Radha Mohan 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha gets curious thinking who is scaring Damini


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Guru maa says that after seven days from today would be the last day of her life, Damini is walking towards the room telling her mother she is surely going to find out who is behind it all and asks her to witness it. Damini is standing against the door. Mohan tells Radha that it was a good day when she sees Damini listening from the door, Radha exclaims she felt very nice because that old lady Kaveri got what she deserved, Mohan asks what happened when Radha whispers that Damini is at the door. Mohan asks Radha to not say anything because he is worried as Maa told him that black crow is a sign of death, Radha says then the crow should go after Damini because she would perform the ritual at Ganga, Mohan says that Damini is his biggest friend and he would not hear anything against her, Radha and Mohan are smiling. Damini tells Kaveri how she told her that Mohan is changing, she is shocked to see the portrait of Tulsi following her when she gets hit in the head by a wooden stick, Radha and Mohan are shocked hearing the noise. Radha asks Mohan to come as they would see what is happening, they are shocked to not find anyone outside, Mohan asks Radha what did she do because there is no one here, Radha replies that she saw the face of Damini however Mohan does not believe her, Radha replies that she is his wife and would never scare him, she is sure that she saw her shadow. Mohan asks Radha to come inside as he would now scare her, they both enter the room.

Ajeet and Ketki are sleeping in their room when ketki wakes up after hearing the sound of someone walking in their house, Kaveri also gets scared hearing the noise, Rahul is watching television in his room when he also gets worried by the noise. Radha and Mohan are also not able to comprehend the noise, Ketki calls Ajeet who says he is not I the mood as he is very scared, Ketki asks Ajeet if he can hear the sound of the bells in the house, Ajeet wakes up saying Ketki never wears the bells, Kaveri also wonders who is wearing the bells in their house. Radha is not able to understand because she first saw the shadow and now the sound of the bells, Radha wonders if it is Tulsi. Rahul while sitting on the chair sees a shadow outside his room and wonders who is there, he walks out of the room. Ajeet is scared wondering who is there, ketki exclaims she is very scared when Ajeet also says he is scared. Kaveri thinks of checking it so slowly gets ip from her bed, she while checking the room starts walking when she sees the decoration moving, she wonders why is it moving along with the sound of the bells. Kaveri then goes back to sleep in her bed.

Rahul opens the door of his room and looks around in the house, he tries to see but thinks there was someone here however when he is not able to find anyone the locks the door,

Radha tells Mohan she will go and check when Mohan asks her to wait as he is scared, she says that he should sleep while she will come back after checking, Mohan says she can do a lot of things other then hitting him, Radha replies she must check otherwise Shalu would come and sit outside their room, Mohan gets scared so tells Radha that he is not going to let her go when Mohan asks him to go to sleep. Radha is signing the bed time song for Mohan who rests his head against her shoulder Radha also falls asleep with him.

Is sleeping when there is something that caused the window to open, there is a shadow over Radha and Mohan which slowly goes to open the door.

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Damini is still unconscious lying behind the couch, she is being dragged from her hand without being noticed by anyone when the smoke starts building in the house due to which she wakes up, Damini is shocked to see that she is on a stretcher with a pot placed beside her and a black cat. Damini suddenly sees the white sheet placed on her body so gets worried, she turns back to see the Mala on her photo. Damini tries to run when she falls on the floor and the Mala falls around her shoulder, Damini starts shivering so she calls Mohan and is running out of the room requesting Mohan to help her, she even causes the vases to fall and rushes in the room asking Mohan to help her. Kaveri also comes along with the rest of the family asking what happened, Rahul questions why is she so tensed. Damini talks of the Arti and the photo, Damini pulls Mohan asking him to come with her when she goes outside and is shocked to see that there is nothing there, the entire Trivedi family is looking for the proof when Damini says that everything was right here an where did it go, Mohan asks what was here, Damini goes to the other side explaining that she was standing here while the photo of Tulsi was hanging in mid air, everyone gets worried trying to comprehend what she is saying, Damini says then she was lying on her Arthi, Kadambari is shocked hearing it, while when she tried to run away then the Mala fell on her neck. Radha along with the rest of them start laughing at r, Damini starts shouting at them to stop as she is not joking but they donot listen to anything she is saying and keep on laughing, Damini asks why are they laughing. Mohan is also not able to believe it, Damini assures she is saying the truth, Mohan calms Damini asking what happened to her, he says that Gungun would get scared. Gungun tells Mohan she is not scared, but asks him to talk some senses in Damini, as she must not lie taking the name of her mother. Damini replies she is not lying and speaking the truth, because everything was present here. Mohan asks if it was all here then where did it go. Mohan tells Damini that she has woken up from a deep sleep as she was in a trauma and might have seen a bad dream. Radha tells Mohan how she feels Damini is mentally unstable which is why she is talking such nonsense, Damini angrily warns Radha to mind her language asking how did she dare call her mental as she can prove she is telling the truth, Radha agrees asking Damini to prove it as they all are standing here. Damini points to the corner which has the smoke, Damini asks if they all believe her now as the smoke was everywhere in the house, Mohan also asks from where did the smoke come, Dulari informs it is due to her as she forgot to close the window and there is smoke everywhere in the house, but Damini thinks of it as smoke. Damini says she is not stupid and can understand the difference, so pleads with Mohan to believe what she is saying as she is not mental. Mohan angrily asks them all to stop as they have had enough of the joke, Mohan tells he does not know what Damini has seen but she must rest assured as he is by her side and would not let anything happen to her, he asks if she trusts him or not, Radha thinks if this is not the thought of Damini and someone is actually doing it to her then who is behind it all, she asks Tulsi if she is the one doing it, Radha is worried.