Radha Mohan 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Gurumaa traps Tulsi.


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Radha is convinced that Mohan has discovered Damini’s involvement in Tulsi’s murder and won’t spare her. Meanwhile, Damini confides in Kaveri that Gurumaa isn’t answering calls, which she deems dangerous. When Mohan overhears their conversation he speaks from out and asks who is inside, Damini pretends to be unconscious while Kaveri hides under the bed. Mohan enters, notices Kaveri, and deliberately steps on her hand. Concerned, he pleads with Damini to get up, expressing his inability to see her in distress. Damini, pleased with the act, dismisses Kaveri’s complaints about Mohan and instructs her not to speak ill of him.

Mohan shares with Radha that Damini and Kaveri were plotting something. Radha inquires about his plan, and he suggests taking Damini home while keeping a close watch to unveil the complete truth.

Damini calls Gurumaa, proposing to tie up Tulsi. Gurumaa agrees, emphasizing the importance of separating Tulsi from Radha. After disconnecting the call, Gurumaa contemplates that Damini will face consequences for going against her. Damini, however, shares her excitement with Kaveri, anticipating the beginning of her relationship with Mohan.

Meanwhile, Tulsi awaits her family’s return. Gurumaa enters, revealing her presence to Tulsi. Tulsi, determined to see Gurumaa’s face, recalls the past incidents. Gurumaa claims responsibility for being the black-hooded person and warns Tulsi that she’ll be shocked when she sees her face. As Tulsi approaches, Gurumaa traps her in a bowl, leading to her cries for help.

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Back at home, Radha and Gungun mention Tulsi’s name. Mohan, cautious, asks if they said anything. Radha explains they are traumatized. Gungun expresses a feeling that Tulsi needs her, and Radha senses a similar connection. Mohan, too, wonders why he feels a connection to Tulsi as if she took his name.

Radha contemplates sharing her feelings about Tulsi with Mohan, but Kadambari intervenes, urging her not to reopen past wounds for Mohan. Meanwhile, Damini confides in Kaveri that she suspects Gurumaa has trapped Tulsi.

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