Rajjo fame Celesti Bairagey on embracing resemblance to Alia Bhatt

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Rajjo fame Celesti Bairagey on embracing resemblance to Alia Bhatt

For a considerable period, Celesti Bairagey was often referred to as Alia Bhatt’s doppelgänger on social media. However, her journey took a significant turn when she landed the lead role in the TV show Rajjo. Despite the comparisons, Celesti takes it all in stride and is content with being associated with the popular Bollywood actress. She recently shared pictures that highlighted her resemblance to Alia Bhatt, sparking conversations among her followers.

Addressing the comparisons in a recent interview, Celesti clarified that she never consciously intended to post pictures resembling Alia, either before or after becoming an actor. She finds it odd when people assume she tries to smile like Alia or imitate her in any way. According to Celesti, it’s purely coincidental that she bears a resemblance to the talented actress. She refrains from captioning her pictures with references to Alia, which leaves her puzzled about the negative comments that sometimes surface on her posts.

Despite the comparisons, Celesti takes it as a compliment, appreciating Alia Bhatt’s beauty and talent. Alia remains her favorite actor, and she finds it flattering to be likened to someone she admires. However, she emphasizes that she doesn’t deliberately attempt to look like her idol. Instead, she draws inspiration from Alia’s successful career and the way she has managed it.

Having made the bold move from a small town in Assam to the bustling city of Mumbai a few years ago, Celesti admits that living alone in the fast-paced metropolis has been challenging. The transition was significant, but she considers herself fortunate to have found an incredible working environment in Rajjo, where the team quickly became like family. Adjusting to Mumbai’s unique vibe took time initially, but now she feels more at ease, having adapted well to the city’s lifestyle.

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Celesti Bairagey’s journey showcases her ability to handle comparisons with grace and focus on carving her own path in the entertainment industry. Embracing her resemblance to Alia Bhatt, she finds inspiration from her favorite actor while building her career in the world of acting. Moving from a small town to Mumbai, she navigates the challenges and cherishes the growth she experiences in the dynamic city.