Radha Mohan 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan informs Gungun about the truth


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Radha is pushed into the cell, Shanti catches her as she is about to fall, seeing this Radha starts crying when Shanti asks what happened asking if she did not get the bail, Radha replies that Damini is playing a very dirty game with her family as she is using the love which she has for her family as a weapon which is why the court has declined her bail plea, and Damini managed to prove in the court that she can harm Gungun, she asks how can she harm her own daughter, Shanti asks her to calm down as she knows in her heart that Radha would be released from this place very soon. Radha says that she can do anything for her Mohan jee, Gungun and her family. Radha says that her own Gungun hates her because of Damini, when she would fight everyone for her and kept asking if she was in any sort of problem but that Gungun hates her today, Radha is not able to control her emotions and keeps crying, Shanti hugs Radha mentioning she can understand what Radha might be going from, saying that the children only get upset from their own parents so explains that she will realize how ch Radha loves her.

Radha says she is just praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee that her Gungun should remain happy even if she herself does not live with her, Shanti once again hugs her assuring everything would be fine.

Gungun holding the photo of Radha recalls how she came when Mohan tried to slap her and questioned how did he dare try to raise his hand on her Gungun, she protected her in the court and even advised her to take care of herself. Tulsi tells Gungun that she has been told lie, suggesting Gungun should listen to her heart as she also knows that Radha can never do anything of the sort and would never do anything which will effect both of them, she pleads that Gungun should listen to her heart. Gungun says everyone was saying Radha killed her mother and it was even written in the letters, she exclaims if Radha is so bad why did she stood up for her in front of her father and Ketki bua defended her, she says if Radha is so bad then why is she still missing her. Tulsi notices a shadow of someone approaching so gets tensed, she wonders who is the person sneaking unto Gungun, she tries to warn her but Gungun does not respond at first so the person catches her from behind, Tulsi is not able to touch the person who runs out of the room with Gungun, Tulsi calls anyone to come but they do not listen to her.

The person places Gungun on the chair who asks him to leave her, Tulsi is shcoked to see that he is Mohan while Gungun also gets shcoked, she asks why did he do it because she got very scared. He apologizes saying he wanted to talk with her but could not do it in the house or the court. Gungun asks the reason when Mohan says he never wanted anyone to find out he is with Radha, Gungun does not understand when he explains he was just acting to hate her, she questions him when he says sometimes what is in front of them is not the truth so they should listen to their heart, he informs some people come in their lives to only make it better. He says she would always remains angry with him and they both kept fighting, but everything changed because of Radha, he asks on whose advice did she start calling him papa and even today when he was scolding her only radha came to protect her. He asks if Gungun did not see how she protected her, revealing those who are murderers do not have pure heart like her, he says she even put her own life at risk for their family, mentioning that they only are contended in their life because of Radha. Tulsi agrees with Mohan.

Gungun asks Mohan about the letter, Tulsi at once says she has never written those letters. Mohan says that elders believe whatever they see to be true, informing they stop listening to the feelings in their heart but children only listen to their heart, he asks her to forget about the letters for once and think if she feels Radha can do anything of the sort. Mohan does not know how he will explain it to Gungun, he asks her to place her hand on her heart. Tulsi advises her to think about her Ramaa and how much she loves her. Mohan says Gungun must take the name of Radha but Gungun refuses to take it, Mohan insists Gungun should do it for him but she keeps refusing to do it even for herself, Mohan then says she must do it for her mother hearing which Gungun gets emotional, she does not speak for a moment but then takes the name of Ramaa. Gungun remembers when Radha protected her from Mohan each and every time and always took care of her like a mother, and even loved her a lot remembering all the beautiful moments Gungun starts crying so Mohan consoles her, while Gungun keeps thinking of all the times when Radha stood for her. Gungun wonders what has she done to Radha and not trust her, explaining she has said a lot of wrong things to her, so she would be feeling really bad. Gungun accepts she is very bad so now even Ba Kai Bihari jee would get angry with him. Mohan stops her saying that even he did not trust Radha so it happens with everyone. Gungun mentions she wants to talk with Ramaa and apologize to her as she said such bad things about her because of which she would have gotten very sad, Mohan says how can they talk to her right now as it is not possible. She keeps pleading to talk with her. Mohan assures he will try something so wipes of the tears from her face, he takes a deep breath.

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Mohan calls the lady constable who gets a bit tensed to see the unknown number, she after answering the call exclaims it was fine with Shekar sir but now he has also started calling her, she explains she might lose her job. Mohan asks her to try and understand since the daughter of Radha wants to talk with her but the lady constable is not ready to take such a big risk. Gungun snatches the phone from Mohan, and even requests the constable to let her talk with her Ramaa but the constable says she cannot do it, Gungun says she must think if she has a daughter and not able to talk with her so would feel really bad, Gungun reveals she has hurt her Ramaa a lot so keeps requesting the lady constable to give her phone to Ramaa. She says her Ramaa told her how they should apologize at the earliest and even express their feelings, as they might not get a chance later, she says she has to apologize and even say thank you hearing which the constable agrees to the request of Gungun.

Radha is constantly crying in the cell when she hears the voice of her Gungun, the lady constable comes asking Radha to talk in a low voice. Radha is really shocked seeing Gungun who is also crying while being on the video call, Gungun gets tensed to see that Radha is crying and even sits down. Shanti wakes up seeing Radha crying. Gungun calls her as Ramaa, she apologizes to her for not trusting Radha but those letters, Radha assures it is nothing to be worried about so they must forget everything, Gungun says how could she even think that Radha has killed her mother, she once again apologies to her. Gungun explains her father made her realize how wrong she is since Radha is her mother whom she really loves.

Radha after standing up says to Mohan that he has done a lot for but what he has done today by ending the mis understanding between her and Gungun, she cannot pay him back for it. Radha says that Gungun does not have any fault in it since this world is like this, only the good have to pay the sacrifice but she is glad as Gungun managed to pass this problem so easily. Gungun says she felt that her mother wrote those letters but if her mother did not write them then who wrote them, Radha says Gungun is very clever and understands a lot of things quickly. Mohan asks Gungun to think who could have done it, Gungun after thinking for a while takes the name of Damini when Tulsi also says that Gungun is right since only Damini is the one who wants to cause difference between them and Radha. Gungun gets shocked thinking if Damini is the one who did it all, Gungun gets furious when Radha asks her to calm down as it is written in Bhagwat Geeta that anger can end the intelligence while now they have to be careful. Radha explains now Gungun has to take care of herself and even her father, revealing she would never take any step because of which Damini will suspect they both are on her side so they must be very careful. Mohan exclaims now the end of Damini will surely happen, all three of them are confident.