Radha Mohan 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha reaches the temple of Guru maa while following Damini and Kaveri


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Damini suggests they should wait till everyone is in deep sleep so for now they should go back to their own room, Kaveri agrees explaining she is not feeling well, as first the Chandelier fell and then the crow bit her. Radha realizes that Tulsi is in the custody of Guru maa, she has no 9idea in which condition would Tulsi be, she vows to teach kaveri and Damini a lesson but now must find Tulsi, she tells Mohan she is coming. Radha is walking in the hall thinking she must follow Damini and Kaveri if she has to protect Tulsi, but she cannot tell Mohan because he has no idea regarding the soul of Tulsi, but if Tulsi is trapped then who is doing all this with Damini. Radha reveals the flower and bandage in her hand before walking away towards her room, the photo frame of Tulsi starts cracking.

Mohan asks Radha why did she lie they are not scaring Damini, Radha asks when did she lie because she just said they did not the act of the Arthi with Damini, Mohan agrees but says they could have said her about the crow because she seemed very worried and if they tell her then she might even help her. Radha tells Mohan that Kadambari is very simple while both Damini and Kaveri are really clever who would force her to reveal the truth, even kaveri is the sister so t might ruin their plan. Mohan agrees that if anyone finds out then their entire plan would be ruined, he suggests they should sleep because they even have to plan something for tomorrow which is going to be even worse then today, Mohan vows that after six days it would be the end of Damini, Radha also assures that this time it would surely be the end of Damini, she asks Mohan to go to sleep and he also lies down on the bed. Radha is smiling looking at him when she also lies beside him but is waiting for him to fall asleep, she pretends to be asleep. Radha is thinking about how Kadambari warned her to not talk with Mohan regarding Tulsi, she is not able to stop thinking how furious Kadambari got when she mentioned the name of Tulsi and then even found the bandage along with the flower. Radha wonders how can she tell kadambari the entire truth when she suspects her for whatever is happening with Damini, Radha wonders why is Maa je lying to them when they have the same aim, so what would she get after lying to them, Radha exclaims she has a lot of questions but no answer however must protect Tulsi. Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee for help.

In the middle of the night Damini and Kaveri step out of their room when Kaveri suggest this house has started becoming a ghost house, Damini says it has been a ghost house for a very long time because Tulsi has been living here Damini notices how Kaveri is about to scream and so she covers her mouth, Kaveri points to the mirror where Damini sees herself, she gets angry questioning if Kaveri thinks of her as a ghost, Damini and Kaveri leave when Radha stands up thinking they both are going to take her to Tulsi, she requests Ba kai Bihari jee to help her as she will surely free Tulsi under any circumstance. The person stands in front of the frame of Tulsi.

Guru maa is sitting when she throws the pieces of the vase, Damini gets shocked asking how did Tulsi get free when Guru maa mentions just like that, she shows the bottle in which she trapped Tulsi but it fell and she was freed. Damini says Guru maa is talking as if nothing big has happened because her entire plan rested on Guru maa trapping Tulsi, she suggests that Guru maa should have called her when Tulsi was freed. Kaveri blames that Guru maa was not able to keep Tulsi hostage, Damini says that if Guru maa cannot keep even a single Aatma at bay then should leave this job and search for something else, Kaveri explains that Damini is correct and she should remove all of the big rings when she does not know anything, Guru maa gets furious warning them both to remain in their limits otherwise she would do something which they will never forget, Damini asks her to not threaten her because Guru maa has taken a lot of money from her but even then did not do anything worthwhile, so what would she be able to do of her. Guru maa is arguing with Kaveri and Damini while Radha is slowly listening to their conversation, Radha is glad that Tulsi is free so she is the one behind everything going in the house, Radha wonders then why is Tulsi not talking to her, she is glad that Tulsi is fine so praises Ba Kai Bihari jee that Tulsi is fine. Radha thinks she should get away because if they see her then it would cause a very big problem, Radha accidentally causes the wooden table to fall which shocks Guru maa who signals them to calm down, kaveri asks if there is the ghost of anyone else, Guru maa is pointing at both Damini and Kaveri signaling them to leave but Kaveri tells Damini she will not come like this, however leave when guru maa signals them. Radha is running when her dupatta gets stuck in the trunk so she is trying her best to remove it, kaveri and Damini come out when they both are shocked to see that no one is present there, they start looking around. Rahda is behind the trunk holding her mouth, Damini is sure there was someone here but Kaveri replies it might have been a mouse. Kaveri asks Damini to come back inside and they return.

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Mohan wakes up in the middle of the night when she is shocked to see that Rahda is not by the bed side, he calls her however she does not reply. Mohan wonders where did Radha go so tries calling her.

Damini and kaveri enter when guru maa asks who was there, Damini says that no one was there just then the phone of Radha starts ringing so they get shocked, Damini is certain there is someone here, Radha is trying her best to end the call, Mohan is shocked that Radha ended the call, he gets up wondering where has Radha gone.

Guru maa herself walks out of the room, kaveri exclaims she herself went out and how many ghosts does she keep here, Damini requests her to stay quiet. Radha is hiding behind the trunk when she hears the foot steps of someone coming towards her, she slowly comes peeks to see who is there but is not able to see anyone. Radha slowly gets up when she is relieved that there is no one there but turning back is shocked to see Guru maa who holds from the neck, saying that she has got a very strong nose due to which she reached her but she is going to get punished for her mistake, Guru maa starts pushing Radha into the room, Kaveri and Damini both are shocked seeing her, Kaveri wonders what is Radha doing here, Damini replies that she came her after following them when Guru maa mentions that she will not leave here. Guru maa explains that she needed someone like her for so long, Damini is smiling as Guru maa says that she is now going to make a sacrificial offering and increase her powers even more, Damini is scared while Radha is worried.

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