Radha Mohan 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Tulsi manages to break free from the trap


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Radha opens the door when she is shocked to see Damini and Kaveri, she notices how Mohan winks at her so realizes the plan that they made, Radha pretends to be frustrated and angrily asks Mohan what is he doing and why did he bring them both with him. Mohan replies this house also belongs to them hearing which the entire Trivedi family is shocked, he further says they are going to stay here hearing which Radha is shocked, Mohan asks Damini to be careful then enters leaving Radha standing at the door, Kaveri angrily stares at Radha standing beside her then walks with a smile on her face, Radha closes the door behind them. Mohan is helping Damini asking her to be careful, Radha stops Mohan from behind, questioning what is he doing because he knows Kaveri and Damini are very big enemies of their family but even then he brought them back to the house. Radha asks if he forgot they are the enemies, Mohan replies Damini is his best friend who saved his life without worrying for her own life, Damini is smiling when ketki explains that he cannot bring Damini like this when he has done a lot for her, Mohan tries to argue when Ajeet says that he is older then him so he is going to hold his hands together and explains both kaveri and Damini cannot stay in this house. Rahul also insists that Mohan cannot keep them both, even Gungun says that papa cannot allow this stupid Damini to stay here. Mohan questions where is Maa, Radha gets worried mentioning she was here o Mohan says that if Maa was present here then would agree, kadmabari standing behind them explains she would surely agree with his decision.

Radha is shocked seeing Kadambari who angrily walks to stand in font of Mohan mentioning she agrees with him, Radha along with everyone else are not able to believe it. Kadambari explains that kaveri would not be able to take care of Damini and whatever she has done with this family, she has regretted them all when she saved the life of Mohan so she allows both kaveri and Damini to stay in this house. Radha s is not able to say anything when kadmabari turns towards her and explains that Kaveri and Damini would stay in this house. Radha accepts the decision of Kadambari and Mohan jee assuring she is not going to say anything, Radha warns that if Kaveri and Damini did anything wrong with anyone from their family, Kadmabari stops Radha assuring she would outs them both from this house before Radha even complains about them. Mohan turns to Ketki asking her to prepare the room of Damini and Kaveri while he asks Ajeet and Rahul to bring the bags from the car however they all leave apologizing to Mohan, Radha is also very furious with them, Mohan turns back while Damini wipes off her tears, Mohan says he will himself bring the bags, Damini stops Mohan asking if he is sure that all this is fine and will he become enemies with his own family due to her, Mohan asks Damini to not forget his name is Mohan Trivedi and no one can stand against him even if they are his own family. Mohan asks her to relax saying he is going to bring the belongings.

Kadambari asks both kaveri and Damini to sit down while they are going to get their room ready, she asks Radha to come with her and leaves Damini smiles looking at Radha but she leaves angrily. Tulsi is trapped in the glass container, she exclaims why did Mohan bring Damini and Kaveri masi even when they did a lot of bad things because Gungun is especially not safe with them both near them, Tulsi tries to struggle which causes the bottle to move however she is not able to get out, Tulsi prays to Ba kai Bihari jee for help.

Damini mentions there was a time when Mohan was against her but now he is against the entire family for her, kaveri says she did not believe in Damini at first but now feels her plan would surly be successful as Mohan has gotten mad after her. Damini asks Kaveri to look what happens in the future as it would be a lot of fun, Radha is listening to their conversation, she says that in MahaBharat there was a secret plan which today her Mohan jee has played, she exclaims Damini is habitual of planning so now must wait to see how they plan against her, she leaves. Damini and Kaveri both are sitting while Radha walking in the hall is calling Tulsi asking where is she, Tulsi exclaims that no one from the family is safe until they both are here and she feels they are planning something big, Tulsi keeps calling Radha Mohan to help her but they are not able to listen to her, Tulsi then starts calling Ba Kai Bihari jee. Tulsi exclaims she has till now not used her entire strength but today she will do anything possible to take revenge from Kaveri masi and Damini, she starts forcing the bottle to move on the table and thinks of causing it to fall from here, Tulsi manages to cause the bottle to fall. The windows in the room start moving, Radha is standing when she notices the sound of something moving, Damini and kaveri also get worried. Radha wonders from where is the sound coming from.

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Damini and Kaveri while sitting look up to see the Chandelier moving, they both get scared and so stand up, Gungun along with Ketki, Ajeet and Rahul also come after hearing the sound. The chandelier breaks while both kaveri and Damini are standing under it, Radha turns but the blood falls on her face, after hitting kaveri however Mohan has managed to save Damini. Radha is shocked, Rahul comes calling Kaveri when he sees that her hand has gotten injured, Kaveri is calling Damini who has hugged Mohan, Radha gets furious seeing them both together. Mohan is also stunned thinking how he managed to pull Damini before the Chandelier fell on them, Damini starts calling Mohan before crying when Mohan assures that she is fine. Kadambari runs to her sister asking her to stand up but she realizes that her hand has been injured. Kadambari apologizes to kaveri and asks Ajeet to help her but no one is prepared to help them, Ajeet asks Mohan if he is fine when Radha is stunned. Kadambari asks Kaveri if she is fine but she exclaims it is enough mentioning there is no need to act in front of them, as they both had cursed her and Damini a lot, Kadambari says Kaveri says anything so asks to look at her hand but Kaveri mentions she feels they have planned to kill them both, Radha is not able to believe it and Rahul asks kaveri what is she saying, kaveri replies she is sure they have caused the Chandelier to fall. Mohan asks why would they try to harm her and the injury is very small so would fill very soon while she should be glad that nothing happened to her daughter, he asks someone to bandage her. Radha gets furious seeing Damini who is just hugging him, Damini thanks Mohan for saving her life, Radha is furious demanding that Damini should leave her husband saying she never leaves a chance to hug her husband so asks her to leave Mohan jee. Mohan asks Damini if she is fine when she replies she would always be fine till he is hugging her, Mohan sees Radha is furious so asks her to stand up but then she screams from pain, Kaveri screams even louder. Radha asks why is Kaveri yelling, she replies because her daughter is hurt, Kadambari questions what is Mohan doing asking him Mohan ask what did she eat today, Damini says the potato filled tortilla, he jokes asking if she had to eat it today when Damini replies how could she have known the Chandelier would fall. Mohan asks Damini to praise Ba Kai Bihari jee and then stand up, she says she would not be able to walk as her feet have been injured when Mohan assures he is still present so he picks Damini which shocks everyone. Damini looking at Radha thinks she tried to oust her but now would see who is the one who leaves this house.