Rishi laxmi- match made in heaven Episode 5

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A day before court hearing.

Laxmi: I think we should talk to rohan before executing your plan.

Nakshu: I don’t think he will help us…you should listen my plan..

Laxmi: no , I know you very well. You always make dangerous plan..I will not listen.

Laxmi knock the gate of rohan ‘s house.

Rohan: who are you?

Laxmi: I am laxmi oberoi rishi’s wife.. I want to talk to you..

Rohan think something and let her in.

Rohan: what do you want to talk.

Laxmi : you and I both know that shanaya is lying. Plz help me in convincing her to take her complain back. Otherwise many life’s  will get destroyed.

Rohan in (his mind she is such a fool she think I am a good man. It is a good chance to trap her .)

He start recording the conversation between him and laxmi. So that he can show media that how obroies are forcing him to ask his girlfriend to take her case back.

Rohan: but how will I convince her. She is stubborn, she will not take her case back.

Laxmi : I will give her….

Suddenly someone hit on rohan ‘s head and he became unconscious.

“Now he is quite ……… “Nakshu said while holding a rod in her hand.

“What did you do nakshu… Why did you hit him….I was talking to him and he was ready to help us..” laxmi said.

Laxmi get shocked with this sudden attack.

“He is alive . And he wasn’t helping you. He was trying to trap you like her girlfriend . See he is recording your conversation .” Nakshu said while showing rohan’s phone to laxmi .

” But now what should we do.” laxmi asked nakshu.

” Take a chill pill di…. I know what should we do….. ” Nakshu said while smirking.

Nakshu dial a number on her phone…” Send someone to finish the renaming work”she said while talking on her phone.

At night at obroies mansion

” Don’t worry sister in law … malishka has hired Mumbai’s best lawyer…he will definitely save rishi.” Karishma said to neelam while sitting on sofa.

At the same laxmi and nakshu enter .

“Where did you go laxmi… Everyone is worried for rishi and you are hanging out with your sister . ” Karishma scold laxmi.

Laxmi: we went to…..

” We went to the temple to worship for rishi  jiju.” Nakshu said while interrupting laxmi.

” You have done a lot…plz stay at home…your prayers can’t help rishi.” Karishma said while making face.

Laxmi get sad hearing this.

Rishi grandmother: stop it karishma…. don’t blame her… She is rishi’s wife… She just want his betterment.

After hearing this Nakshu take laxmi to her room.

“Don’t take there words to heart ….we have to focus on saving jiju.” Nakshu said.

Suddenly a phone ring.

Nakshu bring out the phone from her pocket.(it was rohan ‘s phone).

“Why do You have rohan ‘s phone” laxmi asked.

Nakshu sign her to keep quit while picking up the phone.

“How are you baby” shanaya said thinking nakshu as rohan.

“Your baby is sleeping darling” nakshu said.

“Who are you…and why do you have rohan ‘s phone…where is he” shanaya get panick after hearing nakshu’s  voice.

” Calm down darling your Rohan is alive….but wheather he will stay alive or not …will depend on how you corporate with us” nakshu said while smirking.

” Who are you and what do you want.” Shanaya said.

” Who I am …is none of your business…..what I want is money….I want 10 crore.” Nakshu said

Shanaya get shocked hearing 10 crore.

” I am not rich , I don’t have 10 crore.” Shanaya said.

” Don’t try to become innocent in front of me.. I know you have trap rishi oberoi for money …. ask them 10 crore… and yes if you are not able to give us money than forget your boyfriend” nakshu said.

” Don’t do anything to rohan ….I will arrange money.” Shanta said.

” Bring that money to 11 number godown at shanti nagar…. and don’t try to act smart otherwise…..” Nakshu said.

Shanaya: don’t worry I will bring the money but plz don’t do anything to rohan.

Nakshu cut the call.

After sometime in living room

” 10 crore …..” Neelam get shocked hearing 10 crore.

” Yes 10 crore, if you want that I take my case back than give me 10 crore in cash “shanaya said to neelam on phone.

Neelam: ok I will give you 10 crore….but don’t back of your words.

Afterwards shanaya cut the call.

Nakshu while Standing behind a pillar with   laxmi hear  everything.

” Now it’s time to expose shanaya” nakshu said while smirking.

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