Radha Mohan 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha disguises herself to rescue Mohan


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Radha tries to see inside the room, Mohit is glad the person was able to bring the food as he is very hungry when Raja even he is hunger, Mohit looking in the corner says what should they do about him, Raja suggests they should throw him in the room after tying his hair, Radha tries to run when she hears Mohit saying if his brother in law wakes up then would not let any one of them live, Radha is relieved hearing it, Mohit then instructs Raja to lock Mohan in the room, advising them to keep a good eye on him as they cannot make even the slightest mistake, Raja and hiss men walk to pick Mohan, Radha is relieved to see Mohan jee, and so also stands up staring from outside the room window, she starts crying but then is forced to remain quiet. Radha wonders where are they taking Mohan jee, she thinks of following them and reach Mohan jee, she sees they are taking Mohan in the other room, she keeps following them, Raja instructs his men to bring a chair while he holds Mohan in the standing position, Radha sees that Mohan is slowly getting awake an she starts signaling him, Mohan also sees Radha in the window and is relieved to see her smiling face, he is not able to take his eyes off her remembering all the beautiful moments they have spent together, he tries to call her name but she signals him to remain quiet, Raja turns towards the room while Mohan is still looking at Radha, Raja is unaware that he is awake. Radha holds her Mangal Sutur which she kisses when Mohan thinks of the time when he introduced Radha as his wife in front of the entire office, Radha is also lose in the memories of them both together when Mohan gives her a flying kiss, she starts smiling while also getting emotional. Raja yells at them to quickly bring the chair, and they place Mohan on it while he is still staring at the window, Raja gets shocked to realize he is awake and instructs his men to quickly bring the rope otherwise Mohan would surely start beating them, informing how he had beaten them once before Radha hides when Mohit enters the room while Raja is quickly pouring out the medicine, Mohit asks what is Raja doing as it might be dangerous if Mohan dies, Raja says Mohan was getting awake so he has to do it, Radha is really shocked seeing that Mohan is once again unconscious, Mohit asks Raja to come with him and they all leave. Radha thinks Mohan should wait for some more time after which his Radha is going to be by his side. Radha tries to break the window but thinks if she breaks the window them would be caught by the noise, and they will recognize her. Radha prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should make her realize some other plan, she notices the watchman who is sleeping. Radha slowly walks close to him and then sees his clothes hanging outside the room, Radha quickly changes into his clothes dressed as a boy.

Radha while wearing the disguise walks past the watchman who is still asleep, she thinks of her face but then realizes she would still be recognized and needs some other way to hide herself, Radha realizes that the watchman is wearing a wig, she slowly walks up to the watchman once again and slowly removes the wig but is about to wake him up, Radha however manages to remove the wig from his head and she goes to sit on the stairs, Radha then cuts the wig using a rock which she applies as a moustache, Radha then picks his rod in the slowest possible manner so that he is not awake, she hits the circuit breaker causing the lights to go off, Raja questions what happened to the lights then asks his men to go and call an electrician, Radha is praying to Ba Kai Bihari jee that he has taken so many forms but she has made up this disguise to save her Mohan jee.

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Kaeri says to Damini how she feels they would have to spend the night here and if she had known then would have arranged some food, Damini says she is worried that some snake might bite them as there are so many bushes, they both hear a scooter coming and the person gets off from the scooter, Damini says they can ask the person for help and see him going to the corner to take a piss, she yells at him to stop but the person gets scared thinking they both are not alive and demons, kaveri mentions they are not dead but humans however the person is not ready to come but after a while slowly starts walking to them, Kaveri says he can come and look at them from close, he touches Kaveri but gets scared once again however after that starts smiling when Kaveri requests him to help her the person sits down praising Damini for being very beautiful hearing which she is shocked.

Radha knocks on the door when Raja asks who is he, she says she is the electrician so he asks her to come inside, Radha at the once enters pointing the flash light at both Raja and Mohit so they get furious at him and then Radha asks where is the main switch when Raja relies they have just come here for the first time, Radha says that she would check it herself.

Damini gets furious saying that he is trying to impress her in the middle of the night when the person replies she is not at all beautiful and he is talking of Kaveri, hearing this Kaveri turns to Damini mentioning if he thinks she is beautiful then he is clearly blind. Kaveri says that now that both of them are trapped in the middle of the night she feels he has some responsibility to help them, he agrees when kaveri says that now he must open the rope as it would be a help. The person agrees to open the rope and Kaveri says he must first open the hands but Damini is disgusted seeing it, Kaveri asks him to also open the back rope while she starts opening the hands of Damini, they both are relieved when the person says he is opening the window, she smiles saying he must do it, Damini asks why is Kaveri flirting with the old man when kaveri says they had to do something, kaveri and Damini agree to leave when she calls him brother hearing this he is shocked mentioning till now he was a beautiful person but now she is calling him brother. Kaveri asks if he has seen his face so instructs him to leave, he says she is just like a churail.

Mohit asks Raja if they have not brought cold drink with the meal, Raja says that it is in the kitchen so Mohit leaves to get it, Radha slowly sees the phone placed on the table and quietly removes it before Raja can notice, she starts walking away when raja gets suspicious so asks him to stop hearing this Radha gets worried.