Radha Mohan 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandra and Damini joins hands against Radha and Mohan


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Radha says she has to reveal the true face of Mandra jee in front of Dr Shiv, she says she met Shakti so she could be safe from Mandra je but now their hearts have joined with each other, Mohan recalls when Shakti called him as her brother in law. Radha vows she has to tell Dr Shiv about her and feels that the biggest threat to the love story of Dr Shiv and Shakti is Mandra jee who does not desire that they both should be one. Mohan tells Dr Shiv loves Shakti a lot so once this pooja ends, they are going to talk with Dr Shiv. Radha exclaims they have to tell them both the truth explaining how she feels this is why Ba kai Bihari jee assured they both meet each other.

Mandra is sitting with the ladies covering her face, she thinks if Radha and Mohan tell Shiv the truth about her then everything would be ruined, all of her efforts that have spanned on so many years would be ruined, Mandra thinks she has to stop them both before they tell the truth to Shiv and Shakti, even if she has to either take the correct path of the wrong one, she is going to end anyone who comes in her way either Radha Mohan or Shiv Shakti, Mandra angrily crushes a laddo when she standing up covers her face, Shakti is shocked seeing her from the other side of the hall and wonders if she is Mandra aunti, Shakti refutes what she has seen.

Mandra questions what is this behavior, she is shocked seeing Damini and asks what is she doing here, kaveri reveals their name, Mandra says she knows who is the lady, as she is Damini the business partner of Mohan. Damini reveals the entire truth to Mandra who says that Mohan left her and threw her out of the house which is why she is entering the house wearing a disguise to take revenge from Radha and Mohan. Damini says she has learned of her story but did not tell what story does she have with Radha Mohan, Mandra angrily exclaims Radha has ruined her life when kaveri exclaims she has also done the same to them. Damini asks what has Radha done to her, Mandra questions if she knows about her, Damini questions what relation does she have with Radha and all this situation, Mandra is glad that Radha has not revealed the trust to them all so it must remain a secret, Mandra says just as Radha Mohan are their enemies, just like that her family is about to get troubled, Mandra says that Radha knows a secret about her which if she tells anyone then it would ruin everything, Kaveri asks what secret when Mandra says that if she tells them then it would not be a secret, she asks Damini if Kaveri talks like this all the time. Damini mentions she has to also settle the score with Shakti and they say that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. Damini mentions she has a way which can sort their problem, kaveri pulls Damini to the corner mentioning she feels that Mandra is really clever so it would ruin them both. Damini explains that Gungun is constantly following them and if Gungun catches them before they take what they have come here for then it might ruin everything however she does not know Mandra

Kaveri going to Mandra exclaims they can help her so Radha and Mohan do not reveal the secret abut her but for that she also has to do a work for them, Damini reveals the entire plan to Mandra who is listening to her, Damini says that once Mandra does their work then this entire Trivedi house would be ruined. Damini asks if Mandra would be able to do it, Mandra says that Damini does not know Mandra Kayshup, once she finds out what she has done then would consider her as her Guru. Kaveri exclaims they have found their guru, Damini agrees saying they would go and stop Radha Mohan while she must go and bring their belonging from the third room upstairs. Kaveri warns Mandra to remain safe from Gungun as she is very clever, Mandra thinks that they have to make the crocodile their friend at times of need. Damini asks Kaveri to come as they have to go and stop Radha and Mohan from telling the truth to Shiv Shakti, Kaveri gets ready so signals her.

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Mandra leaves after covering herself when Kaveri tries to leave but Damini stops her explaining they need to find out what is the secret of Mandra as it would be helpful in the time of their need, kaveri praises Damini saying she thought of how they can even trouble someone who has not done anything wrong to them, Damini pulls Kaveri with her.

Shakti is preparing the decoration when Dr Shiv is looking at her, Radha tells Mohan how they both look good together when Mohan says just like them both, he explains how he feels they should tell Dr Shiv the truth about Mandra jee as quickly as possible.
Dr Shiv slowly walking behind Shakti touches her shoulder, she turns back to stare at him when the rose petals start falling on them, Dr Shiv slowly removes the petal from the hair of Shakti, they both keep staring at each other when Shakti gets a bit nervous. Radha also hugs Mohan tightly after seeing both Dr Shiv and Shakti standing together, Mohan says he has started doing romance when he asks if he should also do it but he refuses when Mohan says only then the flowers would fall on them. Radha tells that they both look good together, Mohan suggests they should go and tell the truth.

Mandra wonders what can they do since Mohan is going towards Dr Shiv, Damini says they have made a promise so cannot back out from it, Mohan say that he has to tell something important to him, Shakti pleads with Mohan to not reveal the truth right now but Dr Shiv says that these are bad manners, Mohan is about to reveal the truth when Damini starts walking towards them in her disguise while still holding the knife in her hand, Mandra gets worried thinking she is really about to stab them, Kaveri mentions her daughter has become really dangerous. Damini angrily keeps walking towards Radha, she slowly pulls out her knife and is about to stab her but Mandra stops her signaling she must not do it. Kaveri says she heard that the dance is about to start in some time and Mohan should go and get ready as the event is about to start. Shakti notices something strange about Damini so wonders why does she seem so familiar, she slowly walks to the other side but Mandra also keeps her face covered. The guests ask them to go and get ready. Kadambari coming mentions that everyone is saying the truth, Mohan says then they would have to do it so she instructs both Radha and Shakti to go an get ready. Kadambari even asks Mohan to take Dr Shiv, he says that today is his birthday but Kadambari explains he would have to dance. Tulsi thinks that there would be dance in the house after so many days.

Mandra angrily questions if Damini had lost her mind and how could she take out the knife like this, Damini asks why is Mandra so worried about Radha or is she her relative, Mandra explains everyone gets in a problem when they kill someone publicly, Mandra says she thought Damini had such sense but she was wrong, Kaveri exclaims that she first went after Gungun and now Radha. Damini angrily says she has gotten mad but both Mandra and Kaveri warn her to remain calm, Tulsi wonders what is this noise. Damini assures that they would do her work but she must do what they need, Mandra leaves warning they must not make any mistake this time, Damini gets furious when Kaveri says they have to do something, Damini informs they have to find out regarding the connection between Radha and Mandra jee as the secret is going to be really helpful for them, Damini asks Kaveri to come as they have to end the game of Radha, kaveri agrees informing it would be their way because they are going to use a way which will even kill Radha and the only to be blamed will be Mandra, Kaveri starts laughing, Damini gets scared so stops here