Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Madhu’s evil plan against Rajjo

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Rajjo 2nd February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Arjun hitting the punching bag. Rajjo comes and says I can see that you don’t trust me. Arjun gets angry. She says it’s a different in perception. Madhu looks on and thinks I have to do something before Rajjo makes Arjun against. She says sorry, I heard you, I got angry and also got worried for you, I m like your mum, I want to ask you, tell me, whose perception is wrong, your mum is in the village. Rajjo argues with Arjun and Madhu. She says I m sure Madhu knows something about Mannu, she is hiding it from me. Arjun says we decided to give a new start to this relation, but you are breaking all the relations here. She says no, but how shall I make a new relation when I know something is hidden from me. She goes. Madhu says she got a big shock, she may get ill mentally. She goes. Rajjo thinks to find out the truth. Madhu says Jhilmil, we have to increase Rajjo’s fear, Arjun will never make her out, we have to do this work, its time Rajjo leaves. A car comes. Rajjo turns to see. Niharika greets her and hugs. Niharika encourages her. Rajjo asks did Arjun tell you something, he is hiding it from me. Niharika says Arjun asked me to convince dad to apologize to Mannu, he just wanted you and Mannu to get respect, I tried hard to convince dad, sorry. Rajjo says no, I should say sorry to ask this, you are just keeping friendship with Arjun, I don’t want any apology from Pushkar.

Niharika falls down and gets hurt. Rajjo says come with me, we will do the aid. She goes to check. She doesn’t get any cold water or ice. Niharika says Kalindi keeps cold water in the sipper. Madhu replaces the sipper. Rajjo takes it and runs. Madhu drinks the cold water. She says I have the cold water, what did Rajjo take for Niharika. Niharika pours the hot water on the wound and screams. Rajjo asks what happened. Niharika says I got burnt, you didn’t check before getting it, how can you be so careless. Madhu comes and starts acting. She replaces the sipper again. Niharika says I have to go to the hospital. Madhu asks Rajjo to get cream and towel also. She asks Rajjo to take the bottle. Rajjo goes. Madhu says now even Arjun won’t believe Rajjo. Rajjo says water is cold, what’s this, why did Niharika say that water is hot.

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Madhu and Jhilmil have a talk. They both see Rajjo coming and start acting. They fool Rajjo. Rajjo gets angry. She goes to Niharika. Niharika asks her to give the cream. She says this is empty, what happened to you. Rajjo says sorry, I don’t know, my mind isn’t working, but you are bearing the pain. Jhilmil says we thought Rajjo will shout on her, but its not happening. Madhu says yes, see Rajjo is talking to Niharika well. Niharika says I can’t drive to the hospital, what shall I do. Rajjo says check the storeroom for medicines, I will ask Bhola to take us to the hospital. Madhu says Rajjo is clever, we will follow her and know what she wants. Rajjo thinks I won’t go from here till I find Mannu, Madhu is behind this.

Rajjo asks Arjun to come to her if he trusts her. She says I will do anything to find my mum. She leaves. Arjun gets shocked seeing Rajjo unconscious. He asks her to forgive him. He shouts Rajjo.