Rithvik Dhanjani and Karan Wahi’s Heartwarming Tradition: Crafting Ganpati Idols Strengthens Bonds

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Rithvik Dhanjani and Karan Wahi’s Heartwarming Tradition: Crafting Ganpati Idols Strengthens Bonds

When Rithvik becomes passionate about something, he gets everyone on board,” shares Karan Wahi, as he reflects on how he and Rithvik Dhanjani began crafting Ganpati idols together six years ago. These two friends reveal that creating their Bappa idols not only brings them closer to the festival but also strengthens their connection with each other and their loved ones.

In a recent interview, Rithvik and Karan talked about it and shared, “It all began with Raqesh (Bapat) – our guru ji.” Karan adds, “Raqesh, as many may know, is a true artist and sculptor. He used to do it, and he still does – and how! He taught Rithvik for a year, but you know Rithvik…” “I can’t do anything alone,” Rithvik interjects. Karan explains, “When Rithvik gets obsessed with something, he gets everyone involved… so six years ago, he got obsessed with making eco-friendly Ganesha…”

“So, I was the first one to join him,” Rithvik chimes in. “I’m actually making a Ganesha for myself after three years. The whole point was not to prove how skilled we are as sculptors; it was simply about creating something with our own hands, and it’s therapeutic,” says Karan. “The entire process is therapeutic. The ritual began with making Bappa from the courtyard’s clay,” Rithvik explains.

“We observe what happens to the environment after Ganesh Chaturthi, and we share it, realizing we should think more about it. We decided that we would contemplate later, but first, let’s take action,” says Karan, explaining the idea behind crafting eco-friendly Ganpati idols. “This tradition of ours will continue for years to come. It has become a part of our lives now. Everyone should experience this at home, with their friends and family because crafting your own Bappa brings you closer not only to him but also to the festival and your loved ones. I believe it’s a wonderful process,” says Rithvik.

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A few days ago, Rithvik shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the whole gang working on their Bappas and having a great time. When asked if this tradition of making Ganpati together has changed their friendship in any way, Karan jokes, “All the complaints people have about Rithvik come out here.” “He was just saying, ‘You’ve made my clay wet,’ ‘Don’t touch it, let me do it,’” Rithvik imitates Karan, while Karan continues, “It’s so much fun; we usually don’t get that much time to spend, all of us together. It’s like therapy.”