Radha Mohan 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dr Shiv agrees to help Kavita and enter the plane


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Mohan pleads with Radha to wake up but she does not respond at all, kadambari also requests her to open her eyes while Mohan is kissing her on the forehead, Damini prays that Radha should never wake up and die here. The senior asks Kavita what is she planning to do, Kavita replies they should send someone inside with the pacemaker who could evaluate the entire station when the senior says that no one would go there, but a voice comes from behind vowing to go there, they all turn back and are amazed to see Dr Shiv, he comes to the front when Kavita asks who is he, Ketki informs tat he is Dr Shiv revealing he is the biggest neurosurgeon of Banaras and even the friend of Mohan, Dr Shiv says he saw the news about the hijack and Ketki informed him of the entire situation, he agrees to help everyone and go on the plane. The senior refuses saying that a lot of lives are already at risk and they cannot risk any more, Dr Shiv says the Trivedi family is like his own and he would surely go on the plane, Kavita says she feels Shiv goes into the plane and evaluate how many terrorists are in the plane so they can prepare some options while Shiv would inform Radha Mohan abou7t their plan, the senior asks what plan is she talking about.

Mohan keeps asking Radha to wake up but she does not respond when he asks for water which Gungun bring to him, Mohan takes the bottle to her mouth which she holds with her hand and slowly starts to open her eyes seeing which everyone is delighted and Mohan is smiling, Radha questions what was Mohan about to do since he forgot that she has a Varth today, Mohan questions if she has seen her condition so must drink the water however Radha refuses, Damini thinks that Radha would remain an illiterate person as it is not even certain if she would live but she has kept the Varth for the long life of her husband, Radha insists on fulfilling the Varth, Mr X exclaims she did not know that Radha had kept the Varth,she apologizes that she hit Radha as she was really unfair with everyone, Damini is confused wondering what is Mr X doing, she says that Radha should complete her Varth, she turns to the other passengers who are staring at her. Mr X questions why are they all looking at her like this, exclaiming she does not know if she would be alive or not but she can surely help Radha fulfill her fast. Mr X looks outside of the window to see the moon and so asks Radha to fulfill her rituals, Damini wonders what is happening. Damini is worried.

Kavita says the senior wants to know what is her plan and why she needs the help of Radha Mohan, she asks them to bring it. The officer of the army walks with a wooden box, Dr Shiv questions what is in the box, Kavita opens it revealing a bomb seeing which everyone is scared, Kavita assures that it is a fake bomb. The senior questions what is Kavita planning to do with it, she suggests she wants to replace it with the real bomb and when it comes out of the air plane then they can save everyone from the plane. The senior official asks if she is not very hopeful as the commoners are not able to understand what to do in this situation.

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Mohan is wondering how did her behavior change so suddenly, Radha replies she is happy that Mr X is letting her complete the Varth, she suspects it might be that this is her last Varth, Mohan stops Radha from saying anything insisting she should stay quiet, Radha, assuring nothing would happen to her rather everyone on this plane as everyone would go safely, he warns her to ot do this to him again as this is his last warning.

The senior stops Kavita saying she cannot allow her to risk the life of another civilians just because of her hope, Kavita asks if the senior does not think all of the mission was based on hope, questioning if he thought that Radha Mohan would be able to stop the Murti from being destroyed and they could get the plane to land while even rescued ten of the passengers, Dr Shiv further says did they think that Radha would cause the riots to end due to the help of Fatima. Kavita agrees that Dr Shiv is the right person to take this fake bomb inise as Radha Mohan trust him, Ketki says that when Radha Mohan and Shiv are together then nothing can harm them, Kaveri requests Shiv to even protect her daughter who is also inside. Kavita prays that Radha Mohan should be fine as Radha ruined the plan of the hijackers with the help of Fatima so she must be protected. Ketki prays for her family.

Radha using her dupatta fulfills the ritual of first looking at the moon and then Mohan who is also not able to take his eyes off her, they both start hugging eachother while even getting emotional, Radha is not able to control herself. Damini is furious when Mahant jee asks everyone to see how this girl Radha did not forget her rituals while even the other person asks his wife to see what it means by being a couple. Damini exclaims that that Mohan just belongs to her and Radha cannot get anything.

Mohan tries to feed Radha but she stops him saying he has also kept a Varth so they both argue at first when Radha gives Mohan the water, he slowly drinks it but then gets a bit dizzy and is about to give it to Radha, Mr X stops his hand at the last moment saying he cannot give Radha the water, she takes the bottle away so Mohan says it is wrong as she said Radha can break the Varth, Mr x replies that not with water as what would happen to her while she will bring food for her, Mr X signals Bunty who returns with a plate of food that is covered, Mr X asks Mohan to break the Varth of Radha with this food, Bunty slowly lifts the plate revealing it is chicken seeing which Radha is shocked along with Mohan. Mr X is smiling.

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