Radha Mohan 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini plans to ruin the relation of Radha and Mohan


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In the morning Kaveri holding the hair of Damini exclaims Tulsi cut these hair because of Radha so she vows to take her life, Damini coming requests her to calm down assuring that she is fine, kaveri swears on her daughter that she will throw Radha out of this house by holding her hair, she vows to take the revenge of each of her loss, Damini mentions they were losing because they always targeted Radha and Gungun however this time they will target the root of the relation of Radha, Mohan and Gungun, Kaveri says she just wants to take the life of Radha, Damini says she can get it but they have to hit the mark, she informs Gungun is the soul of the relation between Radha and Mohan but this time they will ruin the relation of Radha and Gungun, kaveri asks if she has lost her mind since Gungun considers Radha her Bhagwan and nothing wrong would ever happen. Damini requests her to think for a moment asking even if Tulsi did not say it herself, Kaveri does not understand the reason wen the door bell rings and Damini says that the mother of Tulsi has come to talk with her daughter.

Radha opens the door and is glad to see the mother of Tulsi, she greets her asking why did she come after so many days. Gungun also rushes to meet her Grandmother who apologizes for getting late by a day but came to wish her Grand daughter, Kaveri asks if she is the plan of Damini since she is already in support of Radha and has even considered her as her daughter. Mohan also comes to take her blessings but seeing her reactions exclaims that he feels she is still angry with him when he thought that she had forgotten everything, Gungun is very excited seeing the gifts, Radha exclaims the person would not be able to see anything so she takes some gifts from him but is shocked to see that he is the uncle of Gungun. Mohan gets furious questioning what is he doing here, Radha stops Mohan mentioning he can bear the uncle of Gungun for this one day. Mohan asks them both to come into the house. Kaveri says she sometimes is forced to think if Damini is actually her daughter, she explains that the mother of Tulsi is already supporting Radha while the uncle of Gungun has already been beaten from Mohan. Damini smiles saying that she has played her mark on Tulsi, Kaveri replies that Tulsi has already died so how can they use her to fulfill their plan, Damini requests her to wait for some time.

Kadambari also comes to greet the mother of Tulsi along with Vishwaniyat, she says she is fine but prays that Radha would also be fine. Kadambari says that she must not be worried for Radha as she is now their daughter and they will take care of her. The mother of Tulsi sits on the couch mentioning she sometimes feels bad for Radha as how did she get trapped with such people, Mohan feels offended but Radha whispers him to bear it for some time. Gungun tells Ketki how she feels that her Grandmother has come here to scold her father. She asks Radha to come and sit with her, mentioning she is glad that Gungun considers her as her mother but what did she get in return, a husband who does not do any work, but Mohan replies he has started going to office, she says that he used to kill insects in the house and would do the same in the office. Mohan asks in what way is she talking with him, Radha replies that Mohan is the one who does a lot of work in the office but is really hardworking, she says he also takes care of her a lot these days both in the house and the office. Radha says she has joined the office, the mother of Tulsi starts blaming the Trivedi family for forcing her daughter to first work in the house and now even in the office, she says that Kadambari has been working in the office for a very long period of time while Vishwaniyat stays home, hearing this he leaves saying he has remembered some important work, Mohan whispers Vishwaniyat was smiling when he was being blamed but left when it came onto him. She says even Rahul does not do any work, but he replies he does the most important work which is to chill. Narmada says Rahul only lives to chill. Radha mentions she must now come to the office so she can see how wrong she is since Mohan has taken charge of the entire office while both Rahul and Vishwaniyat have taken over a lot of responsibilities of this house. Radha mentions she is glad she got married to this , Narmada says she is being forced to work a lot in this house. Radha slowly whispers t Tulsi jee mentioning she is very worried if another war starts between Narmada and Mohan.

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Narmada says that Mohan has such big eyes that can even scare a ghost, and he is also dark colors while has also gained some weight, she does not realize that Mohan is making faces behind her back, Narmada suddenly turns so Mohan gets shocked, saying he starts exercising whenever he gets the time. Radha also agrees with Mohan but is very tensed, kadambari starts smiling. Mohan says that Kans is also younger then him but would gain weight just like him, he is really offended.

Damini calls Kans who asks where is she at the moment, the entire family gets worried when Kans immediately calls her Damudar jee saying he would call him later, Damini instructs him to complete the work, so he after ending the call asks for the bathroom. Kaveri does not understand when Damini says it is an excuse

Mohan tells Dulari to help Kans since he has gotten old but Kans is still young and might wet his pants, the entire family gets worried when kadambari asks Dulari to take him, Radha is very tensed. Dulari shows Kans the bathroom, he standing there asks Tulsi if she is present here, Tulsi gets very worried thinking he is calling her. She asks if he knows about her, Kans mentions he does not know why he feels that she is always around them whenever he comes to this house, as everything in this house reminds him of her.

Narmada opens the gifts which she bought for Gungun once by one, seeing them all Gungun gets very excited while Radha is also smiling. Naramada even opens a dress for Gungun along with some other gifts with which she can play, Gungun getting excited asks if all these gifts are for her, Narmada mentions she has an important gift for her, Damini starts smiling hearing it when Narmada tells Gungun that her Tulsi mama left this for her, Kaveri asks Damini what is this when she thinks it is what will cause the relationship of Radha and Mohan to be ruined.