RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 67

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Episode begins with.. 

VIRAT: (thinking) What is this vansh speaking? Does he know the truth? No chance.. But, why did he say that? 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Why did vansh say that? What does he mean by brother? This, virat. 

VANSH: (thinking) God, very big mindvoice is going on.. Help me.. Save me.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh.. 

VIRAT: Vansh, why did you say that? 

VANSH: Why you guys are overreacting.. I meant virat is older than riddhima.. So riddhima, he is like your brother.. 

RIDDHIMA: He might be older… but, don’t say him as a brother.. 

VIRAT: Even I don’t want to be her brother.. 

VANSH: But, relationships are not in our hands.. I mean you married sia. So, you are related to riddhima. 

VIRAT: But, not brother.. 

RIDDHIMA: Even I’m saying this.. How can a donkey be my brother? 

VIRAT: Mind your words.. 

RIDDHIMA: It’s none of your business. 

VIRAT: Don’t speak to me like this.. 

RIDDHIMA: I will.. Don’t try to rule me.. 

VIRAT: This is my last warning.. Don’t speak to me like this. 

RIDDHIMA: I will.. 

VANSH: Riddhima… virat.. Stop.. 

Virat throws a cushion at riddhima. Riddhima again throws another cushion at virat. They both began to fight. Vansh runs to both and tries to stop them.. 

Riddhima and virat throws all the things at each other and all those things hits vansh who was standing in the middle trying to console both.. 

VANSH: (thinking) I’m getting hurt because of these idiots.. 

Riddhima and virat while fighting moves to the kitchen. Riddhima throws an egg at virat. He moves aside and it was about to fall on vansh.. Both virat and riddhima gets shocked. Vansh sees the egg.. 

VANSH: Flying egg.. Nooooo… 

He bends down and the egg hits the wall and breaks. Vansh looks at the broken egg on the floor and cries.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, what happened? 

VIRAT: Vansh, are you crying for this egg? 

VANSH: Why did this mom and sia left me alone with you both devils and went out? 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh.. 

VANSH: Shut up.. 

VIRAT: Vansh.. 

VANSH: You too. Unknowingly, I mentioned virat as your brother. But, you both have made such a big issue out of that single word. Just look at the house.. 

Vansh bangs his head.. 

RIDDHIMA: It’s all because of this donk.. 

VANSH: Not, again.. Shut up.. Now, both should clean all this mess without uttering a word.. 

Virat and riddhima starts cleaning.. Vansh looks at them.. 

VANSH:(thinking) Both are equal.. How am I going to manage this both? Mom, you could have taken me too… 

All the three cleans the house and sits for the dinner.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, when you came home why were shocked when I told you that mom and sia are not home? 

VANSH: Actually, I invited my foreign office clients for lunch. I thought mom will be able to prepare tasty lunch.. But, she is not here.. How am I going to convince those clients? I really don’t know.. Actually, the problem is he is very perfect.. He doesn’t like breaking commitments.. Now, what will I do? How will I handle him? 

VIRAT: Vansh, if you don’t take me wrong then, I have an idea with me.. 

VANSH: Tell me virat.. 

VIRAT: Why can’t you buy foods from restaurant? I know some restaurants who can exactly provide home foods.. 

VANSH: I don’t think this won’t work.. Because, he can easily differentiate between home made and restaurant foods.. 

RIDDHIMA: I have an idea.. 

VANSH: What? 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll prepare the lunch.. 

Vansh drops his glass and coughs… 

Virat gets shocked.. 

VANSH: You? 


VANSH: Cooking? 


VANSH: Did you remember how you made the halwa on the second day of our marriage? 

VIRAT: Why? What happened? 

VANSH: She made chilly halwa.. 

This time virat drops the glass in shock and begins to laugh.. Vansh too laughs.. Riddhima gets irritated.. 

Riddhima hits vansh’s legs.. Vansh shouts in pain.. 

VIRAT: What happened? 

VANSH: A rat.. 

VIRAT: What.. 

VANSH: A blue saree rat. (Pointing at riddhima) 

VIRAT: I understood.. 

Virat and vansh laughs.. 

RIDDHIMA: Enough.. Tomorrow, I’m going to cook.. That’s final.. Vansh, my decision is final.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, I’ll do something.. 


VANSH: Riddhi.. 

RIDDHIMA: I told you that my decision is final.. So, no more argument.. I have to prove myself.. I don’t want any donkeys to laugh at me.. 

VIRAT: Mind your words.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I just mentioned donkey.. Why is someone getting angry here? I didn’t mention anyone specifically.. 

VIRAT: Vansh, ask her not to call me like that.. 

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t mention anyone, vansh.. Donkey.  Donkey.. Donkey.. 

