Radha Mohan 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini tries to trap Kadambari by informing the terrorists.

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Radha thinks she should check if there is actually a bomb in her bag, she slowly tries to reach for the basket but is stopped by the air hostess who points the gun at her demands that she should come so Radha returns back to her seat.

Kadambari along with Gungun and the rest of the passages are having their food, Radha returns to perform the Bhoug to Ba Kai Bihari jee seeing which Damini is shocked while even Mr X is staring at her, Radha then finally takes her own seat so Mohan also starts having the food. The Tabrez is still serving food while the pregnant lady is still very tensed waiting for the food. Damini turns to see Radha and Mohan feeding each other so exclaims they are still having romance while being stuck between life and death, she wishes Mohan should have also fed her by himself but he has a heart made of stone. Tabrez then turns to go back when the pregnant lady also asks for the food saying she did not get the parcel, Tabrez says that everyone would get the food except her hearing which everyone is shocked, her husband asks why would she not get it when Tabrez says because she is not one but two and they cannot waste the food but her husband says his wife can have his heart however Tabrez snatches the packet, saying now even he would remain without food along with his wife. Kadambari questions what are they doing and how can they behave in such an awful manner with a pregnant lady, Mr X says that the one who would try to be a leader will get such punishment. Kadambari angrily stand sup saying even she is a women so can understand her trouble and problems, as it is not possible that a women does not help another lady who is a women herself or her heart has also gotten black while doing such things. Bunty also snatches the box from her hand, he yells at both Radha and Mohan while saying now even she should stay hungry., Mohan tries to get up but they all point their guns at him saying he must remain seated otherwise they would take the life of Radha. Kadambari pleads with them to not do anything of the sort. Bunty says Kadambari even lost her food while worrying for the other people so she should sit without saying anything, Kadambari even asks Gungun to sit and have her food. The pregnant lady says she is very hungry, Mohan whispers to Kadambari asking what is she going to eat, she says he should not be worried about her as she had eaten it and a small piece was left which was thrown she explains she is worried about the girl who is pregnant and it is not okay for her to remain hungry. Radha asks Kadambari to not be worried as they will surely find a way to help her, Damini exclaims she knows Radha is very worried for this pregnant lady and she desires Radha should do something after which the hijackers get furious at her so then kill her after which Mohan will break her Varth. Mohan notices that Damini is smiling,

Kavita goes to Ketan asking if he has been able to contact the hijackers, Ketan replies he feels thye have jammed their signal and so only the hijackers can contact them.

Tulsi in the Mandir questions why does her family always get troubled and why is she so powerless each and every time however she explains she knows that Ba Kai Bihari jee is always with her family and he must protect everyone on the plane otherwise a lot of families would lose their loved ones.

The pregnant lady explains he is not worried about herself but her child is hungry, Kadambari slowly calls the lady saying her unborn child is hungry so informs she made some laddo for the way which she can give to her secretly which she can eat. The lady says these terrorists would not let her eat them, Kadmabari asks her to not be worried about it and should just eat them. Kadambari then tries to get up when Mohan informs her that it is very risky, Kadambari says it is not more risky then the hunger of that girl. Radha stops Mohan explaining that Maa je would not stop as who can feel the pain of another pregnant lady then a mother, Kadambari gets up when Radha asks her to be careful. Bunty yells at her questioning where is she doing, he warns her to sit down. Kadmabari replies she would surely die because she has chornic diabetes and they have not let her have the food but she would surely die without taking her medicine, Bunty asks her to wait then looking at Mr X who signals him to allow her, Bunty asks her to have it when Kadmabari slowly takes out the bag from the storage above her head, she then sits on her chair and takes out the bowl containing the laddo, Damini tries to look at her wondering what is she planning to do, she is shocked seeing the box and then realizes that she is taking out the laddo from her bag. Damini mentions it is the correct time to trap her, she tries to signal the terrorist but they are not looking at her when Damini blows a whistle from her hand which makes Mohan suspicious at her when she says she is just exercising, Damini even throws some of the tissues so Molana Sahab asks what is she doing, she says she is trying to protect herself when Damini asks him to relax and enjoy. Kadambari slowly whispers to the girl that these laddo are good for her health and that of her unborn child. Damini sees Mr X and informs her about the planning, she starts string at Kadmabari and notices how she is slowly moving her hand towards the pregnant lady. Kadambari is suddenly stopped by Bunty who questions what was she doing, Radha stops Mohan from reacting. Bunty twists the hand of Kadambari who gets hurt and starts screaming, she asks him to let her go but they donot listen and Bunty is just thrashing her hand causing the laddo to fall on the floor. He crushes then with his feet so that no one can eat them and then slaps kadambari seeing which Mohan gets furious so once again holds Bunty from his neck, threatening to surely take his life. All of the terrorists have pointed their guns at Mohan who questions how did Bunty dare raise his hand on his mother. Radha and Gungun keep requesting Mohan to let him go while he finally pushes Bunty away who starts breathing heavily. Gungun asks kadambari if she is fine who assures that nothing has happened to her. Radha questions if he is not ashamed by hurting another women when they are supposed to signify love while they have slapped her mother and kept a pregnant lady without food, Radha curses her to burn in the fire of hell, Mr X exclaims she should not curse her wondering what sort of women is she as she should either die or be killed, Mr X explains she is not a weak women like her, Radha says that Mr X feels it is an act of being a hero when she is taking the life of the innocent but her mother is the one who is an actual hero. Kadambari asks Radha to let it be as there is no point to explain anything to these animals.

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The pregnant lady says Damini was lying about the Trivedi family and they are not associated with the hijackers, as who would risk their own life to help someone else so the passengers start agreeing with the couple saying he feels Damini is the one involved with the terrorists and she is actually associated with them, they all start blaming Damini for deceiving their nation and ruin the name Damini tries to plead saying that it not the case but the Muslim women also gets up explaining Damini is taking a personal revenge from the Trivedi family. Mohan asks Damini to see how she has done a lot to make them all look bad but what did they do to make themselves proven right so this is called humanity. Bunty yells at them saying they should sit down so Radha sits back with Mohan.

Mr X says this unity is not good for them and Radha Mohan along with their family might cause a problem for them so that have to do something about them. Mr X is worried.