Radha Mohan 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Fatima gives the message of Radha to the reporters


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Radha is very tensed praying to Ba Ka Bihari jee that their plan works and Fatima gives her message to everyone outside, Mohan is staring at Radha while also being tensed. The civilians are arguing why Mr X let some of the passengers go seeing which everyone gets worried, Mr X tells Bunty that now their arrow has hit its mark, they re about to start fighting when Fatima stops them all seeing which Bunty wonders what is this child going to say, Fatima says she wants to tell them which Radha aunti told her, hearing this the reporters are able to recognize her, Fatima says that Radha and Mohan are very brave who re not scared of the criminals and are helping everyone so when she was coming out Radha aunti told her to tell everyone, she gave a message that the bad women is not Muslim and they let the Muslims leave so everyone thinks they are going to kill everyone else by letting the Muslims go but it is not the truth, they ask ho does Fatima know it when she reveals because they ate the sandwich which had pork and even the women had the nail paint so they donot even know the verses from the Holy Quran, Fatima reveals they are neither Muslim nor Hindu but just the bad people, Kavita starts smiling hearing it while Mr X is furious. Tulsi wonders what is going on, Kavita says that Radha has not only decoded the plane of the hijackers but also ruined it so she is praising her, the people watching the news channels are also amazed, they accept that they get manipulated so easily because they are first of their own country, they agree to fight for one nation and not let the religions cause differences between them. Tulsi prays that Ba kai Bihari jee should return the entire family of the hostages in the plane.

Bunty says this child ruined their plan when Mr X leaves saying it is not the girl but Radha, Mr X pulls Radha out of her chair and then slaps her, Mohan tries to get up but is forced to sit down as the terrorists pint their guns at him, Mr X questions how did Radha dare spoil her plane, Radha says that this means she was right to suspect that no one from them is a Muslim but are just acting to be a Muslim, and this is why they let the Muslims leave so everyone thinks according to their desires causing riots in the country, Radha says she has however ruined their plan and revealed the truth to the entire country which is why MR X is so furious, Mr X angrily hits Radha on the wall when she causes the phone to fall, Kadambari tries to get up but is stopped, MR X once again starts suffocating Radha seeing which Mohan gets ip but he is stopped by Bunty and Tabrez who keep warning them to let her go, Radha says that all this would not be of any use as their truth has been revealed, Mr X once again slaps Radha warning her to shut he mouth, Damini says she is really enjoying it. Mr X hits Radha with her feet while Mohan is trying to help her but they demand he should stand here quietly as Mr X keeps torturing Radha who is crying while being on the floor but she is not able to do anything, Damini seeing the opportunity gets up saying that Radha ruined such big plan so should they not shoot her, Mohan asks Damini to stop but she says she is telling the truth and so explains that Radha might ruin a lot of their plans sso she is suggesting they should kill her, Mohan threatens to take her life with the same gun if she does not stop, Mr x agrees with Damini saying Radha has ruined all of their plans so she must die, Damini sits down thinking this is exactly what she desires, Bunty says then along with Radha they should even kill her husband and child, MR X agrees leaving with the three of them while Radha is pleading with them to not take her husband and daughter, Damini also gets tensed so tries to go after Mohan while Kadambari tries to defend Gungun, Damini questions why did they take Mohan when the hijacker says that they are not her servants so she must sit down, Kadambari says that Damini should give them even more ideas and then scolds her, Damini exclaims that she wanted to get rid of Radha but did not know that Mohan would also get trapped, she apologizes.

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Radha is pushed on the floor while Mohan and Gungun are also with her, Radha pleads with them to not harm Mohan or Gungun but take her life, Mohan says they can take his life, Radha mentions she planned it but Mohan begs in front o them saying it is his fault so they can kill him, but Mr X says that all three of them would get the punishment, Mohan pleads with them when Mr x is about to fire, Kavita says tat they have found out the hijackers killed three of the passengers so if they kill anyone else then the army will take over the mission, Mr x says that she needs the pace maker hearing which the senior gets furious with her but Kavita says she knows what she is doing, Mr X warns her to not try and be over smart but Kavita threatens that if she does anything then the army would come straight into the plane and kill everyone of them hearing which the hijackers are worried, Mr X agrees to wait for a while, she exclaims that the pacemaker is the most important thing for them so they would deal with Radha and her family later, she hits Radha on the head with a gun due to which she gets unconscious while Mr X instructs them to take Gungun back while Mohan helps Radha who is unconscious be seated at her seat, Mohan requests Radha to open her eyes but she is not responding, Gungun even starts rubbing her hands but she does not listen to anything because of which even Kadambari gets worried, Damini prays that Radha should never wake up and die here, she is eagerly waiting while Mohan along with Gungun and Kadambari are worried.