Radha Mohan 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal helps Mohan find Radha


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Radha is trying her best to remove the saree from under the bed but the person turns back only to not find anyone there, Radha quickly runs out of the room and hides in the corner, the person comes out to the balcony and slowly starts walking towards Radha with the knife still in his hands, Radha gets very scared so she closes her eyes and starts praying. The person reaches the corner and turns the knife but is not able to find anyone in the corner, he gets worried wondering where could have she gone to hide.

Damini forcefully stops Mohan saying that no matter how much he praises Radha she would still remain an illiterate village girl, Mohan warns Damini to not talk wrong about Radha, Damini asks what can he do to her when he is not capable of doing anything.

Radha sitting beside the stairs wonders what can she do as there is no way left to protect herself and she does not know how to swim, Radha is really worried when the person slowly walks to the edge of the stairs meanwhile Radha covers her face.

Mohan questions why is Damini talking rubbish when he said he does not want to talk to her, Damini mentions he might have won the first challenge but would not be able to go any further since she will surely win the competition and even get the contract. Mohan angrily leaves saying that only time will tell.

Radha sitting wonders what sort of problem has Bhagwan gotten her into since she cannot swim and if the person sees eh then would surely kill her but she will also die after jumping into the ocean, she holds her head wondering what can she do now. Radha slowly sees the person walking away, she is really worried when she sees the life jackets placed in the corner. Radha after covering her mouth and nose slowly starts crawling towards the corner while the person is still searching for her on the deck, Radha quickly starts wearing the jacket, while the person once again goes inside the cabin. Radha starts reciting the chapter of Bhagwat Geeta, before gathering the courage to stand up and jump into the ocean. The person hears the sound of water so immediately rushes out to see where she could have gone, he thinks how he heard someone jumping but she is not here. The person returns back to the cabin once again. Radha is still holding the pillar at the back of the cottage, she thinks there is no one present here so gets worried.

The person wonders how could she get away like this, he sees Radha from the glass floor so thinks that she is a fool. Radha while still in the water thinks of getting out from here, Radha tries to swim but is not able to go very far ahead, before losing the will to swim. The person comes out of the water behind Radha, she turns back and is shocked to see him when he tries to very power her, Radha tries to fight back but he manages to hold her from the head and starts submerging her face in the water, he keeps doing it over and over again. Radha after a while gets unconscious and even closes her eyes, the person leaves Radha floating in the water behind the cabin, the person thinks she died very quickly.

Gungun suddenly starts taking the name of Ramaa, hearing which everyone gets worried, the nurse asks the entire Trivedi family to leave but Gungun is just calling her Ramaa to not leave her. Tulsi assures that her Ramaa is still by her side.

Radha is floating in the water, the person starts swimming away from her but Radha is not moving at all, however she keeps thinking about the beautiful moments spent with Gungun when she said that Radha is her new mother, and Gungun said she will call her as Ramaa. Gungun is just calling her Ramaa, Radha remembering it suddenly yells the name of Gungun, the person is shocked thinking that she is still alive and has not died, he once again starts swimming towards her but they both start struggling when Radha manages to push him away, she with all her might tries to swim away from her.

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Tulsi wonders why is Gungun continuously taking the name of Radha and wonders if Radha is in some sort of trouble, she prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that Radha should remain safe and nothing must happen to either Gungun or her mother, he should not take a mother from her daughter. Radha starts running after reaching he land while she is being followed.

Kunal wonders who is Ba Kai Bihari jee about whom Radha keeps talking about, he is amazed to find out that Radha has such strong belief in Bhagwan, an employee comes informing Kunal that he has to show him something regarding the security of Radha Trivedi, he shows the video of the person who was trying to break in the room, Kunal asks where is Mohan so the employee replies that he saw Mohan jee leaving the room, Kunal rushes to help Radha realizing that she is alone.

Radha is trying to escape but is still caught by the contract killer who once again tries to submerge her in the water, Radha pushes him away but he starts slapping her again and again, she finally bites his hand and calls for help. Radha starts breathing heavily but turns to leave, the contract killer takes out the knife thinking he will not leave her today since she has bit his hand, he forces Radha to turn back when she gets scared showing the knife, Radha screams when he is about to stab her.

Damini demands that Mohan should at least finish the conversation when Mohan asks why is she insisting that they talk, Mohan asks what sort of planning is she doing and not letting him return to his room and meet Radha, Mohan asks if Damini has not done anything to Radha, Damini asks what is he talking about and who can she do anything to Radha, Damini tries to stop him but he threatens to bury her alive if she stops him. Kunal comes informing Mohan that Radha is in danger so they both run towards the room, Damini gets worried thinking that Mohan is running towards the room and she wonders why is Kunal helping him, Damini prays that the person should have sent Radha to her Ba kai Bihari jee.

Mohan and Kunal both enter the cabin and start searching for Radha in the room, Mohan even enters the room which has the glass floor. Radha is still holding onto the pillar, the person standing with his injured leg mentions Radha hit him with his own knife. He vows to not let Radha get away so easily.

Damini is shocked after hearing that Gungun has not died so wonders what sort of Mantar has Radha prayed on her, Damini thinks that Radha would surely die today because no matter if Mohan reaches her, she is sure Radha would die today. Kaveri asks Damini to call her once Radha dies as then she would distribute sweets and even fire some crackers, Damini asks kaveri to arrange the sweets and wait for the good news.

Radha while holding onto the pillar wonders where is Mohan jee, he is calling her from the room so Radha hears his voice and comes under the glass floor but Kunal informs Mohan that he is going to talk with the security, Mohan keeps calling Radha while she is constantly signaling him, the person starts walking towards Radha with his injured leg. Radha also calls Mohan from under the glass floor, he exclaims he knows she is around here somewhere and in some sort of trouble, Radha pleads with Mohan jee to look down as she is present here and in a lot of trouble, Mohan keeps yelling the name of Radha, who removes her bangles which she this on the glass floor. Radha calls Mohan mentioning she is here, he is also shocked to see her there and then sees the person behind her so warns her to look behind her, Mohan demands that the person should leave Radha, he is very tensed.