Radha Mohan 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan starts beating Bhushan in the jail


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Bhushan while walking with Damini says only what they desire is going to happen, they both are shocked to see Mohan standing in front of them, who says only what Ba Kai Bihari jee desires will happen. Mohan starts walking towards Bhushan and Damini while they both start walking backwards, Mohan angrily slaps Bhushan once again seeing which Damini is terrified when Mohan pushes Bhushan against the pillar saying he joined hands with Damini to take revenge from Radha, Damini tries to stop Mohan but he turns back towards her so she also gets scared, Bhushan tries to run away but Mohan keeps beating Bhushan so Damini runs away.

Ketki is crying when Ajeet asks her to calm down as he believes that Mohan bhai would surely protect and bring back Radha, Ketki replies if Mohan is not able to do it then they will also lose Radha just like Tulsi Bhabhi, Ketki informs she never got another friend like Tulsi Bhabhi after her death but now cannot even lose Radha. Ajeet says he does not like Ketki when she is so emotionally broken as she seems nice while arguing and fighting, Ajeet hugs her mentioning Ba Kai Bihari jee is on their side so he prays that he must help Mohan.

Damini quickly gets into her car when Mohan demands that she should open the door, Bhushan also gets in an auto and runs away when Mohan tries to follow them but Shekar runs out of the ail questioning where is he going, Shekar informs he has found a way to access the letters, Mohan explains they only have six hours to save Radha, Mohan rushes inside with Shekar while Radha is still reading the Bhagwat Geeta.

Vishwaniyat is crying with Kadambari mentioning Radha completely changed the environment of this house and he called her as his daughter so a father can never see his daughter die in front of his own eyes, kadambari asks him to calm down since nothing is going to happen to their Radha, Kadambari informs no one liked Radha when she first came to their house but now she has become the heart and soul of this house, she also prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee to save Radha.

Gungun talking with the portrait of Tulsi mentions Ramaa told her that she is always by her side and protecting her, Gungun explains she used to first cry remembering her but then Ramaa informed that she would feel bad if Gungun tries, she asks Tulsi for one help to send back her Ramaa as she also wants them both to always stay by her side and protect her. Gungun pleads with Tulsi to not call Ramaa to her. Gungun then hugs the portrait of Tulsi first but then even hugs that of Radha. Tulsi turning to Ba Kai Bihari jee asks if he is hearing what Gungun is saying, she crying prays that Ba Kai Bihari jee should not break the heart of Gungun and snatch her mother once again. Tulsi pleads with him to help Mohan in saving Radha. Rahil coming to the window of Gungun’s room gets emotional seeing her, he gets a call from Damini who asks how is her only friend in the Trivedi house, Rahul says he wants to meet her urgently.

Dadi prays that Ba Kai Bihari je should send back their Radha, as she never lived for herself but is now being punished. Dadi asks if Ramaveshwar remembers when Radha was young she would take care of the entire house, and fulfilled the responsibilities as she was usually ill all the time. Dadi asks if he saw that she never lost the smile of her face and would run between the Mandir and their house. Dadi says Radha loved Mohan since her childhood but never desired to get his love, Dadi says he must pray Radha comes back. Ramaveshwar recalls when they cursed her so asks if this is happening because of them both, he wonders what has he done to his own daughter so apologizes to Ba kai Bihari jee. Dadi says there is nothing of the sort so asks him to not think like it, as parents always bless their children, she says he must pray that Radha returns as Mohan should be able to prove her innocence, Ramaveshwar and Dadi both pray that Ba kai Bihari jee should help Mohan

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Rahul says that Damini should stop all this for the sake of Gungun and not let Radha get hanged, Damini replies she just wants her Mohan which can only happen when Radha is hanged. Damini says that Rahul should worry for his own self since he is also a member of the same family whom she has started hating a lot, Damini leaves while Rahul is worried.

Mohan and Shekar are waiting anxiously when Mohan asks why is it taking so long, because they have to bring out Radha before eleven o clock otherwise Radha would be hanged, the officials come with the letters when Mohan asks if they can take them so Shekar signs the register, Mohan informs they have got what they need to save Radha.

Mohan and Shekar leave when an official calls Bhushan informing him about what is going on and Bhushan suggests they should keep an eye on him. Bhushan tells Damini that Mohan has reached to save Radha, Damini asks what is he doing when Bhushan says he has reached the forensic department and taken the letters. Damini replies there is nothing in those letters that can prove the innocence since neither the handwriting nor the fingerprints will match. Bhushan smiles saying then he would not be able to do anything since the hanging is at eight o clock in the morning. Damini says she still does not want to take any chance and desires to see the hanging, Bhushan assures it can be arranged when they all agree to leave and see the hanging with their own eyes.

Mohan and Shekar are walking when Mohan informs they should present the case right now, Shekar calls the magistrate when he is shocked so walks back to Mohan who asks the reason he is tensed, Shekar says the hanging has been preponed to eight o clock and this means Radha will be hanged in one hour, Mohan asks how can they do it, Shekar replies that this might be the doing of Damini. Mohan says even Bhushan uncle is supporting Damini. Shekar says he feels they might not be able to save Radha but Mohan warns him to not say anything of the sort, they both leave in their own cars.

Kadambari is not able to believe what Shekar is saying, she is shocked so drops her phone. Ketki and Ajeet along with everyone ask what has happened when kadambari informs that Radha will not be hanged at 11 am but rather 8 am, hearing this everyone is stunned. Gungun asks Kadambari if papa has reached there when kadambari informs he is on the way and might not be able to reach on time, hearing this everyone is not able to believe it. Gungun starts crying saying this means her Ramaa would be hanged, Gungun mentions they cannot allow this to happen and she wants to go to her Ramaa, she requests kadambari to do something but she doesnot move so Gungun turns to Ketki and Ajeet requesting they must do something.

Kadambari assures that they will go to meet Radha, she asks Ketki who asks Gungun to come and they both leave with Ajeet. Kadambari prays that this should not be their last meeting with Radha, she prays Ba Kai Bihari jee should not do this with the child. Vishwaniyat asks Kadambari to come quickly as they do not have a lot of time.

Radha is still reading Bhagwat Geeta in the jail cell, which means that no one can leave without fulfilling their responsibilities, she is smiling when the constable comes telling Radha it is time so Radha closes the Bhagwat Geeta, and praying turns to look at the wall where she has made the portrait of Ba Kai Bihari jee.

Mohan while driving the car exclaims Radha trusts both Ba Kai Bihari jee and himself a lot so they have to do anything to save her.