Radha Mohan 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha and Kaveri reach the Banarjee house


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Mohan manages to break the door of the house, he is still under the control of Tulsi so angrily keeps calling Damini, she is hiding under the desk thinking she needs to run away otherwise she would be killed as this is what Tulsi desires. Mohan throws the hammer away and starts walking inside the house, Damini thinks he has gone away so she should run, she slowly crawls out of her hiding spot and manages to get up but just as she is about to run out of the house, Mohan comes in front of her, she gets scared seeing him so requests that he should let her leave. Mohan is furiously looking at her then holds her by her neck, she tries to break free but Mohan under the control of Tulsi warns how Damini cannot go anywhere and he vows to surely kill her. Damini is not able to breathe properly.

Radha staring in the room of Kadambari exclaims she will surely find out the truth if Kadambari is the Guru maa. Radha calls the contact of Guru maa and is staring at the phone of Kadambari but it is not ringing, Radha then puts down the phone thinking how this means that Maa je is not Guru maa, she apologizes to Maa je for suspecting her. Radha is really tensed and leaves.

Damini asks Mohan to let go of her but Mohan warns Damini to not yell as she is surely going to kill her, Damini remembers how Radha recited the Mantar in the ear of Mohan, she thinks she does not know of any Mantar and wonders how she should have learned something from her, Damini then starts saying the Mantar which causes pain to Mohan who lets go of Damini and covers his ears, Damini while saying it runs out of the house while Mohan is stunned. Damini is running with all her strength on the middle of the road and runs to sit in the car which she tries to turn on but the car is not starting, Damini think of her phone and quickly picks it up,

Kaveri is sitting when Radha returns and Kaveri what else does she want from her, Radha asks Kaveri to take back her phone when she questions what did Radha get from taking her phone, she says Radha has irritated a widow and she would curse her. Damini is calling Kaveri when Mohan starts banging on the door demanding she should open the door, Radha asks kaveri to answer the call, then she places it on the loud speaker, Damini pleads with kaveri to save her as Tulsi would surely kill her, Kaveri asks where is she at the moment when Damini informs she is at the Banarjee house, kaveri questions what is she doing there, Damini replies that Mohan brought her here and pleads with kaveri to save her otherwise she would be killed. Mohan tries to enter from the passengers side but then picks a rock with which he starts hitting the lock of the car, Damini requests Tulsi to not do anything to her, Tulsi after opening the door of the car exclaims that Damini would surely die today, she starts pulling Damini from her necklace while she herself is trying to get away. Kaveri questions why is her daughter not saying anything and then tries to contact her again, Damini is not answering the call. Radha asks Kaveri who owns the Banarjee house, kaveri replies Tulsi is the owner of that house hearing which Radha is shocked, kaveri informs this is the same house where Tulsi died. Radha asks kaveri why did Mohan jee take Damini there, Kaveri replies Radha knows that Tulsi’s Aatma is inside Mohan, and that Tulsi would do anything to kill her daughter. Radha is worried wondering what if something happens to Mohan jee, Radha questions where is Banarjee house and she needs to save the life of Mohan jee, kaveri questions what about Tulsi, Radha replies she is worried about the life of Mohan and can even fight Yamraj for him.

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Tulsi pushes Damini inside the house who falls on the floor, Damini is shocked after she hears the sound of the hammer, she turns to see Tulsi hitting the hammer on the floor again and again so pleads with Tulsi to forgive her for any mistake that she might have made in her life. Tulsi says that now Damini is going to die, exclaiming she had been waiting for it for so many years but would not have to wait any more. Damini while crawling back requests him to not come near her, she after standing tells Mohan that it is her Damini so he must wake up, she keeps requesting him to not do anything to her but Tulsi causes the hammer to turn with immense speed, he is angrily looking at Damini and swings the hammer to hit Damini after which the blood spills on the wall and is even on the floor, Tulsi starts laughing.

Kadambari is calling Radha and kaveri when she sees ketki who asks if she is tensed, kadambari replies she has searched the entire house but not seen either Radha or kaveri and even Mohan has gone with Damini, Ketki asks Kadambari to not be worried as she will just now call Radha and Mohan bhai, ketki is trying to call them both but they are not answering. Kadambari asks Ketki if she has been able to contact anyone when ketki replies neither of them are answering, ketki exclaims Mohan bhai has taken Damini outside. Ketki hears Gungun calling Ramaa and her papa, Ketki asks if she returned when Gungun questions where is Ramaa, Kadambari informs her parents have gone out for some important work so she should change her clothes ketki exclaims that till her parents return . Kadambari wonders what if Radha has once again started spying thinking it would cause a lot of problem for their family, she wonders where are they both.

Radha and Kaveri reach the Banarjee house when Radha immediately enters the house but Kaveri remembers the night when Tulsi died here, she tries to go back to her car but recalls when Damini pleaded with her to help her and so thinks it is not the time to be afraid but help her daughter who is still inside.

Radha opens the door of the Banarjee house when she is just standing there and after looking around for a while calls Mohan jee, she is very scared and even kaveri comes calling Damini. Radha and Kaveri both are standing at the entrance, kaveri gets worried when Damini does not give an answer and even Radha is walking ahead when she trips from a wooden stick so she gets shocked seeing the blood on the floor, Kaveri is also stunned seeing the blood and while crying says that Mohan has killed her daughter. Radha is very tensed.