Radha Mohan 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan attains the proof to save Radha


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The constable asks Radha to come since it is time, Radha with a smile on her face walks out of the cell where she signs the register, the constable is crying so Radha asks the reason for it. The constable says whenever an innocent is about to be hanged she does not feel nice, Radha asks her to not be worried as just like her even Ba Kai Bihari jee knows it so would not let anything happen to her while her husband would surely save her, Radha is adamant .

Kadambari along with the family rushes into the cabin of the Inspector who questions how did they enter without seeking permission, Kadambari mentions that Radha is about be hanged very soon so can she allow Gungun to meet her mother but the Inspector replies it cannot happen as they are not allowed to meet the prisoner who is about to be hanged, the entire family starts requesting the Inspector when Ajeet also exclaims that she might not be able to meet her mother ever again. Gungun starts getting a panic attack saying they would kill her Ramaa, she does not listen to anyone but keeps saying they will kill her, Kadambari hugs Gungun mentioning Ba kai Bihari jee cannot take her mother twice from her. The Inspector requests them to take care of Gungun and leave from the office. Ketki informs if anyone can do anything then he is Mohan Bhai. Ajeet mentions they have even less then an hour so he also prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee.

The constable enters the location where the rope is hanging from the structure while a person is standing beside it, Damini and Bhushan are both standing with kaveri and Mohit, who exclaims that very soon this girl is going to be hanged from the rope. Damini tells Radha she told her that whoever comes between her and Mohan would leave this world, today it is the death of Radha while her day to win. Radha turning to Damini starts smiling, saying what she is thinking as her victory would become her defeat very soon since her Mohan jee is surely going to come and save her with Ba Kai Bihari jee. Damini asks Kaveri why is she smiling when Kaveri replies how can she know. Damini gets a call from someone who informs about the situation, hearing which Damini is shocked when Radha asks if her Mohan jee is coming to save her, Bhushan questions Damini if Radha is telling the truth and she nods, Bhushan says that if he comes then their plan would be ruined, Damini tells Mohit how she has always stopped him from harming Mohan but today is ordering him to do whatever he desires but stop Mohan from coming here, Mohit vows that he will use every possible method but not let Mohan come here. Bhushan also calls the minister seeing which Radha prays that Mohan jee should remain safe.

Mohan stops his car but then it suddenly starts raining, he places the envelope inside his shirt and runs towards the location but is stopped by Raja and Mohit along with the criminals, Mohit asks if Mohan is going to save Radha but mentions this time even her angels cannot save her, Mohan warns if Mohit desires his safety then should let him go, they can fight some other time. Mohit orders Raja that Mohan has the letter so they should take it from his pocket. Mohan remembers when Radha mentioned she trusts he would not let anything happen to her, Raja tries his best to take out the letters but Mohan starts struggling with him, they both struggle for the letters when Mohan manages to push Raja backwards, his men seeing the opportunity start beating Mohan.

The doctors are advising Radha about the procedure, Mohan falls on the ground after being beaten and the letters fall from his hands. Mohan starts kneeling towards the letters when Raja places his feet over the injured hand of Mohan, who screams from pain while they keep beating him with the feet.

Damini is staring at Radha whose hands are tied, Damini gets a video of Mohit along with Raja and his men beating Mohan, she apologizes to Mohan as he would be hurting but it is nothing to be concerned about as once Radha dies then she will herself apply the bandage on his injuries, Radha is tensed, Damini thinks she should talk with Radha for the last time. Damini walks over to Radha saying that death is standing in front of her while her hands are tied and even her eyes will close very soon so it is time to be afraid, Radha replies the one who has done wrong but she only has trust in her heart, Damini replies she does not want to talk with her anymore and is going to leave her alone in her last moments, Radha replies that no matter what man desires only what Kana jee desires happens in the world.

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Mohan is still being beaten when Raja picks the envelope staring at Mohan, who tries to take it but they all start throwing it towards each other so they can tease Mohan who is not able to fight properly as he is tired, Mohit instructs them to keep beating Mohan and even break his bones, Mohan once again falls down on the ground. Radha says Damini should wait to see how he changes the entire situation and game.

Raja picking the letters starts tearing the letters when Mohit instructs Rada to tear all the letters, Mohan thinks about what Radha told him how he should keep fighting, he pushes everyone away with his force seeing which Raja and Mohit are shcoked.

Radha tells Damini that JanMashtri is the day after tomorrow and she knows he will never let down his Bhagt, Mohit seeing Mohan beating everyone gets scared as Mohan pushes Raja away with only his feet, Mohit does not know what to do, Mohan keeps beating anyone who comes to fight him, he with all his force starts hitting the arm of Raja, who after a few punches is not even able to stand up, Mohan quickly picks up all the letters, Mohit stands in front of Mohan who angrily looks at him.

Radha says she will celebrate the birthday of her husband Mohan jee and Ba Kai Bihari jee with her entire family. The constable asks them to bring Radha who starts walking towards the rope praying how she knows Mohan jee will surely come to save her. Mohan runs inside after beating Mohit.

Mohan reaches the main door of the central jail and starts knocking on the door demanding they should open the door as he has to stop this hanging, Radha hearing the voice of Mohan exclaims her Mohan jee has come back.

Kaveri tells Damini that her Mohan has returned and he will surely save Radha, Damini replies Mohan would not be able to do anything as Radha is standing beside the hanging rope, Damini explains once Radha dies here then even his screams would end, Damini seeing the person covering the face of Radha explains Mohan will not be able to save her. Damini further says she desired to see fear of death in the eyes of Radha but she is still smiling Bhushan informs Radha has gotten traumatized as her Ba kai Bihari jee was not able to save her.

Damini seeing Radha’s face covered in the black cap thinks of all the moments when Radha came between Mohan and her love, she exclaims it was at that moment when she wrote death in her fate. Damini looking at the time mentions it is the end of Radha.

Mohan starts driving towards the door of the central jail while Mohit is tied to the front of his car, the Inspector says that it is time. Mohan is still driving seeing which the constables are shcoked and do not know what to do, the person is about to move the lever. The constables rush to open the door seeing Mohan driving straight towards the door. Mohan manages to enter the jail and he straight comes to stop his car in the hanging spot. Mohan demands they should stop as he has the order of the magistrate to stop this hanging. Bhushan says Damini mentioned Mohan will not be able to come inside but he came with Mohit tied to the front of his car.

Mohan requests the person to remove his hands seeing which the lady Inspector questions what is going on here, Mohan runs to her informing that the magistrate ordered them to stop this hanging and his lawyer is coming with her to the central jail where they will present the evidence to save Radha. The Inspector is shocked asking if it is true, Damini angrily exclaims Mohan came here but would not be able to save Radha as she will surely be hanged and it would be fun to watch when her neck breaks in front of Mohan.