VIRAT: Vansh.. 

RIDDHIMA: Donkey.. 

VIRAT: Riddhima is a panda.. 

Vansh laughs.. Riddhima gets angry.. 

VIRAT: Vansh, look at her.. She exactly looks like a panda.. Polar bear.. 

RIDDHIMA: Donkey.. 

VIRAT: Panda.. 

RIDDHIMA: How dare you? 

VIRAT: How dare you!! 

Vansh looks at both.. 

VANSH: (thinking) I don’t think that I’ll be able to convince this both this time. Better, I’ll escape.. 

VANSH: Guys, you both won’t stop you nonsense fight.. So, better I’ll go to sleep. If you feel sleepy then, go to sleep or else keep on fighting till morning. Good night.. 

RIDDHIMA & VIRAT: Good night.. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, he has lost his mind.. Copycat.. 

VIRAT: You are not very genius for everyone in this world to copy from you.. Saying good night is a manners.  I learned it in my childhood.. 

RIDDHIMA: Manners? You? 

VIRAT: Panda.. 

RIDDHIMA: Donkey.. 

Vansh looks at both and bangs his head and goes.. 


Vansh wakes up.. He finds that riddhima is not in her bed.. He gets shocked. He comes out of his room and looks for riddhima.. Just then, he hears some noise.. He comes down.. 

RIDDHIMA: Donkeeyyyy.. 

VIRAT: Pandaaaa… 

RIDDHIMA: I’m feeling sleepy donkey.. 

VIRAT: Paandaaa… 

Both riddhima and virat were feeling sleepy.. But, still they were fighting.. Vansh looks at them and gets shocked. He falls down. Virat and riddhima looks at him.. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened vansh? 

VIRAT: Are you fine? 

RIDDHIMA: Just shut up.. It’s all because of you.. 

VIRAT: You.. 

RIDDHIMA: No.. You.. 

VIRAT: You.. 


Both brings water for vansh.. 

VANSH: Guys, I’m fine..

Without hearing him.. Riddhima sprinkles water on vansh.. Virat too sprinkles.. Again riddhima sprinkles.. Again virat sprinkles.. Vansh gets up.. Both riddhima and virat fights and pours the entire water on vansh.. 

VANSH: Mom… . 

Riddhima and virat looks at vansh who is totally wet now.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, what happened? 

VIRAT: How did you got wet? 

RIDDHIMA: Go fast and change your clothes.. 

VIRAT: Otherwise, you might get fever.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m feeling sleepy..

VIRAT: Even, I feel sleepy.. 

Vansh angrily looks at both.. Both virat and riddhima yawns and goes.. They both together steps at the staircase and both hits each other.. Vansh notices them.. He runs and splits the both. He asks riddhima to go first followed by virat.. Both goes to their respective rooms.. 

Vansh looks at both and bangs his head.. He looks at himself.. 

VANSH: What did I do now? They both fought with each other.. But, all the bad things are happening with me.. And these two were simply going as if nothing has happened.. How am I going to tolerate these two? If they come to know of the truth, then there won’t be any end for their fight.. God, give me the strength to handle this two.. Both are same. But, they won’t accept it. Both fights like brother and sister but they don’t want anyone to tell that. But, that’s the truth.. He was about to go but slips due to the water on the floor and falls down.. 

VANSH: Everything is against me. Better, I’ll sleep here.. I don’t know what all the mess they have created.. Before going to my room, nothing might happen to me.. Better, I’ll sleep here.. 

He sleeps on the sofa.. 


Riddhima comes down and looks at vansh who was sleeping.. She cleans the house.. Meanwhile, vansh wakes up.. He looks at her.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, you don’t have to do all this.. I’ll arrange something for lunch.. 

RIDDHIMA: No, vansh.. I’ll manage.. Just bring your clients by 12.00..

VANSH: Riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA:My decision is final.. 

Vansh goes.. Virat too comes down.. Riddhima makes coffee for all three.. She gives coffee to vansh.. Vansh was about to sip but she holds his hand and stops him. She signs vansh to pass the cup to virat.. 

He passes a cup to virat.  All the three drinks the coffee.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, I have an important meeting today.. After attending it, I’ll reach home with that client. If you have any problem in preparing the lunch, just call me.. I’ll make some other arrangements.. 

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry. I’ll take care of the  entire lunch preparation.. 

VANSH: That’s my only worry.. 

Virat laughs.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, now it was he who is starting again.. 

VIRAT: I didn’t do anything.. I just laughed.. 

Vansh shouts not again and runs from there.. Both virat and riddhima laughs seeing him.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima while cutting vegetables cuts her hand. The cut was very deep and it begins to bleed…. 

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