Radha Mohan 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update: The court hearing begins


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Mohan tells Shekar that the person with whom Damini was talking to had some relation with this case, Shekar says if they can find out who placed the letters in the house of Tulsi then will help this case, he asks Mohan if it is Narmada when Mohan says that she had thought of her as her daughter. Mohan sees Kadambari walking with the family members so starts arguing with Shekar saying he would surely send Radha to jail, kadambari along with the entire family rush to stop them, Damini asks why did Mohan come wearing this hoodie, he says he is hiding his face because of Radha. Mohan says what would everyone think that a girl made a fool of him, Damini immediately hugs Mohan assuring him that everything would be fine, she says Radha is very clever so would get the punishment for her actions. Mohan says Radha will surely get punished for her actions, the entire Trivedi family is looking at them both, Mohan says does anyone do what she did, he warns to not let Shekar get away.

Damini sees the lawyer Devika approaching, Tulsi is also shocked to see her. Damini asks Mohan to come with her, he is shocked to see Devika and says she s going to have a plus one, Damini whispers what did Shekar think as she also comes with full preparation Damini mentions Devika is the best criminal lawyer of this country and so she is sure there is not any chance that Radha can be saved. Mohan asks Devika how is she, Devika replies she thought he forgot her when Mohan says how can he forget that she was the debate champion of their collage. Mohan is shocked to see Rahul with Gungun so asks why did he bring Gungun here, Tulsi agrees with him. Devika says that she is the one who called Gungun here, Devika turns to Gungun mentioning they both were together in the collage but then her father became a publisher and she became the best lawyer off the country. Mohan asks Rahul to take Gungun back with him, but Devika replies that she understands it, even when her baby has not come into this world but the motherly feeling is very strong so she can understand how he might be feeling right now, she mentions that it would help them a lot if Gungun stay here. Damini starts smiling. Devika says Gungun has been deceived so they need her here as the case would get really strong, Mohan says that Gungun cannot stay here, Devika asks him to relax informing that she is a lawyer, she requests him to let her do the work. Damini also asks Mohan to let Devika work because if they have to win the case then listen to everything that Devika says, Tulsi exclaims Damini is using Gungun to take her revenge from Radha. Devika exclaims now even she wants to see who is this Radha that won from everyone including, Mohan, Tulsi and even Damini.

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The police jeep stops in-front of the court from which the constable pull Radha, they all start looking at her when Tulsi is shocked seeing her. Radah keeps staring at Gungun and Mohan, Radha starts crying after seeing Gungun so runs towards her, and Gungun also runs to Radha so they both stand in front of each other they both start crying standing apart from each other thinking about how they had formed the relation of a mother and daughter, Gungun is also crying when Radha slowly starts walking towards her, but Gungun pushes Radha away seeing which everyone is shocked. Radha also turns back in shock when Gungun warns her to not touch her and stay away blaming Radha of being a killer, Tulsi says that it is not the truth. Radha also asks why is she talking like this to her, she once again tries to get close but Gungun pushes her away, Gungun says that Radha taught her how they should not hurt those whom they love, she mentions she really loved Radha but she killed mother so Gungun questions why did she do it, Radha mentions that all those letters are false saying how can she kill Tulsi, Gungun blames Radha for lying and being a cheater, Tulsi requests Gungun to at least listen to Radha just once but Gungun says I HATE YOU Radha, hearing which everyone is heartbroken but Devika starts smiling. Radha asks Gungun how can she kill her mother, the lady constables come and take Radha away while she is trying to explain herself. Mohan is really furious.

Radha is standing in the witness box when Devika exclaims it is an open and shut case in which the victim has said it in her letters before she died, Tulsi replies they all are a lie. Devika says Tulsi herself said that she was scared of Radha and saw her standing outside of her house with a Mashal the day she died, Devika exclaims she knows the judge is very busy and she understands that there are a lot of cases in their country, so she is going to request that the case is granted its verdict today and Radha is sentenced to be hanged till death. Kaveri exclaims that Devika has turned out to be a very good lawyer and she feels that her child would become a lawyer straight away.

Shekar after standing up says with all due respect he feels the judge should not be here, mentioning that if the prosecutor says the verdict then what is the need of the judge Shekar says that Devika is considered the best lawyer of the country but she forgot the basic laws that an innocent should not be punished. Shekar says the letters exist but there is a big question about the truth of these letters as Tulsi Trivedi has not written those letters, the entire family is shocked. Shekar explains the letters and its lies have only be written by one person and she is Damini, hearing this she is stunned.