Rubina Dilaik embraces Punjabi Avatar for her upcoming Movie

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Rubina Dilaik embraces Punjabi Avatar for her upcoming Movie

Rubina Dilaik who has been missing from the television screen as of late, is set to mark her debut in Punjabi cinema. The actress recently unveiled a series of candid shots from the film’s set, where she adorns the attire of a traditional Punjabi bride. Stepping into the spotlight alongside singer and actor Inder Chahal, the duo will headline the movie titled ‘Chal Bhajj Chaliye.’

Sharing a sneak peek into the filming process on her Instagram, Rubina playfully captioned, “Capturing moments of laughter from the sets… Prabh 🎬 #bts #chalbhajjchaliye.”

Radiant in a pink salwar kameez, embellished with intricate jewelry, and notably adorned with the customary “lal chooda” (red bangles, a quintessential accessory for Punjabi brides), Rubina Dilaik exudes the essence of a Punjabi bride. The captured images also showcase her genuine camaraderie with her co-actor, dressed as a groom.

Reflecting on her journey to the Punjabi film industry, Rubina highlighted her familial connection to Punjab due to her Himachal Pradesh origins. The cultural influence of Punjab has always been prevalent in her family. She had a long-standing desire to venture into Punjabi cinema, but her decision hinged on finding a script that aligned with her expectations—namely, a family-oriented drama infused with comedy.

Married to Abhinav Shukla, a Punjabi, Rubina acknowledges the strong influence of Punjabi culture in her life. She shared that both she and her husband are ardent followers of Punjabi movies, striving to watch every production. The actress commended the Punjabi film industry for its narrative depth, innovative concepts, and compelling scripts. Additionally, she celebrated the global appeal of Punjabi music, noting its widespread popularity and groove-inducing beats.

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Amidst the bustling environment of her debut film’s shooting, Rubina appears to be savoring every moment. With her gaze fixed on the camera’s lens, she exudes confidence and grace, signaling her seamless transition from the small screen to the silver screen.

As Rubina embarks on this new cinematic venture, the hope for her success and prolific future in the industry remains high. With her innate charm and dedication, her transition from television to the silver screen is anticipated to be as smooth as she envisions.