Radha Mohan 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Mohan prepares a plan to trap Radhika and Yug

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Mohan advises Manan to be strong and fight for his right for which he must win, he asks Manan to go into the room and then tries to climb down but Yug comes up the ladder asking Manan to go inside the house, Mohan says he is very sweet when Yug says Manan is his son so listens to him and asks what is he doing here, Yug says he ordered Mohan to stay away from his son but Mohan replies he is still far away and if Yug cannot stop his son then what can he do about it. Yug says it is the border of his house but Mohan replies the ladder belongs to him so Yug climbs over the balcony to get in the house while Yug asks Mohan to be careful and Mohan explains now they have settled everything and that he should stay away from his son but in fact he was far away by staying on the ladder and yug orders everyone. Yug says that Mohan should climb down otherwise he would be blamed for it, Yug asks if he should send tea for him then Yug says he will send Manan to him each Sunday, Yug exclaims Mohan has made a drama of it, he asks Manan that his mother prevented him from talking a lot to Uncle M so what was he doing, Manan says Uncle M is his friend and he would talk with him even if he desires, Yug asks why did he talk like this when Radhika also comes so Yug says that Manan was misbehaving with him, Radhika also asks Manan why did he go to meet Uncle M, Manan replies he does not know what is the problem as Uncle M is very nice and even taught him how to ride a bicycle while even played cricket with him, he says that his father should have done all these things but he just keeps scolding him, Yug gets furious so slaps Manan seeing which even Radhika is stunned and then starts consoling Manan.

Mohan tells everyone he has returned after instigating Manan and now he is sure that there would surely be some problem in the house of Radhika, they all are worried.

Radhika asks Manan to not do it as papa got angry and so she asks Manan to go and play the game that his Grand father brought him, Yug apologizes to Radhika for slapping Manan when Yug replies he got angry, Radhika replies that there are a lot of other ways to teach children and now she fears Manan might think his father does not love him and she fears what if he takes this slap to his heart and does something which they have not even thought about.

Manan while crying in his room is thinking about how his mother prevented him from playing and then his father even slapped him, Manan thinks about how Uncle M said that the children in America complain to the police about the behavior of their parents, Manan thinks he is also going to do the same and then dials the contact of the police informing that his parents have locked him in the house and are even slapping him, Manan thinks now he will teach his parents.

Yug goes into the kitchen thinking about how he slapped Manan and then Radhika started saying that Manan would feel his father does not love him, Yug exclaims that his entire reputation has been ruined because of Manan and he keeps trying to correct his image in front of Radhika but then everything gets ruined.

Gungun asks what does he mean, Mohan replies is his plan works then she would find it, Gungun asks why is papa bringing Manan into his fight with Ramaa, Meera also says that she did not expect this from Mohan and it is not good.

Yug bringing the bottle wonders how does Bhagwan give such plans, he turns on the gas thinking now it is time for Manan to come and eat and when he opens the fridge then it will cause fire which will burn Manan, Yug wonders it will just ruin his interior which is very expensive however thinks the sprinklers is going to surely correct it all, Yug exclaims he said that whoever comes between him and Radhika would be fried, Yug turns on all of the other nobs as well.

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Mohan says he is doing right and Radhika is very glad of her upbringing so now would find out about it, Ketki asks if they cannot talk about anything else as she is tired while hearing their name, Kadambari thinks even she is tired and was she not forced to act of being ill then would have herself made sure they died with a bomb blast.

Meera says Mohan is getting very selfish but Mohan replies Radha is the one who raised questions on his up bringing but now would learn how it feels when someone questions them, he is adamant while everyone else is worried. They all get shocked hearing the sirens of the police van, Mohan smiles thinking this means his arrow has hit the mark, Gungun quickly runs out.

The Inspector enters the Kholi Mansion asking if there is anyone in the house, Radhika and Yug coming ask what happened when the Inspector says they want to meet Manan Kholi, Yug asks what happened when he is their son, Inspector replies they will meet with him first but then talk to them all, Radhika says she will bring him and they should just tell about it, Yug asks what has happened however the inspector desires to first meet Manan.

Inspector asks Manan how he is doing and he called them, Inspector orders Yug to get back but he replies Manan is his son when the Inspector explains that they are also talking nicely, Inspector says his name is Inspector Hinder Jeet Singh and so he should tell about what happened, Manan says his father slapped him and then mother kept scolding him, while not even let him play outside.

Gungun returns when Meera asks what happened, Gungun says the police came to house of Ramaa so she feels something big is about to happen, Mohan replies this means he should go and it is the duty of a neighbor to help each other, Gungun also offers to come but then Mohan replies he will handle it.

Radhika asks Manan why is he lying when she told him it is wrong, Inspector says that Manan filed a complaint and she should stand away from him, Radhika replies she was just talking to her own son, Mohan also enters asking Manan to tell the Inspector what is the truth, he asks if he can come inside but Yug asks how did he enter, Mohan says that the neighbors are pushing him, Yug threatens to take his life when Mohan asks why did he get so aggressive, Yug blames it all on Mohan when he says Yug is behaving like this with him and what would he do to Manan so says he is still a child. Inspector agrees with Mohan saying that if Yug behaves like this with his son then might be jailed for it and if Yug is doing this in front of him then who knows what would be doing it behind their back, Yug blames Mohan for being the one due to him Manan called the police but Mohan replies what could he have done from the outside, Radhika asks Mr Trivedi to stay out of it, Mohan replies he can see the mark on the face, Mohan takes out the remaining proof which shows when Yug slapped Manan, Mohan thinks of when he vowed to make both Radhika and Yug pay for it. Yug tells the Inspector it was made to trap him, Inspector says they can see Yug and Radhika donot behave properly with the child and how did they raise their hand, Mohan asks for the phone. Radhika tries to explain herself to the inspector who says he has seen it all in the video, and informs there are very strong rules for abusive parents and they would be jailed for at least seven to ten years, Radhika and Yug are stunned.