nityam’s signs, and asks her if she knows what she shall do.

Saavi finds Nityam’s phone off and thinks to call Maa. She thinks Maa’s BP will increase and thinks whom to call. Razzak says we shall handover Sajjan Singh to Police. Saavi says last time when I went to PS, a big drama had happened. Kalpesh says atleast you should told someone at home. Sajjan Singh laughs hearing Raksham’s name. Saavi asks him why is he laughing hearing Raksham’s name. Sajjan Singh says I will tell you. He tells him that Raksham’s father taking Barjatya to Sajjan Singh, and says he will do the work. Barjatya asks him to beat someone. Sajjan Singh asks who? Raksham’s father says my son. Raksham comes there and shares his plan with Sajjan Singh, and says just as Nityam comes out, your men shall surround him and just as I come out to save him, you people shall hit me. They laugh. Barjatya says then Nityam will be removed from Dalmia industries. Raksham and his evil father laugh. Fb ends. Sajjan Singh tells Saavi that all the conspiracy is done by Raksham. Saavi says why Raksham will do this. Sajjan Singh says Raksham is Bhura dada’s son. Saavi says how can Raksham Bhaiyya backstabbed Nityam. Sajjan Singh says I have heard that they are going to take signatures of your husband then you will not have anything, neither business nor home, and asks her to go and save her husband. Razzak asks Saavi to go fast.

Raksham comes home and asks driver to send all the cars for servicing in 5 mins. Driver says it is already serviced. Saavi recalls Sajjan Singh’s words and leaves in auto. Sonam tells Raksham that the tiger is sitting in room wounded. Raksham says then I can take sign on any papers. Vedika comes there and asks Raksham what is the matter? Raksham hides the papers. He says Bittu gave me a big responsibility so I am asking him everything, so that no mistake happens. Vedika asks what is in the file. Raksham says some important documents of the company. Sonam also lies to her. Vedika takes the file and says it is heavy. She tells Raksham that Nityam is feeling low and asks him to take care of him. She says he has not eaten any food. Raksham says I will make him have food. Dada ji gets doubtful on Raksham.

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Saavi gets stuck in traffic and then rides the auto. Raksham and Sonam come to Nityam. Raksham says I need your signatures on these papers. Nityam says I have signed on POA papers, then what is these papers? Raksham says bank formality papers and credit card unblocking papers. He says if you are busy then I will send Kiran, later on you can read it. Nityam takes the file in his hand. Raksham says you read it, I will take it later from you. Nityam stops him. He signs on the papers. Saavi is on the way and says Nityam don’t sign on the papers. Sonam and Raksham smiles just as he signs on the papers. Nityam then gives file to Raksham. Raksham says I will check once, so that I don’t have to come here again. He checks and says I will go now. He says I have one thing for you and gives him 1 Rupee coin. He says peer baba met me and gave me this coin, which I wanted to give it to you. He says it will change your destiny and asks him to keep the coin safe. Raksham asks Sonam to take one photo. She takes the photo in which Nityam is holding the coin and Raksham is holding the file. The evil couple leave from there. Nityam looks at the one rupee coin.

Precap: Saavi asks Nityam if he has signed some papers. Nityam says yes. They go to office. Kiran tells him that Raksham has snatched everything from him. Inspector tells Nityam that Raksham has told that he has sold his company and home for Rs 1.