Radha Mohan 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: The boss prepares a plans to trap Radha


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Radha opens the door and gets shocked seeing the person so asks who is he, the person introduces himself as Bunty when Mohan also comes, he replies that Dulari sent him because her aunt died so she went back to her village and sent him here to work, Bunty says she might have forgotten so they should check their phone when Radha replies they have not received any text, Mohan suddenly picks his phone which rings and after reading the text informs Bunty was saying the truth and he got the text from Dulari, Mohan asks him to come inside with a smile as this is his house, Radha is showing Bunty the entire house while even pointing at the rooms. Mohan questions where are they all looking as he came as the replacement of Dulari. Mohan gets excited saying they are going to America when everyone is tensed and after Mohan asks the reason they point to Ketki, Kadambari asks how can they take her since she is pregnant, Mohan explains they have only invited three people for felicitation and only Kadmabari will go with both him and Radha, everyone else mentions that even they want to go with them however Kadambari notices how Gungun is really tensed and signals Mohan who at first thinks of Dadi and then papa but exclaims that the place is only for three people but they can surely make the place for a cute little girl, Gungun immediately runs to hug Mohan. Kadmabari prays that no evil eye should come to her happy family. The boss sits back on his seat. Radha is showing Bunty all of the house. Kadambari prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should protect her family like this when Radha comes with Bunty asking if he understood everything, Radha asks why are they all so happy when Mohan says that Gungun will also come with them to America but in Luggage, since they donot have any thing with them however Radha says he should come in the luggage, Mohan agrees. Bunty goes to the corner when the boss asks if he got the entry in the house, Bunty replies the part two of Happy Diwali mission has started.

In the night Radha says she has finessed so asks Mohan that he should put all of his clothes, Radha asks Mohan if he would not hep her when he helps her, Radha says she has packed all of his clothes in this suitcase while all of his shoes and other things are in the other suitcase. Mohan asks if she thinks of him as a child, Radha replies he is even worse then the child as he will forget what is in the suitcase then constantly ask her about it. Mohan gets furious asking why does she have the old bag as he bought a new one for her, Radha mentions this bag is very close to her heart and she thought of taking it on the trip to America. Radha asks Mohan to not be worried as tomorrow morning the Mahant jee of Kunj Bihari jee Mandir is coming to meet them, Radha walks with the clothes in her hand when Mohan pulls her closer asking when is she going to understand, Radha replies she has a lot of preparations so Mohan says they both need to meet each other properly first, he pulls her close to hug and is then about to kiss her when they both get stunned after hearing someone knocking at the door. Mohan asks them to go away but Radha replies they should first ask, Bunty says it is him so Radha asks him to come inside but he stops her then Radha covers his mouth when mohan says he would kiss her in front of him. Bunty says that Badi Malkin said they are going so he thought of helping them, Radha replies that there is no need but Bunty asks how is there so need since he is really good at helper, he says that he is very good at making lemon juice so they both should drink it until he completes the packing. Mohan goes to sit with Radha while asking Bunty start the packing, Bunty notices how they both are arguing so he starts packing their dresses, Radha is angry with Mohan.

Bunty quietly tries to leave the bag which Radha likes a lot, he secretly throws it out of the window hen Radha feels there is something strange so starts looking at Bunty. Mohan also asks where is he going when he was ready to help them in packing, Bunty replies that he was called by Badi Malkin when Radha replies she did not hear anything, Bunty quickly closes the door and after checking tries to leave with the bag, Radha tells Mohan she is about to come when she walks out of the room to stop Bunty, he gets tensed thinking if she catches him then their entire plan would fail so he has to do something quickly. Radha slowly starts waling towards Bunty who takes the knife out of his pocket but in the process drops paper on the floor. Mohan calls Radha when Bunty turns and sees that she is turned away he quickly hides the bag while the knife behind his back. Bunty asks Radha is there was any work so should they leave, he notices that the paper fell on the floor and Radha also sees it. Bunty kneels down to pick it up but Radha reaches for it quickly when Bunty says it belongs to him so Radha hands him the paper, she asks what is the number of as it does not seem the phone number. Bunty replies that this is his bank account number because he cannot remember it so might need it any moment. Radha asks him to go when she is pulled into the room, Mohan warns her to not make any noise so she agrees but just as he leaves she starts yelling so he once again covers her mouth asking when would she think about him, Radha says how would she say anything if he has covered her mouth, she asks if he is fine and does he have any temperature because he would not be able to enjoy travelling with a fever. Mohan says the thing which was about to happen did not happen and the thing for which people pay to go to Maldives, Radha replies they stayed in such a big hotel and even won the competition, Mohan asks her to stop saying she does not understand anything so asks if he should tell her, Radha signals him after which Mohan gets romantic with Radha who is not able to believe it and starts getting nervous. Radha once again tries to stop Mohan but he signals her to not interfere then holds her hand tightly, he kisses her on the forehead. Mohan then gets on top of Radha who pushes him out so he falls on the floor.

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Damini is sitting with Kaveri when the servant serves them lentils so Damini says she does not eat them and he should take them away, Bhushan sends the servant away when Kaveri asks him to see how they are being served lentils, Bhushan replies that this is his house and they should eat what they are getting because they have just gotten beaten by the Trviedi’s and should try to find some other place to live as he cannot take their burden.

Radha explains that she forgot such a big thing while Mohan is still on the ground and asks her to help him, she says that the day after tomorrow is KarwaChawth and she would have to make all the preparations as this is her first KarwaChawth and she would celebrate it with the foreigners, Mohan says that she is worried about the festival but not that her husband is on the floor. Radha relies she is worried about him and he should also think of her for a bit, Mohan explains the moon is the same in both the countries but Radha asks what would the foreigners know about the KarwaChawth and Mohan asks what happens in India as they were not able to do anything in Maldives when Mohan asks Radha to help him get up, she gives him her hand when Mohan pulls her towards him.

The boss says that the Indians are very proud of their festivals but once they are able to accomplish their plan then the Indians would be disgusted with it, but it is important that he needs to do their work for the plan to work. Bunty asks what if the bag is caught when the boss warns him to not even think about saying anything and says that Radha has just caused a very big win for India but now that when she is proven as a terrorist then she would be arrested, he starts smiling along with Bunty and the other accomplice. Radha is lying on the floor with Mohan.