Radha Mohan 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mr X kills Misses Sharma

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The terrorists orders everyone to sit down and Radha Mohan also sit down, Damini thinks that Radha has once again turned everyone towards herself by giving the lecture. Mr X explains that the unity that is building up is not good for them and the Trivedi family can be a threat for them.

Mohan exclaims that Bunty has slapped his mother so he vows to not let him go, he sees the straps hanging from the overhead bin so thinks of a plan,

Kavita asks Harsh what is the location of the plane, he replies that the plane has been circling the All India Delhi airspace, Kavita plans they would have to cancel all of the flights and make sure the hijacked plane lands safety, they would further have to contact Radha Mohan to seek their help that they land the plane as the cannot suffer another tragedy like 9/11, she orders Harsh to get the message in the plane that they must land the plane.

Tulsi in the house exclaims that no one has returned from and she cannot go from the city of Varandhwan, she prays that Radha and Mohan should return safety.

Mohan in the plane waits for Bunty to come in front of him after which he using the strap from the over head cabin starts strangling Bunty, seeing which everyone is shocked while Tabrez warns Mohan to let him go but Mohan questions how did Bunty dare sap his mother, Tabrez is about to hit Mohan but is stopped by Aman singh along with Kadmabari who manage to push the air hostess away, Radha is really worried, the young passenger also goes to help Aman Singh while Radha also runs to help Kadambari who advises Radha to be careful, Mr X returns and is left shocked seeing the situation, that all of her accomplices are being overpowered, she points her gun at Mohan demanding they should let them go repeatedly but no one listens to her threats. Mr X once again warns Mohan to leave Bunty but he does not listen to her. Gungun tries to run but she threatens to kill his daughter if he does not stop, Radha along with kadambari are shocked seeing that Gungun is standing in the aisle, Mr X is not moving so Radha asks Mohan to let Bunty go, Kadambari also gets emotional pleading with Mohan to let Bunty go but then Mr X once again orders Mohan to leave him, she keeps threatening to kill his daughter. Gungun holding her hands together pleads for her life, Damini starts thinking. Mr X loads the gun which is pointed towards Gungun but Mohan is still adamant, the remaining passengers get worried. Mr X fires the bullet which causes the blood to hit the window, Radha along with kadambari are shocked seeing it along with Aman Singh and the other passenger, everyone is stunned.

Kavita explains they have to contact Radha Mohan as she wants them to start leading this operation as quickly as possible, Kavita gets worried hearing the sound when one of the employee enters explaining that the families of the hostages have arrived but the senior says they cannot talk with them since there is a lot of stress. Kavita asks how is he so stressed when the people donot know about the situation of their families because their lives got ruined in such a short period of time but the senior is the one who is stressed, Kavita explains there is nothing worse then losing a loved one and worrying for them. Kavita turns to look at the photo of her deceased daughter, Ketki slowly comes to stand behind Kavita and she places her hand on the shoulder so Kavita orders Raj to call everyone inside and talk with them politely as they are already very tensed.

Radha and kadambari are shocked along with Mohan and all the passengers, Gungun slowly opens her eyes but as she turns back the ill lady has been murdered by MR X, her husband starts crying restlessly while even Damini is stunned. The passengers call Misses Sharma so they all start weeping. Mohan is shocked and not able to move. Mr Sharma is just trying to wake his wife.

Kaveri is the first one to enter questioning who is there so the Trivedi family is shocked seeing her, kaveri pleads with Kavita to save her daughter who is also on the same plane, Ketki is shocked realizing Damini is also on the same flight when Rahul explains that Damini can do anything. An elder person also asks how can they let it happen so pleads with them to protect his family along with the rest of the family members, Kaveri exclaims she will touch her feet but Kavita stops her, Kaveri explains she is an innocent widow and would not be able to live without her daughter she is not able to stop crying. Ajeet says he has for the first time seen the true tears of Kaveri, Ketki asks them to see how she is crying when her own daughter is suffering but she has tried to take the life of her family a lot of times. Kavita asks them to not lose hope since they would do all they can to protect everyone from the plane.

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Mr X says only the old lady has died this time but if they donot sit down then she will kill everyone one by one, starting with the elders and children. Gungun holding her hand requests Mr X to not do it, Tabrez angrily punches Mohan seeing which everyone gets worried for him, Radha runs to the front when Tabrez asks him to sit down. Mr Aman asks them to stop this blood shed but then the other terrorist points the gun at him threatening to kill him, Tabrez forces the younger person to also sit down.

The hostages are once again stunned when Mr X blames all this due to Mohan trying to be clever as she is not the one who killed the wife of Mr Sharma. Mr X asks the accomplices to take the body away, the air hostess also forces kadambari to come away while the terrorists take away the body of Misses Sharma while Mr Sharma is just crying and not able to control his emotions, he keeps crying while everyone is worried. Mr X warns Mohan to not even think about touching her men otherwise she would kill one of her family members, he should say whom she should kill. Mohan says they all are animals while Radha mentions they are even worse then them because even animals fear Bhagwan but the terrorists donot care about anything. Radha says even Ba kai Bihari jee listened to ninety nine curses but on the hundredth he taught them all a lesson. Mr X laughs asking if the Ba Kai Bihari jee would come to teach them a lesson, Radha says that only she and her Mohan jee are enough to teach them a lesson. Mr X says they only want to die with the hands of Ba kai Bihari jee, she walks and pointing the gun at Mohan kneels to pick the Murti of ba Kai Bihari jee, Radha tries to snatch it back but Mr X pushes her away, Mr X says that nw they would see if he comes to save them because they will break the Murti of Ba Kai Bihari jee ad now even if he is not able to save the hostages then who would be able to do it. Mr X asks Tabrez to aim and shoot, he with a smile on his face points the gun towards the Murti of Ba kai Bihari jee while Kadmabari pleads with them to not do it. Radha still manages to snatch the Murti from the hands of Mr X warning that she would not let such bad people hold him, Tabrez threatens to fire at her if she does not place the Murti away, Mohan along with kadambari and Gungun are shocked hearing it. Radha challenges him to fire the bullet as she is not afraid of dying but would not let her Ba Ka Bihari jee come to the hands of such bad people, Tabrez says that then she would be dead, Mohan tries to stop them but is pushed back by Bunty and the other accomplice, Tabrez says he has ordered Radha to out the Murti otherwise he would surely fire the bullet after which the Murti would break and even she will die. Bunty runs to point the gun at the head of Gungun so kadambari also says that she is just a child, Bunty questions what if his daughter dies due to the cleverness of him and his wife, Gungun is crying while Radha and Mohan are tensed.