Radha Mohan 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan questions Ba Kai Bihari jee


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Radha asks if a wife would have to ask her husband to hug him, she calls him to the front but he is still standing in the back. Ketki is not able to resist so going to Radha takes out a Rakhi, Ajeet comes forward when Radha ties the Rakhi on his hand, Ajeet starts crying so Radha asks the reason, he replies she called him as brother and it is his duty to always protect her in each and every trouble but he has not been able to do anything for her. Radha asks who told him that he has not done anything mentioning she always wanted to have a brother who would always love her, and she got it in him. Radha calls him Ajeet, he replies he also got a sister hearing which Radha says she has to make her tie a lot of Rakhi. Gungun coming explains now she is going to tie this Rakhi to her when Radha replies that she is her mother, Gungun says Radha told her this festival is for those who protect them and Radha always protects her, either from the bore well, fire or even the bus set with bomb, while even from the balcony. Radha kisses Gungun on the cheek, and she raises her hand forward when Gungun ties the Rakhi on her hand, Radha asks what gift does she desire when Gungun says she wants the same which she asked from her father, Gungun explains that she needs either a younger brother or sister by next year as she is very bore, Radha asks if Mohan jee heard what Gungun is asking as a gift, Ketki says to Kadambari how they will send both Radha and Mohan bhai for their honeymoon which is still due, kadambari says it is not a bad idea explaining the time has come when a beautiful nephew or niece should come to their house, Ajeet says a daughter should be just like Radha, she mentions the child should not have the attitude of Mohan, he says he is not like that and starts crying. Kadambari tells Ajeet and Ketki that Shekar only gave them five minutes so asks if they should leave now, Radha greets everyone with a smile, Dadi and Ramaveshwar also leave after hugging her. Mohan slowly walks to stand in front of Radha, he is not even able to look her in the eyes. Mohan holds her hand, she asks if he is crying when Mohan says what can he do besides crying, he hugs her after only thinking about the hanging.

Mohan sees the portrait on the wall along with the Bhagwat Geeta, he says that this is all a lie and Ba kai Bihar jee along with Bhagwat Geeta, Radha asks why is he talking like this, Mohan replies she is his biggest Bhagt but even then is going through so much problems yet Ba kai Bihari jee is not doing anything. Radha asks why does he think Ba Kai Bihari jee not helped them, because the jailer tortured them all and even was about to fire a bullet at her but still they all are safe, Radha mentions that Ba kai Bihar jee tests the true believers, she holding the hand of Mohan mentions she has complete faith in her Ba Kai Bihari jee and is sure he would surely get her out of this jail. Mohan asks how will he do it since all the proofs are against Radha and nothing can implicate Damini. Mohan starts crying mentioning he has lost, he kneels in front of her so Radha also kneels to hug Mohan who is still crying a lot, she then requests him to believe in Ba Kai Bihari jee and even himself as she is sure he would surely manage to find a way. Mohan still says he has lost telling he tried a lot but cannot find another way, Radha gets up angrily telling the one who has accepted defeat before the event then is called a loser. Radha says he should get up because if he accepts defeat then how would she get the strength, she asks if he knows what both Gungun and herself were reciting, she tells him the meaning of the verse which states that they must always fight for the truth, she says Mohan jee must fight for her, Gungun an the entire family till the very end and must believe that Ba Kai Bihari jee is on their side. Mohan asks then where is her Ba kai Bihari jee, he is angrily looking at Radha when the peacock feather drops beside him, Radha starts smiling then kneels to pick it up in her hands, telling Mohan there is the peacock feather, she says she told Mohan that this feather will show him the way. This was given to her by Ba kai Bihari jee, he must trust this peacock feather just like she has trusted him, and when everything is going against them the trust is the biggest thing they have. Radha insists that Mohan needs to get up and fight for what is true, Mohan slowly gets up on his feet, Radha hands him the peacock feather informing that Ba kai Bihari jee would surely show him the way while she has complete faith on him that he would never let her get hanged. Radha signals him, he then finally takes the peacock feather when Radha places it in his hand by herself, she once again says she has complete faith in him that he would take her back home safe and sound. The lady constable comes apologizing but mentions now they both would have to separate from each other. Mohan hugs Radha once again for the last time before turning to walk away, Radha stops him saying he should ask the decorators and caterers to start preparations as JanMashtri is about to come, when it is the birthday of her Mohan jee and Ba Kai Bihari jee. Mohan is not able to control himself and hugs Radha once again, he leaves after saying that he must leave now. Radha mentions Mohan jee cannot see now what she can as she sees herself going back home.

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In the night Mohan standing in the mandir asks if he is liking it all, to see the Radha in jail who believed in him. Mohan says he must remember that the breaths of Radha are about to break tomorrow as she is going to be hanged but still has complete faith in him and her Ba kai Bihari jee. Mohan says for the first time he cannot give Ketki and Gungun the gifts because he has no way to bring back Radha home, Mohan says he knows Ba Kai Bihari jee has done this purposefully because he refuted his presence after Tulsi died, Mohan accepts he made very big mistakes but why is Radha being punished, Mohan questions why is Radha not being rewarded for her prayers, he questions how can Ba Kai Bihari jee not allow her belief to be broken and her trust be ruined. Mohan says her mother left her when she was just a child and when she met her mother after so many years she refused to accept her relation, Mohan says he also refused to accept her love after their marriage but instead hurt her even then she continued to trust that she will get the love of this family but Radha never got the love easily including Gungun and his family while even her biological father and Grandmother also shunned her but she got back the love once again because Radha had complete faith in him. He says when they were about to start their life once again, Ba Kai Bihari jee took everything from her once again. Mohan says he is Bhagwan and they are human but he should never take such test of a human that they break, Mohan tells Radha is not breaking as she has complete faith in him but he is breaking as he knows Ba Kai Bihari jee would not save her since it is very difficult while Radha is just sitting hoping that Ba Kai Bihari jee would give a sign or he will save her. Mohan asks the way explaining Ba Kai Bihari jee gives the peacock feather but should he use it to either break Radha from jail or write a letter to him just like in the old days. Mohan warns that no one is going to celebrate his birthday today or break the pot, because if he is not able to save his Radha today then he cannot save anyone. Mohan says what does Ba Kai Bihari jee say, he was neither able to save Radha nor punish a criminal like Damini, this means he does not have the powers he claims and is just a Murti. Mohan tells Ba kai Bihari jee should keep this peacock feather and give it to the believers saying they must write the letters, Mohan is about to leave when he realizes the letters that Gungun found, he thinks that the letters are the answer to his questions.