Radha Mohan 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan starts his plan to force a confession from Damini


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Damini tells Mohan she would not be able to walk as her feet is injured, Mohan replies then he would do it so he picks Damini, she thinks Radha wanted to oust her from this house but would find out very soon who would live in this house. Radha is stunned as Mohan leaves while holding Damini in his hand, she is not able to believe it. Ajeet asks Kaveri to not be worried as everything happens for the good so Kaveri replies that he is right as Mohan picked her daughter after so many days. Radha is frustrated saying that has Mohan jee not gone too far.

Radha and Kadambari are worried looking at the Chandelier, Ketki asks kadambari how did it fall and Ajeet says at the right moment. Radha is trying to think when she suddenly feels gush of wind blowing from her side.

Kaveri is applying the medicine when Mohan brings the water for Damini, she is really tensed telling him how no one would be happy with her return because everyone is her enemy and they have even tried to kill her, so the Chandelier fell today and who knows what will happen tomorrow. Mohan replies that the Chandelier is very old so it fell but he holds her hand asking why is she worried as he would always take care of her. Damini thanks Mohan saying that he has really stood for her so she prays he is always by her side. Mohan gets up to help Damini rest on her and leaves asking her to call him if she needs anything. Kaveri comes to Damini who sits up on her bed, Kaveri says she is not able to believe how Mohan has really fallen in love with her, Damini explains tat kaveri should get used as a lot of things would happen which she will not be able to believe, Damini exclaims she will force Mohan to come close to her and then go near him. Kaveri asks Damini to tell the truth that she purposefully caused the Chandelier to fall, Damini asks if Kaveri thinks she is mad as she accepts she loves Mohan a lot but would never risk her own life for it, Kaveri asks if she did not cause the Chandelier to fall then who did it, Damini is worried.

Mohan tells Radha he could not believe she would do anything of the sort as their plan was to make sure Damini confesses to the murder of Tulsi, he had no idea Radha would make such a plan as anyone from their family could have gotten hurt. Radha is shocked asking Mohan if he really thinks she can do anything of the sort, Mohan asks if she did not cause the chandelier to fall, Radha replies she accepts she hates Damini but can never become like her. Mohan says that they have to think if he is not the one to do it and Radha is also not involved then who did it. Radha remembers how Tulsi slapped Damini, she wonders if Tulsi is in the house then why did she not talk with her.

Damini explains there are only two people in this house who can do it, Radha or Tulsi and they have taken care of Tulsi then Radha would have done it. Kaveri mentions she might be right as Radha was furious when Mohan was bringing them back into the house. Damini explains that if Radha has done it cause to them then she would surely do something even worse that will get her killed. The window opens by herself which shocks Kaveri, Damini is amazed seeing the winds blowing towards her. Kaveri warns Damini to not talk about killing in front of her as if anyone hears it in this house then it would cause a lot of problem.

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Kadambari is applying the bandage on the injury when Radha enters the kitchen asking what happened, kadambari replies she was not paying attention whole cutting the fruits for Gungun, Radha immediately takes out the first aid box, Kadmabari says it is very small but Radha replies it would still be hurting so Radha starts applying the ointment when kadambari assures she is fine but Radha bandages it completely assuring it would be fine. Radha tells Kadambari she is not able to find out anything about Tulsi and is very worried, kadambari says that Radha has sot her mind and she must stop talking about Tulsi in this house, kadambari explains that even the souls have some life because of their purpose, she says that the desire of Tulsi was to make sure that Gungun gets a nice mother and Mohan gets a good wife so she says that they should not talk about the dead, which is why Radha should stop talking about the dead as she will not warn her again. Radha wonders what has happened to Kadambari and why is she behaving as if she is not bothered by it.

In the morning Radha is cleaning the bed when she is is moved by a weird smell so turning to Mohan is shocked and asks what is it in his hand, he says they would need it for their plan when Mohan asks Radha to go and do it. Radha asks Mohan to do it himself as it is already smelling when Mohan replies if he will have to put it then who would divert the attention of Damini. Mohan threatens to put the bag in the mouth of Damini. Radha asks him what is he making her do, Mohan says that today is the first day of the war which they have started against Damini and he wants to make sure she gets punished, Radha replies that it would happen just as he desires as the pot of crime of Damini has filled.

Kaveri is getting ready in the room when she is shocked by the smell and wonders if anything has died in the house, she is searching for the cause of the smell but not able to find anything. Kaveri keeps searching thinking she cannot find anything and even nothing has died, Kaveri sees a crow sitting on the window and so thinks how did it come here. Kaveri tries to force the crow to leave but it keeps sitting on the window.

Kadambari is preparing the Thali in the Mandir when Mohan brings Damini explaining she is going to start a new life in this house and with her arrival they got rid of such a big problem. Mohan asks Damini to enter when ketki questions why is he helping her enter the Mandir, kadambari stops Ketki and turning to Damini mentions she does not want any drama in this pooja, explaining they should prepare for the Arti till Radha arrives. Kadambari after turning continues with the preparation. Kadambari is not able to light the match when Radha stops her saying she would do it. Gungun also starts smiling seeing Radha who immediately lights the Diya. Damini requests Radha to wait for a little while as her mother is just coming, Radha asks if Bhagwan has ever waited for the devil as she does not care about her mother, she will start the pooja since her entire family is present here when Mohan says that kaveri masi is also a member of this family and they should wait for her. Radha tries to argue when Mohan angrily says he has said it. Kadambari also signals Radha who is forced to accept the decision of Mohan.

Kaveri keeps urging the crow to leave but it attacks Kaveri who starts screaming, Damini says that it is the voice of her mother so Radha also turns back.