Radha Mohan 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan manages to protect Radha from the encounter


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Radha is kneeling holding the peacock feather saying she would be glad even if she dies today as it ill not go in vain, she has finally revealed the true face of Damini in front of everyone, the entire family is really tensed. Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee mentioning she does not want to die today and wants to spend the rest of her life with her Mohan jee, Gungun and the entire family. Damini is adamant to shoot at Radha and even loads the gun, Kadambari pleads with Damini to not do it along with the rest of the family but Damini is not moved by it.

Mohan using all of his strength manages to pull out the wheel from the cart, he stumbles backward for a moment due to the weight but then after gathering his strength he manages to lift it over his head, in this the shirt also tears from the corners but Mohan is adamant.

Damini is still pointing the gun at Radha, not knowing that Mohan is holding the wheel even when the blood is dripping from his hand, Damini fires the bullet but before it can reach Radha, Mohan throws the wheel of the cart which manages to stop the bullet from hitting Radha and instead hits the corner of the wheel seeing which the entire family is shocked, they are not able to understand at first but turning see Mohan standing at the front of the warehouse. Radha is stunned seeing Mohan, while Damini is really tensed. Kadambari and Ketki along with Gungun are really glad to see Mohan.

Damini notices both Mohan and Radha staring at eahcother, she gets furious so once again points the gun at Radha, she then loads it but in the meantime Mohan runs with all his strength pushing Damini away, she falls down so Mohan picks Radha asking if she is fine, Radha not being able to control herself hugs Mohan tightly, Damini is shocked seeing them both together. The entire family is relieved when Ramaveshwar mentions Ba Kai Bihari jee protected Radha. Mohan once again asks if Radha is fine, she replies when she has the support of two Mohan jee then how can anything happen to her. Tulsi praises Ba Kai Bihari jee for saving Radha.

Damini exclaims Radha cannot be saved as what if she did not get hit by the first one as there are still a lot of bullets left and she will hit Radha with each and every one. Damini once again points the gun at Radha however Mohan stands in front of her, Radha comes to stand in front of Mohan while reciting a Mantar, she says now she has the support of her Mohan jee so nothing is going to happen to her. Gungun calls Ramaa and then biting the hand of the women she runs towards Radha, while the girl is about to fire but is stopped by the Jailer. Gungun stands in front of Radha mentioning Damini cannot do anything to her papa and Ramaa, the hands of Damini start to shiver when she thinks what if the bullet accidentally hits Mohan or Gungun, Radha replies even then she will not get the help of Mohan, since he belongs to Radha for generations as Mohan jee even supported religion in Mahabharat, Damini then gets up using her strength.

Damini says now Radha should also see her religion, she vows to not let Radha get away today so once again points the gun towards her seeing which both Mohan and Gungun are shocked. Radha realizes that Damini will surely fire the gun, seeing this the Jailer gets a bit furious so she says she already told Damini it is not in her limits so she herself points the gun towards Radha, seeing which Mohan comes in front of her but the jailer is adamant and about to fire when they are shcoked to see the mobile placed in the corner in which Koyal says the Jailer is wrongfully about the encounter the wife of Mohan Trivedi, Mohan starts smiling thinking how he secretly placed the mobile in the tire before coming inside. Mohan thinks about when he asked Koyal if she be live on her account and she agreed.

Koyal says the entire police force is blamed because of such people, all of the other officers get a notification on their mobiles so they quickly leave the entire family, they all are shcoked to see that Koyal is live and this stream is getting so much likes, Mohan and the Jailer turn towards the mobile placed in the corner, Damini is glad that she is not in this video, Koyal says all of her followers are seeing this video, they cannot stop this officer from doing wrong but can stand with the family of Mohan Trivedi, she requests everyone to bear witness how brutually the police force has tortured the Trivedi family and the Jailer has the gun with which she was about to perform the encounter, Kadambari calls Mohan while running towards him so they all hug eahcother, Damini is glad she is not in the video. Radha also hugs everyone including her Dadi and father, kadambari asks Mohan if he is fine, he replies he is indeed fine however inquires about her, kadambari gets emotional seeing the injury marks on his body but Mohan says that nothing happened to him. Ketki hugging Mohan also asks if he is fine, he replies that nothing has happened to him. Radha also hugs Ketki and everyone is greeting eahcother. The entire constables cover their face. Damini thinks she is not in this video so this is the time to run while she vows to take care of Radha and Mohan later. Radha wonders where did Damini go suddenly, she thinks she had ran away but Mohan stops Radha saying where can Damini run away. The constables say that they also got in trouble because of this Jailer.

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The Media personal rush to the warehouse and question why was the Jailer trying to perform the encounter and does she have any personal quarrel with her, they even ask why is the family of Mohan Trivedi present here and why is she torturing them since their injures reveal the truth, the Jailer is not able to answer even a single question.

Mohan says he is seeing her face after so many days so she should let him see it peacefully, Mohan slowly wipes of the tears from the face of Radha, he slowly walks near to her when she also gets emotional. Mohan says he has finally gotten strength after seeing Radha so close to him as he is feeling very good, he asks if she is fine. Radha replies she is fine and asks if he is fine sine he has gotten so many injuries, Mohan replies Radha should think these are all fake.

The Jailer angrily asks everyone to shut up ordering the constables to push everyone outside seeing which Mohan along with the rest of his family gets worried, the Jailer says that Mohan has done everything he replies his name is Mohan Trivedi so has some of the aspects of Ba Kai Bihari jee. He asks what did the Jailer think that she is the only one who knows how to play a game. The Jailer replies now his game has ended since his Radha will not be saved, she warns that he must not forget that there is still the order of shoot at sight. She says she will suffer whatever happens but she does not let her enemies get away so easily.

The Jailer takes out her gun once again, while the entire family tries to stop her but the Jailer first shoots at the mobile which breaks after which she takes the aim of the other mobile. The Jailer mentions it is good as two is better then one and now both Radha and Mohan will die together. The Jailer is about to fire the bullet while everyone demands that she should put down her gun, Radha closes her eyes just as the bullet is fired which everyone is shocked to see, they all get terrified.

Radha turns to Mohan but he is also fine however the Jailer is holding her hand, which is injured by the bullet. Kadambari and the family turn to look towards the entrance of the warehouse, they are glad to see Shekar standing with the police force, kadambari starts smiling while Radha is relieved.

Precap: Commissioner says to Inspector you have arrested Radha and her family illegally, I immediately suspend you. Radha insists commissioner to take care of Inspector. Commissioner takes her cap away and says now she is not a police officer, you can do whatever you like. Radha slaps her tightly and hits her with stick and says this is for troubling me and my family.