Rishton Ka Manjha 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun takes diya for the match

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Rishton Ka Manjha 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Arjun says I know you are upset Tina but try to understand. Our wedding was just a business deal. Don’t be surprised. There was no love between us and you knew. I was marrying you because of maa. I didn’t come here to marry Diya. I came here to take her to the match. But I saw Diya marrying that goon. I had to save her. If I didn’t marry her people would taunt her and her family for live. She would have to live a defamed life. Who would marry her? They won’t even let her live in peace. I couldn’t let her dreams be shattered. I live my dreams in her dreams. The dreams that were never fulfilled. I did what I thought was right. Tina says I was waiting for you as your bride. Are you kidding me? You married her here. Niharika says how will everyoen react?

Scene 2
Deepika says to Kush I don’t know how to handle Arjun and Diya. Amitabh says did you speak to Tina? Where is she? He says Tina is already stressed. Amitabh says so am I. Niharika calls. Kush asks did you meet Arjun? She says something huge happened. Kush says did he go to academy? I am coming there. Where is mummy? Kush says she’s not well. Amitabh takes the phone. she says papa.. that girl. Her marriage broke. The guy she was marrying was a goon.. Arjun married her. Amitabh drops the phone. Kush holds him. he’s shocked. Madhuri comes. She asks what happened? Is everything okay? Please tell me. Deepika says papa please tell us what happened. He says your son ruined us. Arjun married Diya. Everyone is shocked. Madhuri faints.

Scene 3
Tina says because of this middle class girl you ruined my life. He says it was my decision to marry. I insisted her. She says you insist too? You were never interested in wedding things. I know middle class girls like her. She had eyes on you. She was after you on sangeet too. These poor people emotionally blackmail rich guys. Diya says enough Tina. I know your pain you can say whatever you want to me. Not my parents. Tina says do you even know how do I feel? Everyone will laugh at me. There’s a storm inside me. Arjun was my dream like badminton was yours. Ajrun says so I was just a wish? It looks like you lost a deal. You never loved me. It was a compromise if we got married. Tina says I don’t care. You are only mine. Arjun says accept the truth. I will talk to you later. We have to go for the match. Let’s go Diya. Tina says no.. I can never lose. Tina never loses. She tries to hit Diya. Arjun says leave her Tina. What are you doing? Diya shoves her hand and says my sindur matters to me. Stop it. Ajrun says enough Tina. Let’s go. Niharika says how can you leave? Are you in your senses? Arjun says I am. I will handle everything. Tina screams and says I won’t let this girl stay happy. kaki says his family will never acceot Diya. Mohan says Arjun is with Diya. I trust him.

Scene 4
Karan comes to the stadium. He asks his goon to not let Arjun come in. Ria says I will win for sure. You think Diya is strong? She can’t face my techniques. I will win for sure. Karan says they can’t even come in. He says I want 4 gaurds here.

Niharika takes Tina out. Tina recalls what Arjun said. She throws things in anger. Niharika says I understand what you are going through. That cheap girl Diya, I don’t know what magic did she do on Arjun. We have to be with her for life. Tina says I won’t let her stay in Arjun’s life. i know it was her plan. Badminton was an excuse to come close to Arjun. What else could she do. I won’t let her live with Arjun. I never lose. Niharika says they are married. What can you do? Tina calls Karan. He says what happened? Where is Arjun? She says Arjun has left for the academy with Diya. He asks how do you know? She says I saw myself. Arjun married Diya and took her to the match in front of me. Karan says what? Arjun married her just to win this match? Tina says they must be reaching anytime. Diya shouldn’t win today He says I will handle here. You handle yourself. I undersstand what you are going through. Take care. TIna says I want to see that girl lose. Give everything but she shouldn’t win today.

Episode ends.

Precap-Diya and Arjun make it to the stadium. arjun beats all the goons. Tina cuts her wrist and faints. Diya and Arjun come inside the court.