Radha Mohan 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha hides in the Trivedi Mansion


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The crowd is constantly knocking the doors to the Trivedi house seeing which everyone gets really worried and tensed including Radha who is not able to understand what is happening. The jailer along with the police Inspector suddenly enter the Trivedi house, seeing which Gungun gets scared so Kadambari calms her down. They are very furious and constantly staring at the entire family who are standing in front of Radha while she is sitting behind them all. The jailer asks where is Radha, Kadambari says how would they know where is Radha, the jailer replies she knows Radha is hidden somewhere in this house so questions where is she at the present moment. Radha slowly tries to kneel and get away, she is quiet when Gungun turns to Kadambari and even Tulsi is very worried. Ketki says that Radha is not here, the jailer is furious saying she can see the truth written on their faces mentioning that just like this all the cowards gather. Gungun replies they are the lion Trivedi’s, the jailer walks in front of her saying if she is a lion but Kadambari pulls Gungun back. The Jailer says if they are lion then she is the ring master, and they all will find out very soon if Radha is present here or not. She instructs everyone to search this entire house as she knows Radha is hidden somewhere in this house. Tulsi gets worried thinking if they manage to find Radha then it would be impossible for them to reach Mohan.

Kadambari tries to stop them questioning what is going on, Ketki says Radha is not present here so asks them all to leave. Gungun wonders why is the bad jailer going towards the back side of the house so she follows her.

Mohit asks Damini to not believe Mohan as they would die, he thinks if he manages to catch Damini then no one would be able to stop him from leaving, he asks her to come and open his hands, Damini walks in front of Mohan when he tries to catch her but she quickly takes a step back, Kaveri angrily says she warned her to not go near him, Damini says she has been made a fool once but would not be one again as her love can not be weakness, Mohan asks if she thinks she would get him warning he would not let her get away if anything happens to Radha, Damini says that she desires he should never leave her and now must wait to see what she does with Radha, as when she get away from them both then he would belong to only her, Mohan says she should just keep dreaming, Damini angrily says that he will always belong to her either in dreams or reality while he should get ready to see her dead body since the shoot at sight orders have been issued against her.

The Jailer is walking at the back and she sees the Mandir, she remembers when Radha vowed to meet Ba Kai Bihari jee only after killing Damini. The Jailer tries to enter the Mandir but is stopped by Gungun, she gets furious at this step and turning back sees Gungun who says she cannot go inside, the Jailer asks the reason when Gungun informs Ramaa taught her they cannot enter the Mandir with the shoes and if they enter then it might cause some problems. The jailer says she feels it is in the habit of the Trivedi’s to lecture, Gungun says that she can think of whatever she likes since this is their house, the jailer says now she will surely go and check because she feels that Radha is hiding behind the Murti. The jailer says now she will surely go inside and only Ba Kai Bihari jee can stop her, she turns to leave but Gungun once again holds her hands saying that she is enough for this work and there is no need to call Ba Kai Bihari jee, the jailer tries to free her hand but Gungun does not leave so she tries to slap her but her hand is caught in mid air, seeing which the Jailer gets shocked as she cannot move her hand, she wonders what sort of power is doing it, she remembers how she challenged Bhagwan when Tulsi asks if she forgot what her daughter said as there is no need to call Ba Kai Bihari jee for people like her, the Jailer agrees to not go inside the Mandir with the shoes. Tulsi lets go of her when the Jailer thinks she might have twisted her hands, Gungun thinks Ba Kai Bihari jee has taught her a good lesson. Tulsi thinks she is not doing anything to her because of Gungun otherwise would have taught her a lesson as they should not raise their hand on children, Gungun leaves when the Jailer thinks she felt that someone held her hand so what if there is any ghost, the Jailer apologizes to Bhagwan standing outside the Mandir where she accepts her mistake

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Radha is hiding in the room thinking she has to run away from here but she opening the window is shocked to see the lady constable standing right in font of her, she quickly closes the window before the constable turns around. Radha thinks if they see her the she would not be able to go and help Mohan jee.

Ketki says to Kadambari that it is illegal when she decides to call Shekar, the Inspector snatches the phone from her hand when kadambari questions what is this behavior, he says she cannot call anyone until the search is complete. The jailer mentions they are going to take the phone of everyone, Ajeet is shocked as the jailer instructs them to take their phones. Gungun quickly hides her phone in the pillow while the Jailer dials a contact.

Radha watching from the window thinks this Inspector is really corrupt and because of such officers the entire department is blamed. Ajeet asks Kadambari how can they get out of this drama when kadambari says this women is crossing all the limits and Ajeet says that they have the powers, Gungun mentions Ba Kai Bihari jee has the most powers and she is worried about Ramaa, Kadambari asks her to calm down but Gungun is constantly looking towards the room, kadambari warns her to not look there but the Inspector has noticed it before that, the lady constable advises her to not look there and the lady constable says that they have not found Radha, the jailer asks her to check the room once again.

The jailer instructs her when Kadambari mentions her constable said that Radha is not present in this house so they must leave, the jailer angrily warns Kadambari to remain quiet and let them do their work , they all enter the house once again while Radha is still hiding praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee what should they do. Kadambari turns to Gungun mentioning it all happened because of her.

The Jailer is walking into the room and entering instructs them to check the entire room corner, they start taking out the clothes while Radha is hiding under the bed, the even check from the window but Radha is no where to be found so the jailer is furious and calls Damini, she says they have searched the entire house but Radha is no where to be found Damini gets shocked asking if they have searched the entire room and under the bed, the jailer turns to her constables asking if they have checked under the bed when the Jailer smiles saying she feels they have found Radha. Damini also smiles and tells Mohan they have found his Radha, Mohan gets furious at Damini and tries to break free from the, Damini quickly sprays the medicine on his face due to which he can no longer see and is not able to get to Damini before passing out.

Radha hiding under the bed thinks if the Jailer sees her then the entire plan would fail so asks Ba Kai Bihari jee to show her some sign, the Jailer slowly starts walking towards the beds side.

Mohan is once again unconscious tied on a chair, Damini stands beside him and holding his face she thinks he looks very beautiful while sleeping peacefully, she brings the other chair beside him and makes him wear the turban while she herself wears the Chunri, Damini then takes a photo of them both saying he must smile, Kaveri whispers to Mohit that her daughter has lost her senses when Damini goes to kaveri showing her how good they both are looking but Mohan does not understand and still loves Radha. Damini thinks that he has to accept her love because she can go to any extent, kaveri asks if she is fine when Damini replies she is fine since she has her Mohan beside her, Damini starts taking the photos once again when Kaveri thinks she keeps telling everyone is crazy while now feels her daughter is slowly losing her mind.

The jailer reaches the bed side while Radha is hiding under it, Tulsi also is worried about what might happen as the jailer kneels and taking of her cap checks under the bed, where Radha is hiding.