Radha Mohan 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha is freed from the bomb


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Dr Shiv tells Mohan that the real bomb is still in the plane hearing which he is shocked, Mr X forces Radha to turn back revealing the bomb laced on her back, she recalls how she went to look for something that she can use which is when she saw the real bomb placed beside the couch. Bunty also comes to stand with Mr X, Kavita exclaims that the real bomb is placed on the body of Radha so she orders that everyone should be pushed back, Mohan and kadambari both are calling to Radha while the officer of ATC warns him to stay back, Mr X shows the remote she has in her hands controlling the bomb, Mr X asks how do they like her human bomb because they tried to make a fool of her but have themselves been made a fool, Mr X exclaims she had asked for one helicopter and five hundred crore otherwise she would press a button and Radha will blow up, Kadmabari and Kavita both ask Mohan to stay back while even Damini asks him to not go ahead when kaveri warns her to not be so blind in love that she does not see the danger. Mohan insists on going ahead but Radha stops him, Mr X threatens to press the button saying she does not care and would also die with Radha, Mohan keeps trying to go ahead when Radha says she wants him to understand that he should also go ahead and not be mad, Mohan runs to hug Radha seeing which everyone is shocked including Mr X, the entire Trivedi family is not able to believe it. Mohan kisses Radha on the head, she asks him to go but he says he is prepared to die with her but would not live without her, as he has already lost his love once and will not lose her too. Kaveri and Damini both are furious. Mohan says that life has given him a second chance so he is not going to let it go, Radha says he is not understanding and should leave but Mohan refuses, Tulsi prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that nothing should happen to Radha Mohan. Mr X agrees mentioning he should also die with Radha if this is what he likes as she does not care. Gungun seeing the time slowly walks to stand behind Mr X who is busy smiling at Radha, Mohan sees Gungun standing there so he stops signaling her, Mr X turns back when Gungun hits her on the hand with a metal rod causing the remote to fall down seeing which Radha immediately pushes Mr X away while Kavita orders them to pick the bomb which the ATC personal are able to do. Bunty tries to run away when Mohan catches her so Shiv runs to bring back Gungun, Kadambari hugs Gungun praising her for being very brave.

Kavita immediately calls the bomb squad who surround Radha while she is just staring at Mohan, Shiv then starts punching Bunty who is being held by the members of the ATC. Kadambari then goes to Mr X saying that she called her an old women and so must see what this old lady does to her, kadmabari angrily slaps her warning Mr X to lower her eyes, Kavita takes Kadmabari away assuring that this is not the right situation for her. Kavita then asks them to immediately diffuse the bomb but the bomb squad says they would not be able to diffuse the bomb so quickly as the timer is turned on and the terrorist had pressed the button before throwing the remote. Damini says that Mohan is still there when Kaveri exclaims they should let him die. The official tells that there is only a minute left, Kavita requests him to try anything that he desires, kadambari also requests him to hurry up, they all are very tensed while Mr x is smiling. The official says they can try for the last time to diffuse the bomb but the other official signals him to stop, Kavita asks both Shiv and Mohan to go from here, Shiv asks how can they back out after coming such a long way, Mohan also refuses to leave when Damini pleads with him to back out calling him a mad person. Mohan is just staring at Radha who starts reciting the verses from Bhagwat Geeta, while everyone else is also praying but Bunty and Mr X are smiling. Gungun is not able to control herself so starts calling. Radha once again reads the verses from Bhagwat Geeta while looking at Mohan, all of the civilians are very tensed while witnessing what is being shown in the news, Kavita gets really frustrated while the officials of the bomb squad are trying their best to diffuse the bomb, Damini is worried for Mohan but Kaveri asks her to let it be since they still have the Trivedi publication, the official manager to cut the wire at the last second and with a sigh of relief signals Kavita who announces they have managed to diffuse the bomb, hearing which everyone is relieved and start smiling, except for Damini and Kaveri whose plan has failed. Mr x is also not able to believe it and screams, while the general public is relieved. Kaveri angrily says that Radha has been saved again, Damini mentions that there is nothing in this world that can kill her so she had to e saved.

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Mohan asks Radha what is today as they would not die today, as she had kept a Varth so they would only die of hunger but not the bomb. Radha turns to Mr x while Mohan hugs Shiv. Radha angrily slaps Mr X for slapping her mother in law, Radha again slap Mr X because she tried to scare her daughter Gungun who asks Ramaa to beat her even more. Radha remembers how she killed the old lady and so keeps slapping her, Kaveri is glad as someone else is being beaten. Bunty demand they should let her go but Mohan says he is going to come to him, and standing in front of Bunty asks if this is the hand he sued to beat his mother. Mohan not being able to control his emotions hits Bunty on the hand and even punches him, Damini exclaims he would die while kaveri says the one who must die is alive.

Gungun sees Radha standing so runs to hug her, they both embrace each other when Mohan praises Shiv for helping them and hugs him. Radha tells Shiv is also ready to help her whenever she is in trouble, Shiv says he has relation with their family so how can he leave them. Kaveri tells Damini that he even saved her so she agrees. Kavita tells Shiv and Radha Mohan that not even senior officer can do what they have done today as they were fear less and she would not have been able to forgive herself if the plane had blasted today. The senior praises Kavita who then rushes to Mr X, Mahant jee starts chanting slogans for Bharat Mata.

Kadambari is also emotional and then goes to hug Mohan who assures everything is fine but she warns him to not do anything like this again otherwise would be scolded, she then hugs Radha asking if she is fine who assures she is fine. Kadambari then praises Dr Shiv, Mohan asks what now when Radha says that they would go back to their house with the entire family and spend some quality time with them. Radha asks Mohan to work from the house but he asks what about the Maldives, Radha gets irritated when Mohan suggests they would be hungry so asks if they should go and have lunch. Damini rushes to Mohan saying she got scared when he was in trouble so what if something happened to him, Mohan says she keeps trying to find new ways to harm his family, he leaves with Radha. Damini exclaims she is always worried for Mohan but he keeps irritating her so she vows to teach him a lesson. Kavita exclaims this all happened because of them and so she vows to teach them a lesson. Mr X sees the gun on the waist of Kavita and firs it, Damini gets hit by the bullet seeing which they all are shocked, Kavita manages to take the gun but then Mohan rushes to hold Damini who gets unconscious.

Precap: Radha is cursing Damini in front of her mother. Mohan stops Radha and says I won’t hear a word against Damini today, she risked her life to save me and this proves that she loves me. Damini listens everything and stabs herself with a pair of scissors and says first time in my life Mohan took my side instead of Radha, I’ll use this a an opportunity to get close to Mohan.