Radha Mohan 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini is furious to see Radha and Mohan together

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Radha holds Mohan to get up however she unknowingly tears his shirt, Radha gets scared seeing Mohan who is furious, Damini walks behind them both, she gets furious seeing them both so angrily yells asking what is going on here, Mohan is also scared. Radha reveals her feet was numb so she was trying to get up and caused his shirt to tear, Mohan asks her to stand up if her feet is normal otherwise Kaveri would create a scene, Mohan requests Damini to not yell. She asks Radha if she has shown her true colors, Radha standing reveals she slept peacefully last night, and it had never happened before. Mohan asks her to shut up and tries to ask Damini to leave but she replies to Mohan has not understood Radha till now as she does not have any shame, Radha replies what is the meaning of it when Damini tried to be shameless last night and Mohan is her husband. Mohan angrily informs that there is no reason to argue with Damini, he warns she would not be able to take the place in his heart as it belongs to someone else. Radha turns to Mohan revealing she knows he has feelings for someone else, Damini says she is glad Radha understood the truth. Radha turning back questions why she is so delighted as it was never her place, Mohan turns away exclaiming they both can do whatever they desire with each other.

Radha turns back, she picks the hammer seeing which Damini is scared and screams as Radha picks it up, she is shocked to see that Radha has placed it on the shelf and even Mohan is shocked. Damini questions why did she bring it, Radha says she would reveal it very soon and walks away, Damini says she has lost her mind, Mohan replies they both should see what they have to do. Radha brings the portrait of Mohan and Tulsi, he starts remembering the beautiful moments spent with her and how he really loved her, Mohan is stunned yet Damini is furious. Radha picks the hammer and getting on the couch she starts hitting a nail in the wall, Mohan gets furious seeing her but is not able to say anything, Radha manages to hang the portrait, Mohan recalls when Radha said Damini asked him to remove the portrait and he promised Damini he himself would remove it the day they get married. Damini is not able to say anything so gets even more furious. Radha walks back to Mohan explaining she knows he does not have place in his heart for either her or anyone else, as only Tulsi has the right over his life, as she is his first wife and the mother of Gungun. Radha explains that he should just stare at the portrait and then say if there is any relation left with her. Damini requests hm to not believe anything she says since she is just trying to make him emotional. Mohan informs there is no place in his life either for her or Tulsi, he says she can even place the portraits in the entire house, he does not care. Damini also leaves after smiling. Radha turns to Tulsi, exclaiming she has given her a very big task, Radha says she can even take care of Gungun but what about her father. Tulsi mentions it is just the start as she has to attain the respect of the entire family.

Gungun questions her uncle why did he call her, he requests Gungun to not let Mohan win the custody case, Gungun asks why is he saying it when her uncle informs that if Mohan wins the case then he would do what he did with her mother, Gungun informs her father is not like this but her uncle exclaims they are all making a fool out of her, Gungun explains Radha revealed that her father is not a killer but her uncle explains that she is a very simple person and her family lied to her. Gungun ends the call asking him to never call her again.

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Radha is in the Mandir performing the pooja, when she even hands the flowers on Bihari jee, Radha starts signing in the Mandir, Tulsi starts smiling seeing her. Mohan also sees her and even Kadambari feels it is the voice of Radha, they all are very tensed with her. Mr Trivedi along with Rahul reach the Mandir while even Ajeet and Ketki come after a while, Ajeet starts performing the ritual but Ketki stops him. Mohan is very furious but then stops listening to her. Radha is just busy in performing the pooja when the entire family comes along with Damini and Kaveri who exclaims how did Radha become like this. Radha turning back smiles seeing the entire family standing behind her, she is delighted so immediately turns back picking the Thali. Radha goes to them all one by one so they can take the blessings, Radha is searching for Mohan, but he is not there, Ajeet also notices it, yet Radha does not stop, she touches her Mangal Sutur when Mohan also walks out standing beside Kadambari, Radha starts smiling feeling his presence, but Mohan is furious.

Radha feels hesitant, she exclaims the entire family came together to the first arti of Radha Mohan Trivedi, Radha explains today is the hearing of Gungun in the court so she was just praying that they should win the case, since the entire family is incomplete without her and she is the string which binds them together. Radha then walks to the Tulsi flower where Tulsi also performs the ritual. Mohan says that her deception would not end by standing there as this family will never accept her no matter what she does. Radha then walks to Mohan asking him to take the Arti, Mohan asks her to stop this acting mentioning they are getting late for the court hearing, Radha still requests him to take the arti explaining he is angry with her then why is he behaving like this as they must take the blessings of Bihari jee. Radha once again raises the Thali, Mohan takes the Arti, he explains Bhagwan does not support those who are liars and what she has done is wrong for which even her Bihari jee would not forgive her. Radha thinks her Bihari jee knows the truth of what she has done. Mohan informs Kadambari that they should leave for the court as the hearing is about to start. Radha notices Gungun who is really scared, Gungun thinks about what her uncle said that Mohan will kill Radha just like he did with her mother. Radha asks Gungun what happened, calling her close to him when Damini whispers to Kaveri that her uncle has done his task. Radha asks Gungun to take the Arti, she informs today Gungun ahs the blessings of the entire family along with that of Bihari jee so they would surely win today. Damini thinks that the win which she is so certain off, her failure can be seen on the face of Gungun. Damini feels bad for Gungun.

Precap: The judge asks Gungun who does she want to live either with her father or Grandmother. Gungun hesitantly takes the name of her grandmother which scares both Radha and Mohan while Damini smiles.