Radha Mohan 9th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan figures out a way to save Radha


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Mohan says Ba Kai Bihari jee should keep this peacock feather and give it to the believers who will write the letters to him, Mohan suddenly realizes about the letters and wonders why did he not think of it before as the letters are the answers, he turns back to see the peacock feather is about to fall on the Diya but he kneeling exclaims Ba Kai Bihari jee is great as he never leaves the side of his Bhagts, he apologizes for his mistake as Ba kai Bihari jee is for the entire world and he thanks him for showing the way to protect Radha however requests that this door should not be closed.

Damini gets very excited and hugs Bhushan mentioning he is very great, he replies she does not know her uncle as his hands can reach even further from the law, Bhushan says that Mohan and Radha really humiliated him in front of everyone, he remained quiet for a lot of days but was never calm as he just waited for the right time which he ahs gotten now, as Radha and Mohan would be broken, he says Mohan would indeed be alive after the death of Radha but be like a dead body, hearing this Damini also starts smiling.

Radha sitting in the cell pleads with Ba Kai Bihari jee to not be mad since Mohan jee is very tensed but she knows that Ba kai Bihari jee is always by his side and helping him. Damini coming to the cell mentions this time no one would be able to help her, neither her Mohan jee or the Ba Kai Bihari jee as no one can help her. Bhushan comes out from behind Damini seeing whom Radha gets furious, Bhushan says he will end any chance of saving Radha, seeing this Radha walks to Damini saying she should be ashamed of herself, she is her enemy but Damini should not have taken the support of this ill person and thought about Ketki who is the daughter of her aunt. While the daughter of his younger sister and Damini is the daughter of his elder sister so she is not so different for Bhushan and he might try to wrong even her. Bhushan angrily warns Radha to be quiet, Radha says that she feels Damini is even worse then him, saying people rightly say that women are the enemies of each other . Damini says Radha is about to die but still giving lecture so should say whatever she likes right now, as after tomorrow she will be dead. Radha says that Ba Kai Bihari jee is responsible for the dead and living, but feels Damini is worried what would happen if she is alive as then what would happen to her, Radha says the entire family has found the truth about Damini and what if she gets hanged to death. Damini warns Radha to shut up saying she would surely be hanged, Radha replies her husband would never let anything wrong happen to her and she has complete faith on her husband. Radha asks them both to go since she needs to rest and go back to her home tomorrow where she must prepare for JanMashtri and even needs to throw out the biggest garbage from the house. Damini is really furious, she says that there is a big difference between confidence and over confidence while the overconfidence of Radha is going to be shattered tomorrow in front of Mohan as she would be hanged while the time of her hanging has been changed hearing which Radha gets shocked, Damini informs Radha will be hanged at eight in the morning rather then eleven, hearing this Radha gets worried.

Kadambari in the house mentions that only ten hours are left in the hanging of Radha and she cannot think of any way to save her, Mohan run into the room asking Gungun where are the letters which her Grandmother gave her, kadambari questions what has happened when Mohan explains this is the way to save Radha and Ba kai Bihari jee showed the way, Gungun tells Mohan that police took all the letters, kadambari also mentions that they are in the custody of police. Mohan wonders how would they get the letters, he calls Shekar informing that the letters that were given to Gungun are in the custody of police and they need those letters as this is the only way left to save Radha. Shekar says it is very late but Mohan informs that this relates to the life of Radha and Shekar must swear on his life as they need those letters, Shekar says that his friendship is worth a lot more so Mohan should meet him in central jail after an hour.

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Gungun exclaims she knew Ba Kai Bihari jee would surely help her father and he is now going to bring back Ramaa very soon.

Damini asks why is Radha quiet asking if she got scared, Radha replies that Damini is the one who is scared, she asks why would she be scared. Radha questions why did she come to meet her tonight when she knows she would be hanged tomorrow.. Radha says Damini does not love her and she might have come here to look at her like Mohan, rather come here to make sure she feels scared but wants her to feel she is scared, Radha says Damini is scared that she might once again escape from jail, she asks why did Damini call Bhushan to help her when she has already beaten him in front of everyone, and who was not able to protect himself from her then how can he protect her. Bhushan vows to take revenge for all the humiliation that he has suffered and he will give Radha a befitting reply, Radha says he can try all he desires but would have seen the movies, in which it shows that no matter how much the villain tries in the end the hero and heroine win, while in this life she is the heroine and her husband Mohan jee is the hero, the director is Ba Kai Bihari jee. Radha exclaims that only what Ba Kai Bihari jee desires happens in this life, Radha exclaims they should try to celebrate tonight because after tomorrow she is not going to let them get away so easily and needs to settle the score, Radha asks why are they standing and must leave so Damini and Bhushan walk away.

Radha asks if Ba Kai Biahri jee knows what to do, since her family must find out the new time of her hanging as she knows they will be trying to find new ways to save her.

Gungun prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that the birthday of Ba kai Bihari jee and her father is coming, she explains there are a lot of similarities between them both, which is their name and they even know how to play the flute while the last thing which is most common is their love for Radha. Gungun explains that if Ramaa does not come on both their birthdays then it would not feel like a celebration, Gungun pleads with Ba kai Bihari jee to bring back Radha and make him successful in whatever he is going to do, Rahul also prays that Mohan bhai should be successful as Damini has crossed all the limits so Radha should be protected from the hanging. Tulsi says he knows children are very innocent so he must accept the prayers of her daughter, Gungun mentions she has done all the preparations of his birthday, she starts showing the new clothes and all the other accessories that she has brought along with the new peacock feather, seeing this Kadambari starts smiling. Gungun mentions she will even make cake for him, while even sing his favorite song but if her Ramaa does not come back home then his birthday would be canceled, there will neither be any party nor the gifts but if he brings back her Ramaa then she will give a lot more gifts, Gungun once again starts pleading. Ajeet says she is bribing Ba kai Bihari jee, Kadambari replies it is not a bribe but the trust which a child has on her Ba Kai Bihari jee, Kadambari along with everyone else pray that the trust of Gungun should not be broken and Mohan must be successful, he should get the help he needs to bring back Radha to this house.

Damini walks out with Bhushan asking if he saw the eyes of Radha as she does not have even the flicker of fear when Bhushan replies only what they desire will happen, they both are shocked to see Mohan who says only what Ba Kai Bihari jee desires is going to happen.