Radha Mohan 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavita decides to take help from Radha and Mohan for the rescue mission


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Damini says they all might know but both Radha and her mother in law are very clever and they are surely involved with the hijackers, kadambari angrily warns Damini to stop her mouth but the lady says that they all are in this trouble because of them, she starts suffocating Kadambari seeing which Mr X and Bunty starts smiling, Radha and Mohan ask her to leave their mother but Mohan stops Radha from interfering, Radha says she is beating Maa je when Mohan informs that Damini is at fault who is instigating everyone against the, Tabrez warns Mohan and Radha to sit down so he walks to MR X, who says they were right as it is very easy to make people fight in this country which has been preset since the time of the Britishers rule of Divide and conquer, Tabrez says this is just the start while both the Mahant and Molana are the biggest tool they have as very soon the crackers of Mission Happy Diwali would blast.

Kavita ask what do they want with mission Happy Diwali, Rahul says they want to blast the plane hearing which Kavita is shocked asking if there is a bomb in the plane, Rahul says that he himself saw them making the bomb and planning to hijack the plane after which they will cause the blast. Kavita says that not even a single passengers knows that the terrorists have the bomb.

The terrorists are pointing the guns at the hostages when Mohan exclaims that the ATC would not have any idea that the terrorists want to cause riots in the name of city so Radha asks how would they be able to achieve their plan while being in the plane. Mohan wonders if this is their only plan or are they planning to do something else. Kavita also wonders if it is their only plan or do they have another master plan, she wonders how can they find out the true plan of the terrorists. The official informs he has checked through the satellite that the plane has not contacted anyone so no neighboring country is involved in this, Kavita explains the lady had a foreign accent and she was neither in a hurry or tensed, this means there is no scope of negotiation ad they have to figure out their plan otherwise it might cause a lot of problem, she is very tensed.

Tabrez tells Mr X that Damini can be very useful for them, Mr X says that they should accept if she helps them otherwise she would die because she does not like the face of Damini, Tabrez leaves saying even he does not like her face, Bunty asks Mr X what is the true plan when she relies he will find out when the time comes and Bunty gets worried asking if nothing would happen to them to which Mr X promises that she would not let anything happen to her team members.

Radha asks Mohan if he is also thinking of the same thing when Mohan replies that these people are not worried about taking any ransom and they would never let this plane land informing that they want to crash it hearing which Radha gets worried saying then no one would be saved, Mr X explains that she cannot let anyone leave alive but if she informs her team members then they would leave this mission which she must fulfill.

Kavita explains that there is a problem for them because the plane is flying over Delhi and if it crashes then would cause a lot of destruction as all of the locations have very dense population, while if the plane falls on a religious site then it would be even more problematic. Kavita angrily wonders what can they do because they have no idea, ketki gets worried asking then their family would not be saved to which Kavita mentions they all must not lose hope and asks what are the qualities in the family members that are present in the plane, Ketki replies they are very simple people so how would they face such dangerous terrorists, Ajeet asks ketki to relax and not be worried while Rahul is also tensed.

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Radha is crying so Mohan asks her to not cry at all informing they cannot also lose hope so promises to not let anything happen to anyone and explains they have to fight these terrorists, meaning Radha Mohan. Radha is still crying so Mohan wipes off the tears from her face when even Kavita is with the Trivedi family planning. Mr X is walking over the hostages while all of her accomplices are still standing there watching over everyone, Damini is really tensed. Bunty comes from behind telling Tabrez that this hijacking is a very difficult job so he is feeling sleepy while Tabrez should watch over here, he advises Tabrez to also keep an eye on Damini before leaving. Tabrez pushes Damini towards the business class while she is worried, he asks why did the young child changed his seat so he asks Damini to be seated at the front seat, Mohan and Radha are staring at Damini.

Mr X is sleeping on the business eat along with Bunty, Radha notices her bag placed on the foot of Mr X, she talks of the bomb when Mohan stops her explaining no one should find out that there is a bomb in this plane because people tend to die due to the fear of death so she must not talk of the bomb. Damini feels there is something strange, Radha explains that no matter what happens they will even save all these people along with their family, Mohan assures they will save everyone even if it means he has to sacrifice his own life, Radha covers his mouth with her hand when he says he is injured but Radha asks him to not talk like this ever again. Radha mentions even if they have not come here together in this world but would leave it together and if they have to give their life in order to save their nation and the family then she is always by his side, Damini wonders why are they both talking about dying, she says Radha should go and die alone as what is the need to take her Mohan because if she dies then all of her problem would be ended.

Kavita along with the Trivedi family are looking at the news of when Gungun got trapped in the bore well after which they see the incident where Radha was driving the bus and Mohan protected Gungun after which they see the news of when Radha got trapped in the cold storage. Ajeet asks why is Kavita showing them all of the videos, Kavita says she is the same Radha Mohan who saved the students from the bus and even protected Gungun from the bore well, she did not lose hope after being trapped in the cold storage for eighteen hours, while where the law enforcement had given up they both had shown immense courage and intelligence, Kavita says they both are always ready to face each and every situation so Radha and Mohan would end their rescue mission.