Radha Mohan 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mr X agrees to land the plane at the Delhi airport


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Radha starts panicking and reciting the Mantar, Gungun is also scared when Mohan prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that the plan should not fail, he is also tensed.

The elders request the official to do something and save their children, kaveri also prays that her daughter should be safe while Ajeet says that her daughter can go to hell. Kavita is worried when the senior says that this is why he desired they should involve the air force because if the plane crashes then it would cause even more destruction to that particular location, he questions where is the probability of the plane crashing when the official says that the Chandni Chowk is in central Delhi which has a population of two million but the senior says that it cannot be their 9/11 so he orders the to prepare the rescue teams, Ketki while remembering how the criminal said she does not seem to be a person who does nice things, she prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that her family should remain safe. Kaveri threatens to take her life right here if anything happens to her daughter, Ajeet says that this prayer of Kaveri should be accepted when she asks if he said something, Kavita is working with the employee as there would be a new agenda but the senior stop her saying he feels it all has ended. Kaveri questions what is he saying as they must try to contact but the official says they have to just see what would be the extent of the damage. The senior says he warned her to not trust some common people like Radha and Mohan as how can they make the plane land and this would be the biggest mistake of her career as she was not able to save her daughter in the past and not these people. He says it was a mistake to involve her in this operation. Kavita is just silent hearing it all when the employee says that the plane is stable. Kavita says this means the plane is not going to crash, Kaveri asks them all to see how it got stable. The senior official says Kavita is making the same mistake and she should not trust Radha Mohan, kaveri says that the senior is making the mistake as he does not know Radha and Mohan because they can do anything, as they can even set fire to the water and make ice balls in mid air, so might make the terrorist perform sit ups. Vishwaniyat says that when Radha Mohan are together then can do anything.

The two terrorists get up when the passengers ask why was the plane going down and they question if the terrorists have killed the pilots when they threaten that they have put the lives at sake but the terrorist says their life is still at stake as if they do anything then he would kill them right now, Mohan gets up saying there are elders and children in this plane so they cannot do it, the plane starts trumbling again when Mohan is about to fall. Mr Aman thinks there is something wrong in the cockpit so he gets up, but the terrorist threatens to shoot him if he even thinks about moving. Mohan advise Radha to go to Aman singh and inform him tat he need to land the plane, Radha rushes to Aman singh when she falls so he asks if she is fine, she replies if he goes to help them then no one would be able to get out alive as it is all their plan, Mr Aman singh does not understand when Radha says they need his hep, Radha informs Mohan jee asked the pilot to act as if he is ill so now the plane is about to fall and they will come to ask if anyone knows how to fly the plane, Radha says then Aman singh must say he only knows how to land it, she is talking when the terrorist pulls her from her hair and pushes her on the seat, Damini suggests they should even kill Radha when the pregnant girl along with the other lady threaten to beat her if she says anything else.

Kavita is checking the status while Mr x is with Bunty saying that this idiot would not be able to fly the plane much longer and he should ask if anyone knows how to fly the plane. Bunty goes back when the person asks what is going on and weather they have done something to the pilot, Bunty threatens to kill them informing the plane is going down because the pilot got a heart attack everyone gets worried, Bunty says that if the plane come down then everyone would di,e he questions if anyone here knows how to fly the plane. The passengers start looking at each other when Mr Aman singh thinks of their plan so raises his hand informing he worked in the cleaning department of the air force, the terrorist says they need a pilot not a cleaner. Mr Aman singh says he is their last hope as they donot have any other choice because he was not able to clear the last exams of a pilot, Bunty forces Mr Aman singh towards the cockpit, Damini gets frustrated thinking this cleaner will fly the plane and she is going to die due to the love for Mohan.

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Bunty pushes Mr Aman to Mr X saying he can help them, Mr Aman says he told her partner that he is the cleaner in the Indian air force hearing which MR X is furious at Bunty. Mr Aman says he cannot fly this plane but can land it, as the procedure of landing is the same for all the planes. Mr X says he is lying as how is it possible that he can land the plane but not fly it.

Mohan is very worried praying their plan should fulfill, Radha says that she explained the plan to Mr Aman and he would be able to handle it. Mr Aman says that he told her partner that he studied the course of being a pilot but failed at the practical. Bunty threatens that he would kill him, Mr Aman sing says they must not forget that if this plane crashes then they all would die together, Mr X says they donot have any other choice but to get this plane landed, Bunty orders the pilot to keep the plane stable after which the cleaner would help him land the plane. Mr X leaves with Bunty while Mr Aman is smiling and signals to Mohan who also gives him the sign, Mohan says they call themselves as hijackers and there is not even a single pilot. Radha exclaims it wrong to think of their opponent as weak when Mohan says that it is the truth, kadambari whispers to Mohan asking what is going on when he assures her there is nothing to be worried about.

Kavita exclaims that if Radha and Mohan are behind t all that then she is sure the hijackers would contact them, the official advises Kavita to not be hopeful as he does not think of it, Mr X once again contacts the ATC saying she knows they all would get bored but she is giving them a task that they are going to land this plane while they must make the preparations, Kavita instructs hr how she can land the plane at Delhi airport, Mr X instructs them to be fast as they are about to land. Mr Aman is sitting in the plot seat, Ketki praises Ba kai Bihari jee for helping them and prays that her family should return, Kaveri is also glad that her daughter would come back. Kavita says to the official that he gave her one hour but the plane is about to land before the one hour,he praises her when she replied there is no need as Radha and Mohan have done everything and she is sure they would have got their message. Ketki asks how can she be so sure that Radha and Mohan have done everything, Kavita replies she is not sure but is glad they got her message as Radha and Mohan have done something due to which the plane is about to land.

Bunty runs back instructing everyone to tie their seat belts as they are going to land the plane, all of the hostages start clapping but the terrorist threatens that he would shoot them, he says they are not being free but the plane is just landing hearing which Radha and Mohan get worried along with everyone else.

Precap: Mr. X asks his members to activate bomb. Radha, listening conversation, says if they blast the bomb, then our chance of winning the situation will be gone.