Radha Mohan 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan refuses to leave Radha on the instructions of Damini

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Dadi asks Rahul what is he saying since Radha is the wife of Mohan, Radha stops Dadi saying she will stand by whatever decision Mohan jee takes, weather if it is to throw her out of this house. Tulsi says nothing of the sort would happen and asks Mohan to say something.

Mohan is still quiet, he slowly turns towards Radha who is just looking at him when he starts remembering how Radha was always ready to help him whenever he was in any difficult position, she has always taken care of him and protected him from any problem that came before him. Kadambari notices how Mohan is thinking of something, not knowing that he is thinking how because of Radha he once again got back his entire family. Damini is smiling thinking her plan worked so asks Mohan what is his decision either Radha or his entire family.

Mohan walks slowly to stand in front of Damini, Damini says he has taken the right decision because if he stayed with Radha then would have lost everything, Mohan replies he will never leave his Radha, hearing which Radha gets emotional and tears start flowing from her eyes. The entire Trivedi family is shocked by his decision, Rahul is stunned. Mohan mentions that all the luxuries of life on one side while the love of his Radha on the other side. Mohan says this wealth and property is not even comparable to the dust of Radha’s feet, he explains she is the reason for him to remain alive and even Shri Krishan is calmed by hearing her name so how can he leave her. Mohan says Ba kai Bihari jee broke his Murli when Radharani left so how would he be able to stay alive if she leaves, Damini is stunned hearing the words of Mohan who says that neither that Mohan left his Radha nor this Mohan is going to leave his Radha, kadambari starts smiling seeing the love Mohan has for Radha.

Mohan says that whatever they are taking from him is nothing compared to his Radha, Tulsi exclaims she knew that no matter what happens he will never leave Radha. Kaveri says she understood everything but can not understand what sort of diamonds are embedded in Radha that she has become priceless while everything else is not worth it. Kaveri asks if his family has not any worth in front of Radha, Mohan asks Kaveri to take a deep breath otherwise her ashes would be in a small bag. Mohan says Radha is most important for him. Rahul asks Mohan what is he talking of, advising he must think with a cool head how they would lose everything including this house, property and even the business so why does he not leave this uneducated girl, Kadambari angrily slaps Rahul calling him a shameless person, she asks how could he say such a poor thing from his mouth explaining she feels disgusted that she gave birth to such a child. Rahul tries to explain but she warns that he would not even utter a single word. Ketki says Maa should slap him for even her side since he is neither worthy to be called her brother or her son. Kadmabari informs Rahul that this wealth might come and go in life but she will never make a deal against their family. Ketki asks if he would even sell his sister for some money, Rahul asks what is she talking about when Ketki replies that he can do anything if he think like this for their sister in law, Ajeet exclaims that no matter what happens they will never leave Radha as she was always a member of this family, Vishwaniyat explains that Radha is his daughter and he feels ashamed to think that Rahul is his son, Gungun asks Rahul if he would also leave her for Damini, Rahul hugs Gungun asking how can she talk like this since she is very important for him, Gungun replies then how can they leave Ramaa.

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Ajeet says that they are always with Radha, Ketki also mentions she would not leave the side of Radha and even Kadambari explains that Radha is her daughter. Mohan turns asking if Damini saw that Radha is the same for his entire family, as she kept this broken family together and the real wealth of this family is Radha. Kaveri asks if they all have lost their mind, mentioning that this is not a film that they can go and walk on the street explaining if they leave this house once then would get to know the price of wheat and grains. Damini asks Kaveri to stop explaining how he does not want to leave Radha but then should leave this house right now, Mohan is smiling while Damini calls them all as beggars. Devika starts smiling when Kaveri also demands that they should leave.

Radha replies they are leaving but would take the Dharowar with them, Damini si not able to understand when she tries to stop Radha but Tulsi holds her hands, and even covers the face of Damini explaining she would also see how Damini stops anyone.

Kadambari along with Radha and Mohan enter the Mandir from where they pick the Bhagwat Geeta along with the Murti of Ba Kai Bihari jee, Kaveri asks Damini to do something as they all are picking everything from the Mandir but Damini does not say anything as Tulsi has covered her face, Radha tells Kaveri how neither her nor Damini can prevent her from being close to her Ba Kai Bihari jee. Damini starts signaling kaveri but she is not able to understand that Tulsi is the one signaling them all to leave, Radha praises Tulsi. Mohan along with Radha and the rest of the family walk but Radha suddenly stops, Mohan asks what happened when she says they are forgetting one thing, she asks Ajeet to hold the Murti so Radha leaves with Gungun, Kaveri asks what else does she want to take from this house. Damini is massaging her wrist which worries Kaveri.

Radha rushes to pick the pot of Tulsi from the garden, Mohan and Kadambari are shocked seeing her when Radha explains they cannot leave Bhagwan and Tulsi mai with these people. Radha asks Ajeet to give her the Murti which she takes in her hand before asking Mohan to come, the entire family starts walking out of the house but as they open the door Bhushan is standing there with Mohit. Damini is shocked seeing Bhushan uncle, Radha is also amazed.

Precap: Gungun asks everyone are we going to Rama’s house. Radha says yes. She gets excited. Damini says to her mother, we will win when Radha will be destroyed, till the time we totally destroy them, it won’t stop that’s why we have to kill them permanently.