Radha Mohan 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini humiliates the entire Trivedi family


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Kaveri angrily say they should have this discussion after leaving this house, Damini mentions she is still saying it politely that they should leave her house otherwise she has many other ways to throw them out.

Kadambari exclaims this cannot happen and she exclaims she will not leave this house, Mohan calls her when kadambari explains she came to this house after getting married and then made it her house piece by piece, everyone gets emotional. Kadambari mentions she even got Mohan right here, this is where he called her Maa for the first time, she mentions even his siblings were born here and this house is her family, so she would only leave this house after dying. Mohan pleads with Kadambari to calm down. Damini apologizes to Maa saying that a lot of things would be required, the entire Trivedi family questions what is she doing, Damini angrily warns everyone to stay quiet as beggars do not have the right to yell, Tulsi exclaims she is going to take her life today. The Inspector asks everyone to immediately vacate this house. Damini tells the Inspector that they are not such nice people who will leave this house so politely, she asks him if she has the right to protect her own property so explains she will handle them in her own way so he can leave, Tulsi requests Mohan to say something while the Inspector leaves.

Damini asks everyone to come inside, Mohan turns along with everyone else to see the guards surrounding the Trivedi family, Mohan says there is no need for it all as they are leaving, Radha is shocked looking at Mohan but Damini smiles, Kadambari asks if he did not listen as they would not leave this house and where are they going to go, Kadambari refuses to go anywhere. Ketki also explains they cannot leave this house, Vishwaniyat mentions they are not going to leave their house. Mohan tries to talk with Maa but she refuses to listen anything, Mohan promises that he will take back the house so Kadambari once again starts crying and hugs Mohan who also embraces her tightly, seeing this everyone is emotional while even Devika feels bad. Mohan assures he is promising her so is surely going to take back the house. Mohan asks everyone to take their belongings, Radha angrily stares at Damini.

Ajeet asks Gungun to come when Damini says there is no need to go anywhere, Ajeet says he used to think that no matter the fights that occur between them they are still family and he would not throw them out of their own house, Damini says that one thing has been proven that he is stupid, she asks if he thought that she is stopping them from leaving this house, it is not the case however she is stopping them from taking anything from this house. Damini mentions they have brought all these luxuries from the money earned from Trivedi publication which means that all these things belong to her, she demands that they should take off the jewelry, Mohan says Damini cannot do anything of the sort but Damini replies she can do anything, she warns they should take off the jewelry otherwise she will have them arrested for stealing from her. Kaveri says they should listen to one thing clearly that till now everything belonged to Kadambari Devi but now belongs to Kaveri Devi, she angrily demands they should take off everything and leave this house.

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Kadambari mentions today she is remembering one idiom which they both learned in the same school, which is that they make a hole in the same pot from which they eat, Kaveri says even she is remembering one idiom which they used to learn in the school, kaveri says that kadambari does not have anything worth other then her tongue, she exclaims Kadambari should say whatever she desires and make any plans that she likes but the truth is that the reason because of which she came into this house has been fulfilled today. Kaveri smiling exclaims after today she will be the princess of this house while Kadambari the servant. Tulsi angrily yells at Kaveri Masi, when Kaveri demands that kadambari should take off everything. Kaveri asks if Kadambari did not hear it, kadambari does not move when Kaveri herself tries to snatch the jewelry but Kadambari angrily stops her, saying she must not even dare try to touch her. Kaveri says she has another idiom, meaning that kadambari has still not lost her attitude, kadambari starts removing the jewelry, Kadambari exclaims that Kaveri was calling her a beggar but is the one demanding the money. Kadambari removes all of her jewelry seeing which everyone is emotional but Kadambari without any resentment gives all of her jewelry, kaveri mentions she is seeing this much wealth for the first time, Damini asks her to stop talking but then Kaveri goes to Ketki asking if she has to ask her again, Rahul says that Kaveri is making a mistake when she warns that he should not dare say anything. Radha also removes all of the jewelry but Kaveri even demands the bangles, saying this is what called as to show the person their true position. Kaveri also demands that Gungun should also give her jewelry, Gungun refuses saying her father gave her this gift when Damini says he bought this from her wealth so she must take it, Kadambari requests Damini to let it be since Gungun is just a child. Radha says that Gungun should give Kaveri masi the jewelry since she has the real wealth of family, Gungun while crying also gives her jewelry.

Damini mentions she can still do a lot more and take even the clothes from their body, Radha angrily goes to Damini asking if she does not have any regard since an aunt is also like a mother. Damini says she does not feel bad as she was about to kill her own mother, kaveri exclaims that Radha is just a small devil but her daughter is the actual devil who can go to any level to take revenge from anyone who goes against her, Devika is smiling. Kaveri asks Damini to come as they have taken all of the jewelry when Damini replies still one piece of jewelry is left which is the Mangal Sutur of Radha, hearing this everyone is shocked while Radha gets furious.