Radha Mohan 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini plans to kill the Trivedi’s


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Mohan asks Damini if she thinks he is poor because the people who are by his side are his actual wealth and she is the one who is poor because what does she have by her side, her mother who has till now not given her proper teachings and herself is old who would die, Kaveri asks why would she die, Mohan replies the type of crimes that she has committed she would not only die but be eaten by insects, and even would not be burnt by just the ritual as they would have to put kerosene to burn her strong skin, Yamraj would also not take her with him since even they do not need such people there, Kaveri asks anyone to wash the face of Mohan since he has started cursing them, Mohan says even Mohit is not a nice person but just ready to do anything for the sake of money as he is even benefiting from the death of his own sister, Tulsi also explains she is ashamed to be his sister. Mohan says and what about the uncle who tried to snatch the honor of his own niece and family members so Damini is not safe from him, she would have to keep the doors of her room closed in order to sleep peacefully, Bhushan tries to threaten him when Mohan says that he must not utter a single word otherwise would not find any place to hide in the entire city, Mohan remembers how he beat Bhushan when he tried to blame his actions on Radha. Mohan also asks if the bouncers thinks they are living in a family because they are trapped among very heinous people, Kaveri angrily warns Mohan to walk away but he asks what can she do so starts walking towards her after which Kaveri gets scared and hides behind Bhushan, asking if Mohan went back, Kaveri calls the criminals to come and protect her from Mohan, Radha asks if kaveri got scared by just it as they have just started and they should see what happens in the future. Damini tries to reply but Mohan warns her to shut up as they have already listened to her.

Mohan turns back to leave when Damini asks Dulari where is she going, Dulari says she is leaving with her family when Damini explains that they were her boss but now even their position is the same in the society as compared to Dulari so she would not be given any money, Damini suggests Dulari should come stay with her as she will pay double the amount, Dulari replies she would not stay even if they give ten times the amount, Dulari informs her mother sent her here to serve Kadambari so she would go wherever Kadambari goes, Dulari asks if she did not hear what Mohan said that she is his younger sister, so she will not stay back with such greedy people who are themselves of ill behavior and would make her like them, Dulari says that she does not know about Damini but has a lot of respect in the society, Damini has the wealth which she has snatched from others so she cannot stay back to work with such people who are poor at heart. Dulari takes out a piece of bag from which she takes out some money, Dulari hands it on the hand of Damini saying she should keep this hundred rupees from her, she is going to be penniless very soon, and it would be required to fulfill her last rights, Mohan along with Radha are smiling, Dulari angrily exclaims that she desired to be her boss, Mohan exclaims he would have whistled for Dulari with both his hands had he not held Radharani in his hands, Dulari turns asking Kadambari to come as they must leave, Kadambari showers her blessings on Dulari before turning back with her entire family, kaveri asks Damini if she has seen the attitude of Dulari as she also scolded them.

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The neighbors come out and are shocked to see that Damini has ousted the entire family and wonder where is Kadambari going to leave with them, Shekar asks them to wait while he will bring a taxi, Gungun asks where are they going when Shekar says that to his house when Mohan replies that Shekar has already done a lot for them but now they cannot be a burden for him, Shekar questions what is Mohan saying. Ramaveshwar explains that this family has another house, he explains that their house is not so lavish as this Trivedi Bhawan but Kadambari knows that their house used to run because of Kadambari and at that time they did not have any relation but now Radha has been married to Mohan so according to it everything belongs to them, Ramaveshwar explains that their house is small but their hearts have a lot of place, he requests them all to come to Barsana with them. Mohan turns to look at his family members, Gungun asks if they are going to the house of Ramaa, she gets very excited hearing it and even Kadambari starts smiling seeing how Gungun is dancing with joy.

Kaveri is dancing with joy exclaiming they would enjoy a lot, Damini has mentioned that the Trivedi’s have come on road in a single moment, kaveri exclaims that Bhagwan has finally listened to the prayers of this widow and she exclaims they should light all of the Diya in the house, Kaveri exclaims they have finally won but Damini replies they will win when Radha finally loses and Mohan n comes back crawling to her that she she should accept him, Mohit asks if she thinks anything of the sort would happen as did she not hear what he said, Damini going to him asks that what she desired has happened and even in the future only what she desires will happen. Bhushan asks what is she going to do since they are in Barsana while they are here, Damini explains there is not a long distance between Varandhwan and Barsana , she explains that these Trivedi’s are like cockroach and they do not die so they must make sure to kill them, there is someone at the door when Damini mentions the answer to the question of Bhushan has arrived, there is a person standing at the main door with a box when Damini asks if he brought what she had asked him, she opens the box revealing a doll of a girl. Bhushan and Kaveri are not able to understand anything but Damini starts smiling seeing it.