Radha Mohan 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: The judge frees Radha from the murder charges


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Mohan is explaining the entire situation to the inspector, Damini exclaims he has indeed come here but would still not be able to save Radha as she is surely going to be hanged. Mohan requests the Inspector to order the person to remove the black covering so the person removes the cover from the face of Radha, she says he has finally saved her when Mohan thinks he had to save her as he would not be able to live without her.

Damini notices how Mohan is requesting the inspector, she slowly starts walking towards the raised stage and forcefully pushes the lever which opens the latch because of Radha gets hanged, Mohan starts running with all his strength to grab Radha just as she is about to be hanged, kaveri and Bhushan both get furious exclaiming they are not able to do even a single work properly Mohan while still holding Radha in his arms, removes the rope from around her neck and manages to pull Radha out of the latch. Damini is furious seeing how Mohan has saved Radha.

Mohan and Radha are on the floor together when they get emotional seeing each other and Mohan hugs Radha, saying how they were saved by just an inch otherwise she would have been hanged. Mohan kisses Radha on the forehead after which they both stand with a smile on their face. Mohan gets really emotional so he frees the hands of Radha from the ropes with which they were tied, they both once again hug each other tightly. Mohan starts crying, Radha says she told him that he and her Ba Kai Bihari jee would save her, Mohan says he would also die if something happens to her when he asks if she is fine, Radha replies she is perfect.

The inspector angrily asks why did he pull the lever when the person says he did not pull it, Mohan and Radha both say at once that Damini pulled the lever, kaveri whispers to Damini how both Radha and Mohan would hang them so they try to run quickly. Damini and Kaveri are shocked when the magistrate enters the location with Shekar and the rest of the Trivedi family, Kadambari angrily stares at them both so they get scared a lot. Damini an Kaveri both start walking backwards. Gungun seeing her Ramaa immediately runs to hug her, Radha also embraces Gungun as her mother, Gungun also starts crying when Radha asks why is she crying as she is perfectly fine, as she told her that her Mohan jee and Ba Kai Bihari jee would surely save her. Mohan says that he would have saved her when he completely frees her today.

The Magistrate says that she knows Mohan has a law degree but is not a practicing lawyer so should he take such a big risk, Mohan replies he does not want to lose which is why he is fighting the case himself, as they say that nothing can defeat love. Radha exclaims that Mohan is the only one who can protect her. Mohan says they know Radha was sentenced for murdering Tulsi and I was all based on the letters that Tulsi wrote but they should also be proven false, Mohan picks the parchment mentioning that this is the proof which Tulsi supposedly wrote, the prosecutor says that they are just some wet papers. Mohan says they got wet because he was attacked which was an attempt to stop him from coming here. Mohan says that everyone forgot that he is a lot clever then from them all which is why he kept one letter in the car as he was aware something like this would happen. Mohan picks the last letter revealing this is the last letter, Damini mentions that nothing would be proven as she has ended all the evidence. The prosecutor asks what does he want to prove now that forensic has been done, Mohan says he is trying to prove that these letters are fake because these letters were written just a few days ago and not seven years. The prosecutor asks how can he say it, Mohan replies these letters are saying it themselves.

Mohan picks the Trivedi publications used to import all of its papers from China and after 2020 they started using local papers which means that this is a local paper and not an imported one, the prosecutor asks how does he know it. Mohan replies he is a publisher so knows what is the type of the paper. Mohan replies he has brought solid proof with him, he goes to the judge showing the papers which they used before 2020 and the second one after the year 2020, he says the judge should look at the watermark of Made In India, Damini and Kaveri both are really worried. Mohan says both these things did not exist before 2021 and if Tulsi died in the year 2016 then how could she write these letters, Kadambari angrily looks to Damini who is worried. Mohan explains they always discussed the letters but not the paper, he explains had he not presented the evidence then an innocent would have been hanged today, Shekar presents all the evidence relating to the papers and the letter. The judge opens the forensic reports and the rest of the evidence, she after looking at them agrees with Mohan explains this means the letters are fake, Mohan says they are forged. The Judge passes the judgment that Radha is proven innocent regarding this case and she is released with full honor, hearing this everyone is delighted so Radha stands to Kadambari and then Gungun runs to hug her Ramaa.

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Damini along with Bhushan and kaveri are furious.

The judge congratulates Mohan and Radha, Mohan replies he will accept it when he makes sure the real culprit gets punished, he explains now that it has been proven Tulsi did not write these letters then the questions arises who wrote them and pulled the lever to try and kill Radha, who would benefit from the absence of Radha and even kidnapped him, even got his family arrested without a proper warrant. Mohan says all these questions point to a single name which is Damini Bharadwaj, hearing this Damini and Kaveri both are shocked. Mohan requests to file cases against Damini, to trap Radha in a fake murder case and to harass his family, while even trying to kill Radha. Tulsi exclaims and to kill her, Radha also whispers and to even kill Tulsi.

The prosecutor asks what is proof does Mohan have against her client, Mohan says he is the proof which in legal term is eye witness, he explains he has seen Damini trying to kill Radha. The prosecutor says that she knew they will try to blame everything on her client Damini, but she must remind everyone that this is a special hearing and they should go and file a case against her client Damini in the proper manner after which they will even fight and win the case. The judge agrees with the prosecutor saying Mohan has to use the due process. Mohan going to Damini warns she must start counting her time, explaining Radha was in the jail for seven days but now she will spend the rest of her life in jail. Mohan explains they only had one relation which was of friendship but now he is going to also end it, he explains that he does not to even see her near his family as she is a black demon for his family. Mohan says tomorrow is JanMashtri which he will celebrate with his family in full enjoyment but does not want anyone like them, he says he is removing them from their house and family after today. Mohan turning to the judge appreciates her, he goes to stand beside Radha asking what does she desire, she says she wants the sour when Mohan asks her to come as he will give them to her. Mohan hugs Radha asking kadambari fi they should leave, he walks leaving Kaveri and Damini.

Kaveri explains Mohan left and along with that their house while now everything is ruined, Damini starts laughing sitting when kaveri questions if she has gotten mad, kaveri replies she is smiling because Kaveri is an idiot and Damini never makes just a single plan but rather has a lot of other plans, she explains the Trivedi should celebrate the JanMashtri because after that there is not going to be any celebration, this will be their last event in Trivedi house.