Radha Mohan 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan agrees to spare the life of Damini and Kaveri


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Mohan vows to not leave the person who tried to kill his daughter, Damini promises she did not have anything to do with the accident of Gungun, Mohan replies he will not be moved by any of he lies so she should be ready to die, Damini says she is telling the truth and swears on her mother, Kaveri thinks that she is about to die while Damini is even swearing on her life, Damini whispers that kaveri should act. Mohan mentions he will show her what would happen now that she has sworn on her mother. Mohan starts walking towards the Diya to once again light the arrow, Damini mentions Mohan is surely going to kill them and has gotten mad. Kadambari tells Mohan that she anger is not suitable, Radha also stops Mohan saying he cannot kill them when he says that Damini has tired to kill their daughter so he would kill them, Radha replies she knows what they have done but does not want that her husbands hands get dirty by killing them, Mohan refuses to stop even after whatever Radha says to him as he has suffered a lot but will not suffer anymore, Radha explains these people are already worthless but they cannot go to such low levels, Mohan exclaims but eh can still kill them, kaveri starts panicking so requests Kadmabari to stop her son. Rahul and Ajeet also stand in font of Mohan saying they cannot let him take the life of anyone, he says he is not going to listen to them and will even forget they are related to him. Kadmabari turns to Radha saying she is the only one who can stop Mohan, Radha mentions the only one who can calm down the anger of Mohan is his daughter, Gungun turns to look at Radha who signals her.

Kaveri tells Mohan they are very cheap and selfish people but he should not get his hands dirty by killing them, Damini also apologizes for all her mistakes requesting him to let her go, Bhushan says Mohan would have to go to jail after killing them and should let them go, Mohit swears on the life of Tulsi, Mohan angrily orders them to shut up, he even pushes off Ajeet and Rahul seeing which the entire family is tensed, Mohan once again points the arrow but then Gungun comes in front of him so Mohan is forced to stop. Mohan asks Gungun to step aside, she says they are not bad people like them all but Mohan once again asks her to get aside and gets furious, Radha then rushes to stand beside Gungun requesting Mohan jee to stop, she asks why is he not able to understand what Gungun is able to realize, she explains her childhood was without a mother and does he desire that she should live the rest of her life without a father, asking why does he want to ruin the life of all three as they are a family, saying why does he want to steal her love and the father of Gungun. The entire family one by one requests him to stop, Kadmabari also asks him to calm down promising that everything would be fine, Ajeet says that everyone is requesting him to calm down, Vishwaniyat mentions they got what they desired so why is he going to ruin his life, Kaveri says Mohan should listen to his family members and stop, the entire Trivedi family starts asking Mohan to calm down and throw the bow along with the arrow. Mohan is still furious and frustrated while pointing the arrow at them all, he finally throws it when Gungun pleads in front of him. Damini is relieved and takes a deep breath along with the rest of them, even the Trivedi family is relieved.

Mohan says that today their lives have been spared but their death is certain because the day when he got a solid proof then that day he is surely going to kill them with a lot of suffering. Mohan asks if they understood it to which Bhushan and Mohit agree along with Kaveri, Damini thanks Mohan for sparing their life saying he is the best, she asks if they all can leave from this place with their permission. Kaveri promises they will never show their face to them. Ketki asks Kaveri to wait for a moment, Ketki says that there is still one thing left, Kaveri whispers to Damini asking what does she desire, Ketki exclaims she should return the jewelry hearing which kaveri remembers how she humiliated them all, Damini asks her to give it back so kaveri says they would snatch it even if she does not give them back, Ketki standing in front of Kaveri starts pulling out the jewelry which hurts Kaveri who starts screaming so Damini asks her to be careful, ketki then starts pulling the necklace from around her neck along with the r rings, Rahul says there is still one thing left so he walks to remove the crown from the head of Kaveri, mentioning that Gungun is the only real princess of this house and not anyone else so he returns the Tiara back to Gungun, Damini getting frustrated asks if they have done everything so can they all leave. Radha says not right now since there is still one revenge which needs to be taken, Bhushan asks what else is left right now.

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Damini and Kaveri are pushed onto the mud so they fall in it, Bhushan and Mohit both are not able to believe it, Damini removes the dirt from her face while Kaveri is not even able to sit properly. The entire Trivedi family is smiling, Damini asks Bhushan to help her but he says that they are good there, Kaveri gets frustrated so throws some mud at them, when she calls them both selfish. Damini wonders where is Radha going, she shocked to see that Radha has brought a rod which she gives to Mohan.

Damini and Kaveri are worried as Mohan is walking towards them with the rod, Damini asks him to stop and not do it, Bhushan says he feels Mohan will start beating them, Kaveri apologizes to Mohan and even Damini says they have apologized to him so he should let them leave, Kaveri holding her hands together requests him to let them go but Mohan furiously points the rod towards them seeing which they all get worried, Damini and Kaveri turn to see him standing in front of the name plate. Mohan starts breaking the name plate seeing which Damini remembers how she also broke the name plate of Trivedi Bhawan. Bhushan and Mohit are really worried. Mohan manages to break the entire nameplate after which he throws the rod away, Radha once again walks away to bring original name plate of Trivedi Bhawan to Kadambari, she gets emotional seeing it and rubs her hand over it, Radha says that the entire Trivedi family was always together in the past, present and will remain like this even in the future, they all get emotional hearing it. Radha mentions even if they live in a cottage or a Mansion but Ba Kai Bihari jee will surely stand by their side. Kadambari blesses Radha who signals her to take the name plate which she is not able to believe at first, kadambari then finally picks it in her hands while slowly walking towards Mohan slowly accompanied by Radha and the rest of the Trivedi family. Mohan signals his mother to go and fix the name plate once again in its proper location.

The person says that the Trivedi’s are not as simple as they thought but very clever, the boss says that it is good because the work which they want Radha and Mohan to perform cannot be done by anyone simple and they need someone who are clever and dangerous. Radha and Mohan both are smiling.