Radha Mohan 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha and Mohan try to fight the terrorists


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Radha removes the curtain and sees that Gungun is very tensed so she runs over to her asking what has happened to her, Gungun promises she is fine but Radha asks her to say the truth and not lie hearing which Gungun gets worried.

Damini comes to sit beside Mohan in the plane asking how is he, she says that when beggars get even the gold bowl they still beg from it. Mohan asks what is she doing here following them, Damini asks him to not give himself so importance as she has a very important business meaning, Mohan asks Damini to give up this seat and go to sit on her own seat, Damini leaves saying that she does not care since Radha is illiterate. Mohan turning informs Kadmabari that he is also worried because till Damini is around them then Gungun would not be fine, Kadambari says even she is worried. The air hostess tries to interfere but Radha stops her from talking, then the air hostess points a gun at them seeing which Radha is shocked. Mohan asks her what has happened but Radha is not able to say anything meanwhile Bunty along with his accomplice goes to point the gun on the head of Radha seeing which Mohan is shocked and tries to get up but Bunty comes to him demanding that he should sit down, seeing this all the passengers in the air plane are scared when kadambari asks Bunty what is he doing here, she then requests Mohan to sit down when the terrorists explain this plane has been hijacked hearing which Damini is shocked along with everyone else who are on the plane. They threaten to kill anyone who tries to be clever, Radha calls to Mohan who signals her to be quiet when the terrorists asks Radha and Gungun to start walking so they enter the main cabin. Kadambari quickly hugs Gungun asking if she is fine. Radha whispers to Mohan that he is Bunty hearing which even Mohan is shocked so asks what are they all doing, Mahant jee requests that they let them all go but he slaps the Mahant, Kadambari question why are they hitting the Mahant when the terrorist is about to hit Kadambari but Mohan interferes is hit in the back with the gun, the air hostess goes to check all of the passengers while everyone is really worried, one of the girl tries to leave secretly but she is caught by the air hostess. A person from the staff slowly crawls over to the front but Bunty notices him so they also catch him, the terrorist says they warned him to sit down but he did not listen so it is not his mistake. The terrorists points his gun at the staff who is assuring he made a mistake and would not do it again. But the terrorist fires the bullet killing the staff member, they all cover the eyes of the children so they cannot see the dead body. Damini is also terrified wondering what might happen as she would have to suffer and what if she gets hit by a bullet, she starts praying.

Radha is terrified seeing the dead body so standing up questions how can they take the life of anyone innocent, Mohan also asks why are they doing it when the terrorist says that he has no idea of what they are capable off so points his un at Mohan, Radha asks him to let Mohan jee go when the Muslim scholar calls him Tabrez asking what is he doing when he replies he is neither Tabrez nor his student as they just used the name to get onto the plane but he assures that there is no need for the Molana jee to be worried while everyone else needs to be worried.

Damini thinks if they kill Radha right now then her pan would be fulfilled, Bunty seeing the opportunity threatens if he should kill Radha however Mohan not being able to bear it hits him in the stomach so Bunty falls on the other side, the terrorist threatens to see what he does with Radha but then Radha also manages to push him away and starts hitting him seeing which both of the remaining accomplices are shocked, Radha notices how the air hostess might hit Mohan from behind but Radha manages to push her back seeing which Damini is stunned. Mohan is fighting with two of the terrorists alone while everyone else is seating on their seats, they try their best to over power Mohan but he is able to fight with them. Bunt sees his un is placed beside him, Radha is also struggling with he air hostess and she makes sure the dagger is no longer in her hands, Mohan manages to push both of them against the partition and he starts beating them both while Gungun asks Mohan to beat them both even more, Radha is also fighting with the air hostess and manages to stop her from doing anything while Bunty is just looking for his gun. Kadambari asks what are they all doing since her son is fighting alone, Mohan says they are just four while they all are a lot in number and can easily defeat them, Damini does not have the courage to get up. Radha says mohan je is fight as their unity can become their strength and they can all defeat the terrorist easily so everyone should get up and help them but no one has the courage to get up, the wife of one of the couple stops her husband from getting up.

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Bunty thinks he has to do something quickly because if they all get one then the plan would be ruined, Bunty manages to get his gun and points it towards Mohan who is holding the other two, Bunty is standing just behind Mohan seeing which Radha gets scared so warns him, everyone else also gets tensed. Aman singh jee also gets up and manages to save Mohan while pushing Bunty away saying he still has a lot of strength, Bunty is furious and starts to fight but is once again thrown away by a single punch of Aman singh jee but the other terrorists tries to suffocate Aman singh jee when Mohan twists his head so pulls him back, he is still stopping them both and even pushes the gun away which goes past Bunty but onto the feet of a lady who is sitting there. Mohan requests her to pick up the gun but she is sitting there patiently without responding. Radha also asks her to pick the gun along with everyone else, the lady slowly reaches for the gun seeing which Bunty is shocked, she gets up so Bunty lifts both of his hands as if he is going to surrender demanding she should put down the gun, the lady slowly starts waling towards Bunty and Radha also runs to Mohan leaving the air hostess. The lady pushes Bunty away and points the gun at Radha seeing which they all are shocked, kadambari questions what is she doing and even Damini is confused while all the remaining passengers are scared. The terrorists start laughing when the lay removes her cap revealing that she is Mr X, she says that Mohan needs to let both of them go if he wants to save the life of is wife, the air hostess also gathers her breath and picking the knife rushes over to Radha against whose neck she places the dagger seeing which Kadambari is really scared. The air hostess asks Radha to come with her while Mohan demands she should let her go but then Mr X points the gun at Gungun so Mohan is even more scared and Mr X says she feels he does not love either his wife or his daughter because his one mistake would end the life of both his daughter and wife, Mohan is worried.