Radha Mohan 4th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan prepares a plan to protect Radha


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Mohan tells the encounter is done privately but if the entire world becomes witness that Radha has surrendered then the Jailer would be forced to arrest her, Shekar asks what is he planning when Mohan replies that he knows what to do.

Koyal is making her vlog in her room when she suddenly gets a call from Mohan jee, she is shocked hearing his voice and gets really excited, she sits down on her bed asking if he actually called her, Mandra comes to the room asking Koyal who is she talking to so late at night, Mohan requests Koyal to not tell her mother the truth, Koyal says she meant her friend Mohini, so asks about whom is her mother talking about. Mandra leaves when Koyal sits on her bed asking what does he want from her, Mohan says he needs a small help from her, she swears she can even do anything when Mohan explains that a corrupt jailer has taken his entire family hostage and would be hurting his wife, he says he needs the help of social media but does not have so many followers. Koyal assures she can do anything for him and this is not difficult task, Mohan is glad so ends the call.

Radha finally stops the scooty and walks towards the door which Tulsi opens using her powers, they both get a bit worried. Radha slowly enters the warehouse followed by Tulsi who is very calm and composed. Radha stands in the middle of the blackness when she says there is no one here, Tulsi however replies she feels that everyone is present here.

The light turn on revealing the jailer who is standing in front of Radha, she says they all were waiting for Radha since a very long time. Radha asks where is her family when she has come to surrender sot he jailer should let go of her family, the Jailer stats laughing saying how can Radha be so simple even when she is so clever, asking what did Radha think she will first run away and then save her family so easily after surrendering, the jailer says Radha is going straight to her Ba kai Bihari jee as there is shoot to sight orders on her. The Jailer vows she will perform the encounter right now, Tulsi threatens to make her suffer if she even thinks of touching Radha.

The lights turn on revealing each member of the Trivedi family sitting on the chairs while the criminals have guns placed on their heads. Dadi is shocked seeing Radha so calls her. Radha gets shocked questioning what has she done to her family, Gungun calls Ramaa hearing which Radha tries to run towards her but the Jailer warns Radha to stop her steps saying everything has happened because of her, had she neither run away nothing of this would have happened. The Jailer says she has done this all to make sure Radha does not do anything clever, Damini comes out of the darkness reveals her true face.

Kadambari along with the entire Trivedi family is furious to see her, Damini says after this no one would be able to help her, neither the living nor the ghost. Damini says what did Radha say that she will even give her life to protect her family, Damini agrees to it saying now it is time to prove her words, as the time for the encounter of Radha has arrived. The entire Trivedi family is shocked hearing it, the jailer takes out her gun slowly walking to Damini whom she hands the gun, Damini taking the gun says she is going to do this blessed task with her own hands. Damini points the gun towards Radha, seeing which everyone gets worried. Damini demands Radha should sit on her knees quietly, kadambari pleads with Radha to leave this house while questioning what is Damini doing. Gungun says the jailer said that she would not do anything to Ramaa, the Jailer looks at Gungun. Ketki demands that Damini should put down the gun, Vishwaniyat asks Radha to protect herself without caring for what happens to them all, Radha is just standing there saying that this is wrong as she came to surrender so they cannot kill her, Damini replies everything is fair in love and war but then realizing that Radha cannot understand English says it in Hindi, mentioning Radha should see what she does in the love for Mohan.

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Damini instructs the men to shoot Gungun first, hearing which the entire family gets shcoked. Radha quickly turns back and kneels in front of Damini saying she can kill her right now but should let Gungun go free. Damini says that she is a good girl, she then calls Tulsi mentioning she knows Tulsi is around her Radha but if she even tries to move a string, Damini vows to end the life of her entire family. Kadambari knows that Damini is surely talking to Tulsi so demands the person should let go of her.

Damini angrily looking at Radha recalls when Radha accepted that she loves Mohan jee with all her life, she is not able to forget when Mohan said he would not have married Tulsi had he loved her as there is no love between them, while the love of Radha has changed him a lot as he was arrogant and selfish but is now a completely changed person. Damini vows to take revenge for all the pains that she ahs suffered.

Mohan reaches the warehouse where he sees Radha kneeling in front of Damini who is holding a gun, Damini says she will fire the first bullet in her head, hearing which everyone is shocked. Damini says it is from where Radha thought she can take her place, while the second straight through her heart because she made the mistake of loving her Mohan.

Mohan says he ahs to protect his Radha but how since he would not be able to reach there, he requests Ba Kai Bihari jee to help him and show a way. Mohan is emotional when he hears the sound of a cow, turning he notices two bulls standing here with a cart. Mohan rushes to pull the wheel of a cart, Radha says that she has complete faith in her Ba Kai Bihari jee even when Damini is pointing the gun towards her as nothing will happen to her.

Damini says they can even test it, that if Ba Kai Bihari jee is by her side or not, Damini is eager to fire the bullet while Mohan is trying his best to remove the wheel of the cart. Tulsi questions what is Radha doing and must get up. Damini loads the gun while Mohan is able to free the wheel of the cart, the entire Trivedi family is really shocked.

Radha picks a peacock feather in her hands that fell on her in the forest, Mohan uses all of his strength to remove the wheel, Radha says she is going to be glad that even if she dies today it would not be a waste as she has finally revealed the true face of Damini in front of everyone, Mohan is still trying his best to remove the wheel while Damini is pointing the gun towards Radha who is emotional.